Drinking Tea and Reading Books


That is about all we can do here at the moment. Power is sketchy this morning. We’ve already had two more storms  roll through and now the sun is shining but I hear we are gearing up for later this afternoon.

When the patio furniture started flying through the air, it got real around here! The winds were from 50 to over 90 mph. Here we were trying to catch the chairs and drag them inside, along with all the newly potted herbs. The rest of the night was spent trying to figure out if someone was at the door or was it just the wind.

Poor OU Boy took a tumble off a ladder yesterday as well. Cracked his head and a rib. So he was going to be of no assistance whatever if one of those tornadoes decided to hit. At some point the weather guys got so amped up I twitter offered a Xanax.

Since power is about as dependable as Twitter is today I will just say Stay Safe! And make sure you have on clean underwear.

xx Patricia 20170419_135150~4

15 thoughts on “Drinking Tea and Reading Books

  1. 1 Renaissance Woman says:

    I laughed at the last part too. I have been rebuking the storms here in El Reno, Oklahoma, in the name of Jesus, and so far, so good. I have even rebuked the wind. Jesus said in His name we can perform miracles. 🙂 It’s always in His name. I have no power of my own. Yes, tornado season has arrived…. Glad you are safe and will keep you in my prayers. Blessings….

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  2. Anne Mehrling says:

    I’m glad you tell us what it’s like. Usually we read the stats the next day, and they include a photo if there was a fatality. Your account is much more immediate and scary. I’m glad you made it through the night.

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  3. walkercynthia says:

    I’m not even in Oklahoma, but I’m in Oklahoma light and I do not do well March through June. Storm season is very serious around these parts and I’m glad you are able to laugh about it. Sometimes the laughter is the only thing that keeps us from going insane.

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