Happy May Day! Where We Dance Around The Pole!


Happy May Day! It is a bright sunny day here. Tiny bouquets have been delivered to unsuspecting neighbors and the May Pole is ready for dancing.

The weatherman has promised me 10 days of no bad weather. Yesterday it was supposed to be done, but as soon as I got in the truck to grab some Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea ( I was out and coffee and I break up this time of year) shut the door and it started to sleet! Seriously Oklahoma? But I’m going to let that go as this is a new day, a new month.

Since this is my birthday week, I usually sit down and assess my goals and what worked and what didn’t for me and then I set goals for the next year. What do I need to work on? What did I get right/wrong? What color do I want my hair this year? Do I know more now than I did last year? Are there any things or people in my life that need to go the way of coffee? Will I finally make up my mind about relationships? Will I finally take over the world? Will culottes ever come back in style? Will I ever find Navy Blue sandals? You know, important shit.

OH well, I will ponder all of these deep topics as I laze in the sun with my best friend Kindle!

xx Patricia  5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e




17 thoughts on “Happy May Day! Where We Dance Around The Pole!

  1. walkercynthia says:

    check shoemetro [dot] com for navy blue sandals. Just beware that they don’t translate european shoe sizes correctly. they call a european 38 a 7.5. if it’s a brand you’re not familiar with, zoom in and try to see the size on the actual shoe

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  2. eddaz says:

    May is my birthday too but on the 30th and I have never done anything like what you normally do as described above but I would love to try it out too. It creates a sense of fun and something to look forward to. It sure does feel good for me and I can imagine how overjoyed you are feeling now…Happy birthday in advance🎂🎈

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  3. Colors of my life says:

    It’s I guess 1st time I read someone think about making resolution and reflection on birthday. Usually it’s on New Year.
    Wish you all the best for your sandals.
    Thanks for coming by at my end. I hope my post might help in anyway setting goals in a more different manner.

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