Tea and a Small Tale ( there may be macarons….)

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It looks like you all made it through the week. I am still on my morning cup of English Breakfast. Okay, not cup, pot. I hope everyone came out of the week unscathed.

It has been quite a week. I think we can all agree that the entire world is in need of a really good bath. Find all those little nooks and crannies and soap them up really well and clean up your act! You are supposed to be a role model for our children and you all need a good scrubbing and a time out!

At some point in my sleep last night my little eye cup got lost and I woke up to find myself on my left side freaking out. Pretty sure there is no harm done.

My Basil plant is totally out of control so today is baking day. Nobody pass out or anything.  But Claire over  Here  has made some lovely buns and I’m going to go give them a try. And don’t worry there are beans in the pot so we may yet have another burnt bean pot. I’m going to use the basil in some pasta and foccacia tonight for this boy that told me I smell exactly like summer at the beach. Flattery really will get you far here!

yellow3xx Patricia

18 thoughts on “Tea and a Small Tale ( there may be macarons….)

  1. walkercynthia says:

    I’m pretty sure you weren’t specifically telling me I need to clean my house, but now I’m feeling like a turd for not getting off my arse and cleaning. I’m justifying it because I worked a long hard day yesterday and have another one tomorrow and I need to save my spoons for that, right?

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