Time For a Spot of Tea…and Treats


It is a rainy day today. And a very busy one. First I want to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa John! You are the best ever!!

Yesterday we baked. A lot of biscuits, scones and a pork something in the crockpot with barbecue sauce and salt encrusted baked potatoes. I’m going to just sit back and rest on that for a bit. Basically I got a lot of stuff done on my ‘weekend’ days. Laundry, and I mean everything. Washed, dryed and folded/ironed.   So it was clean sheet night, which is my favorite night!

I even went to the library, the market and the bank. Errands done, laundry done, baking done. I finished two books and have 12 reviews in my queue so I’m feeling pretty good.

Finally I sat down and enjoyed a nice cup of Paris tea from Harney and Son, which is a delight for all of your senses. And I had 3 tiny raisin scones. And I didn’t get into any fights with anyone over sports.

Have yourself a good Thursday and always be Grateful. I am grateful I have clean sheets!

20170408_203238_1491701585837-01        xxPatricia

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