A Multiple Cups of Tea Day!


Hope you are all having a somewhat sane Wednesday. After yesterday and last night things were a bit dicey this morning. Whenever we hear David Payne interrupt our day with words like; Supercell, Cloud Wall, lowering, rotation and PDS ( pretty dangerous storms) you just know you aren’t going to be able to watch the final NCIS!

Here in Oklahoma, the weather guys take over the channels at the first hint of a storm crossing the border from Texas. They were so hyped up last night that at one point our weather guy said, ” NO, don’t follow that one, it’s going into Kansas, we don’t care about them”, chase the one to the west. It isn’t like it’s a big secret that we don’t care for Kansas. Why is Oklahoma so windy? Because Kansas sucks and Texas blows. Not my joke but you see it a lot.

This morning we are all praying for our fellow humans in Elk City, which was just trashed last night with one fatality. Tomorrow will also be a Significant Weather Event day. Fingers Crossed!

Eye Doctor update: Doctor #1 said Wow looks great, I think we’ll take out one of the sutures. As soon as he left the room I looked over at the tech and said, “Now Dr. Davis is going to come in and bring me back to earth”. Which is what happened. Nope no sutures coming out. No sign of rejection either. I told him I had named the graft Dru and he actually wrote it in  my chart. ( Call graft Dru). Same restrictions as before.

Anxiety almost won the day today and yesterday, but it didn’t. I didn’t kill anyone, or have a full blown panic attack, so that’s a win!

OH, and Cynthia, someone brought me a huge bag of Collards!!! We’re cooking outside tonight!



14 thoughts on “A Multiple Cups of Tea Day!

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    Thanks for reminding me to pray for Oklahoma. I’ve been away from tornado watches for so long that I’ve forgotten how terrifying the thought of those storms can be. On Long Island we learned to listen for hurricanes and blizzards, not tornadoes.

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  2. walkercynthia says:

    These weather guys around here really do take severe weather seriously. (We’re close enough to Oklahoma that the texoma weather people are that serious, too.) KFOR has a HELICOPTER that chases storms FFS. It’s nice knowing that they’re so on top of it, though. Glad you guys are ok!

    Also? I should figure out how to get all these greens to you. We have more collards to deal with, turnips that will be harvested soon, and mustard greens growing out there. Also? Spinach was supposed planted out there. I just don’t get me b some days 😕

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