My Poor Therapist…

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If it’s Tuesday it must be Therapy Day! And of course it was. He could tell I was quite worked up when I got there. So what got me so anxious and stuck? A letter. Yes. A Letter.

A letter letting me know I had an appointment next week with a regular doctor for a physical exam. Routine. Not. It’s a new doctor and I know nothing about him. And I hate sitting in a paper dress naked on a cold table while some stranger feels me up. But my main concern was the What If’s of Anxiety! What if he wants to look at my eye? What if he gets to close and I throat punch him? What if he tells me I have some awful disease? When my motto for doctors is Ignorance is Bliss. 

While we got that settled we discussed world events and cavemen fighting over the last Big Mac. And then I came back around to the doctor issue. For a while there I had forgotten I do research! For a living! I can research the heck out of this doctor and go in better prepared mentally to let a stranger look at me naked. Which according to OU Boy shouldn’t even be an issue since most of the time I don’t even get dressed in actual clothes.

There just seems to be so much anxiousness in the world. And fear. It’s just not acceptable to me. People all over the world can’t all be dimwitted killers. I’m quite sure that is not how any of this thing called life was supposed to be. Just be nice. Be kind, help someone, even if it’s just to pull them up off the floor. DO SOMETHING! Anything to make a difference.

xx Patricia   Thanks for all of your support! And you know I support you all just as hard!


"Oh, and i've started seeing a therapist."...:   “So I’ve started seeing a Therapist”.:)

16 thoughts on “My Poor Therapist…

  1. Mikey Kuplevatsky says:

    I’m right there with you and can relate to a lot of what you said. 🙂 This was a really, really helpful read. Ironically, I just came home from a regular doctor’s appointment being really anxious. This post was just in time to let me know that I wasn’t the only one. Thanks for sharing! All we can do is try, right? Looks like you’re tough. Hope things get easier. 🙂 Keep rocking!

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  2. altercontroldelight says:

    I get anxiety from meeting new people too. I’ve learned over the years that many, if not most, people are anxious when meeting strangers and if I’m feeling axious it’s helps to remember that so are they. Best of luck with the new doctor & I hope all goes well (for your sake as much as the doc’s, what with the throat punching thoughts ;-))

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