Fairy Chickens and Rogue Baby Bulls!


Welcome to The Farm! I’ve got a lot of pictures to share today, so let me explain them!

Some of these are from when we still had roosters. I won’t make that mistake again. Have you ever seen a rooster make love to a hen? It is not a pretty sight and OU Boy said Never again will one of our hens have to do that. Plus some of them are just plain mean. You don’t need a rooster to get eggs, just to fertilize them and turn them into chicks. But we don’t eat meat and we have enough hens so no roosters! Are they spoiled? Oh hell yeah! They will come and go at will as they are free range, but never leave the safety of the yard. They come inside and look around and leave. They get along with dogs, cows and baby bulls that get into the yard. Everyone is kind. The dog has a kind of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with a bull and one of our hens laid her first egg and immediately went and stood in the middle of the unpaved road, waiting to commit suicide. She just wasn’t going to do that again I assume.


They will come sit in your lap and eat all of your dinner too! These are Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock. We have some Orpingtons also, but they are a bit more skittish.

Most of the time they are parked on a porch chatting or gossiping about the cows. They all have names and yes sometimes they dress up as fairies. They will also jump on your float in the pool and just chill. Β The ducks are gone because ducks are just messy and nasty. Even the chickens wouldn’t talk to them.

If only humans got along so well!

xx Patricia

13 thoughts on “Fairy Chickens and Rogue Baby Bulls!

  1. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    Oh loved this post πŸ™‚ How pretty the hens are. Well I have never seen a rooster-hen mating ritual but would it not be the usual way, eh? Trying not to get too graphic about such tenderness though. Dog and bull is an alarming combination!

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  2. abbeycoseattle says:

    We had Rhode Island Red chickens growing up! And yes the roosters are TERRIBLY mean! My dad would give our roosters away to our neighbors who butchered them (of course as children we didn’t know this) because they would attack us! They had huge talons and one drew blood from my sister when she was maybe 3 and that was it. We loved our hens though, they would come eat dinner with us on the picnic table on nights we ate outside.

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  3. walkercynthia says:

    Our rooster is an asshole. He sometimes acts like he things he’s the boss of us, but he gets over it real quick when I throw stuff at him. Yes, I throw stuff at the chickens. Sometimes those giant push broom heads, sometimes plastic tumbler cups that get left outside, whatever’s handy, really. Because they terrorize our cats. The chickens will peck the cats to make the cats run and hide so the chickens can eat cat food. I made everybody stop feeding the cats when the asshole chickens are out of the chicken house. They poop everywhere too. Some days it’s just a PITA, especially since I don’t eat many eggs (unless they’re baked into cookies or cake or something).

    I’m glad your chickens are nicer than ours! Maybe you should come teach mine to not be assholes 😍

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