Adventures…Day One!


Last week my therapist told me I needed to start slowly spending time outside as long as it isn’t windy. And my corneal surgeon said it was okay if I wore the special cup. But I didn’t see any opportunities in the near future to wander in the woods

Yesterday one of us had an early morning staff meeting and I had another therapy appointment. And then...the early morning meeting was changed to today and the sun was blazing so I called and cancelled my therapy appointment and we loaded up the truck and headed to the lake and the woods! Totally spontaneous, which is so not me.

While I was laid out in my hot pink chair just chilling, my therapist called wanting to know if something was wrong. Nope, just taking your advice. Anxiety-0 Me-1

The first thing we saw was a Momma deer. Just right there looking at us. Then we saw the baby in the bushes behind her. I like to think we had a good chat.  Moving on we found all kinds of treasure. Now remember this is the day after the long weekend, so campers had left behind some interesting things. Like 2 pairs of completely good flip flops, a few t-shirts, a tiny dump truck and a friend of Thomas the Tank Engine.

We found lots of flowers and tiny rocks and shells for crafting. We had such an amazing day that we’re doing it again today! I was going to ask OU Boy to ride the horses but he says the one has a sore on her right hind leg, so no horses today.

Yep, OU Boy should be back from his meeting in an hour and the truck is already loaded and gassed up.

I had actually forgot about the morning meeting and just wore my swimsuit to bed so I could just pull on a shirt and go. I actually have a Go Bag for the lake. So I’m ready with a bag full of bug spray, Panama Jack Tanning Oil, towels, sarongs, 6 swimsuits, a hat and a tablecloth.  I refuse to eat on a picnic table without a cloth. Just uncivilized!

Enjoy Your Day!!  (Memorial Day Picture)   :

8 thoughts on “Adventures…Day One!

  1. E says:

    Ditching your therapist ;), but I am sure your therapist was pleased that you followed up advice, slowly…The sun and the outdoors are healing. I admit. I love it when I see the developments in my garden…all those flowers just come back after brutal winters and stronger than ever. They are resilient. I wish I was like those perennials.

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