You,Me And A Cup of Tea…Let’s Chat!


All day yesterday I thought it was Friday, so today seems rather anticlimactic. Good news is the sugar shock wore off. Thank goodness for herbs! This morning I woke up with my tummy saying WTF! I gave it some Zen Tea and it shut up for now.


This morning I’m sipping my tea and thinking about Choices. Most of us are capable of making our own choices and understanding and living with the consequences of those choices. By the length of time it takes me to decide on dinner every night I am obviously one of those people who just can’t decide. Now that could be because I really don’t care that much about food. I eat a plant-based diet so if you just bring me a plant I’m good.

But some choices involve more than you and your stomach and those are the hardest. I have chosen to downsize my life and stop collecting things and people who I’m sure I can save. If there is an old junky piece of anything on the roadside, I want it. Got some needy relatives? I’ll fix them just send them over. It’s my worst habit and I have chosen to stop it.

What bad habits have you chosen to get rid of? Have you been successful at it?

orange7    xx Patricia


13 thoughts on “You,Me And A Cup of Tea…Let’s Chat!

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    I have a bad habit of using up everything we buy. It seems laudable, but I am heartily sick of working through 5 gallons of liquid hand soap. SOMEONE kept buying it every time it was on sale at Costco. That someone does not use it! He prefers bar soap. I wish I could find someone to give the last gallon to, because I cannot bear to throw anything away if it is still useful. It’s already open, so I can’t donate it to a thrift shop. I will probably never outgrow this habit.

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  2. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    Trying to use every bit of leftover food in the fridge. I hate throwing food. And now comes into play all that my mother used to go on about when I was a child. How mothers make their way into your psyche without you even realising it 😉

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  3. Rowena McGregor says:

    I gave up emojis at work. It all started with the chat service – we were encouraged to use emojis to come across as friendly and helpful. Then one day, a friend, ‘Tom’ needed to get away in mid chat and I took over (as ‘Tom’). When the chat ended I looked over the transcript and noticed that my ‘Tom’ came across a bit flirty, fawning, over-pleasing, not as professional as proper ‘Tom’ (who had wisely never taken the emoji thing on in the first place). The gender thing really highlighted it. I quit emojis immediately and now come across a sensible, professional librarian, which is what I am!

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