Remembering What They All Gave


On this Memorial Day, I am proud to be from a family that puts service to Country first.

From the American Revolution where we were well represented by James Walsh and a lot of his Walsh brothers. As well on my mother’s side was Billy Fennell who fought in the War of Northern Aggression and was captured in action at Weldon R.R., VA. He was later released in a prisoner exchange and got his bum back to South Carolina to live out the rest of his days.

All of my Uncles fought in the Korean War, including my Daddy, who then met my Momma in Charleston and the rest was history!

My Uncle Floyd was Air Force Intelligence in Korea and came home to become an artist, author and Professor of Arts and Humanities.

One of my uncles on the Walsh side, was in 3 wars! Came home as a Green Beret.

My brother picked up the Navy bug and served in the Gulf Wars as an ATC on the USS Forrestal, put in his 20 years, retired and went to law school and is now a bigshot lawyer. Our cousin Krissy is the helo pilot there! Bad ass girl! Owns her own plane company and is an Engineer.

Shawn Patrick, my baby, chose the Air Force. Crew Chief on the mighty C-130 and he is back home safely, writing and being in your face about everything that matters. God, I love that boy!! I had numerous cousins fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and not all of them came home whole. But they came home and we love them all.

If I forgot someone, just know I love you all and am proud to be part of this Walsh/Fairweather Clan.


Happy Memorial Day!     :

9 thoughts on “Remembering What They All Gave

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    That is marvelous! Thanks for writing about them. Our neighbors came over for a cookout, and the question was asked if anyone had lost a family member in active service. Only one had. His brother was killed in the Korean War 20 days before it ended. I’m so glad your relatives came home alive.

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