Let’s Sing in the Sunshine!


Who doesn’t love the beach? The sun, the sand, the ocean breezes bringing the smell of salt, suntan lotion and sunshine. My idea of paradise. While I have had to stay closer to home this year, my friends are staying true and are either in St. Thomas or Mexico at the moment. Oh and one at Jacksonville Beach!

Last summer I was blind. This summer is way better. And yes I’m calling it summer since our temps are in the 80’s and tornado season is in full swing!

Living in Oklahoma during storm season is an interesting thing. These weather guys are on the air 24/7 at the first drop of rain or wall cloud lowering. All your shows are pre-empted. It is horrible. At least in Mississippi the weather guys just tell you ‘Hey there may be a hurricane coming’ and we all wait to see if Jim Cantore ends up in our town, that is when you know the weather is real. Where is Jim Cantore? He was in OKC when we had a really bad string of twisters. The ones where a couple of the Weather Channel’s guys were killed and I don’t think he is coming back. Ever.

So for today we are living for the sunshine and getting some color on those white legs!

Today’s tea is chilled Passion from Tazo. It is so good iced!

xx Patricia

9 thoughts on “Let’s Sing in the Sunshine!

  1. walkercynthia says:

    I used to think it was bad if Reed Timmer showed up in my area until someone pointed out that Jim Cantore is the “weathergod of doom” and if he shows up then some #endofdays crap is coming down the pipeline.

    I remember watching TWC throughout the outbreak that produced the El Reno tornado. I can’t remember if Cantore was in Oklahoma for it, but Mike Bettes was in TWC’s SUV that got rolled over by that record-setting monster. Reed Timmer’s armored chase vehicle was damaged. Tim Samaras, his son, and their photographer were killed. An amateur storm chaser was killed. El Reno was one for the record books.

    And KFOR has a helicopter that chases tornadoes. How insane is that?😲

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