Where Were You When Bob Stoops Retired From OU??

What???  Here we were just hanging at the lake watching the sailboats and communing with nature. There was peace in the kingdom. 90 degrees and no wind. And Then…

OU Boy checks his phone and OH My Good Lord, chaos ensued. Every person in Norman began wailing. Phones began to chirp and men were running to their cars and one guy was crying!   Coach Bob Stoops announced his retirement immediately as Head Coach of the OU Sooners. No reason given so conspiracy theories are flying on the Sports Animal and on television!

We had to pack up and go home, as family was calling from other states begging us to say it ain’t so! But it is and I’m laughing my bum off. FSU fans do not care for Stoops or his Sooners.

But it was a great day. One of our geese met with foul play last night and all that was left were feathers. So the pair remaining were staying close to us and shore. It was an awful sight to see this morning. Just feathers. Nothing else. We tried to hide them from the other ducks, but they knew.

And I had a wardrobe malfunction with my top and OU boy got to see how girls born and raised on the beach do life hacks. Turn your sarong into a tube top. He was mesmerized…

This is my Sunday , so it’s back to business tomorrow! I hope y’all had as much fun as we did today!

xx Patricia



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