Channeling Orange

Since today’s tea is Tazo wild sweet orange, we’ve gone all out with the orange theme!

First the tea is really good and full of things I love. In the summer it is delicious with ice and a few slices of orange. You don’t need sugar at all, so it makes it a great drink for the summer for the kiddies too.

After digesting all of yesterday’s eye news I am feeling really calm and positive about whatever comes next. So when my doorbell rang this morning, I actually answered it. And I’m so glad I did. I got to share some great tea and conversation with my neighbor who I rarely see as she’s always at the hospital working. But she just had a hip replaced so she is sidelined for a few weeks. And she likes tea!

This isn’t like last month when I not only invited the Mormon boys in to chat because I was so bored but gave them  my phone number and they have returned a few times. We are discussing the ark and Noah. They are like a captive audience for me since I’m still not allowed outside.

After recently freeing myself of some negative folks I am taking the above advice and channeling Orange. Being me. It really is liberating to let go of expectations.

yellow7   xxx Patricia

13 thoughts on “Channeling Orange

  1. anotetohuguette says:

    Now I want to try this tea!
    Here’s the recipe I promised you, my Mom found it on the internet, it’s called “Honeysuckle Tea” and it’s yummy!
    1 orange sliced, keep rind on
    2 lemons sliced, keep rind on
    Add 2 inches of sliced ginger, 1 tbsp. turmeric, 1 cup of honey
    Mix all together in a jar with a lid, it will marinate and keep up to one month in your fridge.
    Place 1 tsp. of the mixture in your cup with some of the fruit slices, add just boiled water and enjoy!

    For a fast turmeric/ginger tea just add 1/2 tsp. of powdered organic turmeric with a slice or two of ginger to a cup of just boiled water, let steep for a minute or two and luxuriate in all the goodness!

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