Hello Wednesday, Grab a Cup!


Well after all the anxiety leading up to the big Eye appointment I woke up calm as could be this mornig. Of course I also just put on shoes since I knew I was going back to bed as soon as I got home. I mean, it was really early. But I made it.

News on the transplant! I’m showing no signs of rejection. My eye is bright and blue and I am way ahead of where they thought I should be 6 weeks after surgery. I brought up the topic of glasses or at least a RGP lens for my good/bad eye and I told my doctor how upset I was last time when his partner had said no glasses for 2 years.

So he made sure that I understood I would have to get a new lens a couple of times in the left eye. I have 1 more surgery left and then they may begin taking out a stitch a month. Oh, there are 16 stitches! So they all came in and refracted me. And no that isn’t anything horrible or sexual. They measured my vision in the transplant eye and they were floored how well I did. So I got my glasses prescription!!! It will take a couple of weeks, but we are on the mend!

And once again they are in awe of my amazing healing abilitles. And Tommy is just glad I’ll be able to not walk into the wall or burn the food or cut my fingers….you get the idea.

So I’m raising a cup to Wednesday! And to all of you who have been so encouraging!

xx  Patricia

17 thoughts on “Hello Wednesday, Grab a Cup!

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    Marvelous news! Thank you for sharing it quickly, even if I am just now reading it. You’ve done really well with blogging, despite all the difficulties. In this speedy age, it’s surprising that they will take out one stitch a month. I’m praying for even more patience for you.

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