Happy Mother’s Day MaMa! P.S. I Forgive You!


So you think that’s an odd title? Well I am an odd character. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you people doing the mothering!

Yes, MaMa I forgive you for keeping on having daughters when you could have stopped as soon as you got it right. LIke May 5th! I don’t know why anyone would want 4 daughters. I’m surprised you got out of that with no brain damage! Or alcohol at the very least.

Thank you for teaching me to stand on my own two feet and never depend on anyone. Thank you for driving me to piano lessons, tennis lessons, and all the other lessons over the years. Thank you for teaching us manners and most important how to accessorize!

Even though we are far apart geographically I have appreciated your support for the past year when I was scared to death and you talked me through it. Try and have a margarita today for me!   I love you.


xx Patricia  bluebird

19 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day MaMa! P.S. I Forgive You!

  1. walkercynthia says:

    the title was not weird.

    Here lately, I’ve been joking that “i’ve become my mother” because I yell at my boss’s pet pig to “go outside and play” and I nag Sunshine about picking up his empty soda can off the coffee table…

    but I don’t mind it at all. If I have to become something, I’m glad I’m becoming my mother. Because that is NOT a bad thing at all.

    Happy mothers day!

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