I Am Grateful!


I really am grateful for those days when all I have to worry about is what tea I’m having. This morning I went off my regular English Breakfast Tea and tried the Bigelow brand. As I am a loyal Charleston Tea Plantation lady. For some reason every time I want just regular old English Breakfast, I go to Tazo or Taylor’s.

It was very good, and I’ll be adding it to the rotation. A rotation that is getting a bit out of hand. Have you seen that show Hoarders on television? My favorite being the one where the lady saved even the dead cats in the freezer and had about 50 more roaming what we may as well call the cat house.

I don’t hoard a lot of things. Unless they are old and family related. Or teacups or pots or Tea. I think I have a bigger selection than my local shop! Tea is my kryptonite. I can’t pass anything tea related. I now have 9 books just on Macarons…not too bad, eh? I found a solution to the teacup issue by putting them on wreaths. The teas though? I moved all of my baking dishes to storage to make room for the teas. Seriously it’s not like I am ever going to use a casserole dish. And yet I had a whole cupboard of them.

Today my poor honey pie has injured his back in some mysterious way. It had nothing to do with the fact that I play soccer on his back in sleep either!  So he is at the Ortho to see what is up. I’ve put fresh sheets on the bed and made his favorite tea ( Iced and Sweetened) and I may fix a sandwich for him. Maybe. I don’t want him thinking I’m a maid or a wife or something!

Have a great weekend!  And Miss Cynthia….get some damn rest!!


17 thoughts on “I Am Grateful!

  1. insearchofitall says:

    Your poor hubby. At least you are genuinely remorseful about playing soccer on his back while he slept and bringing him tea and sandwiches. My daughter is like you when it comes to tea. We have every tea book and magazine we can get our hands on. I was looking for your post about a wreath of tea cups. I have a few. 🙂

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  2. iwannabealady says:

    I am really trying not to go do a google search for the cat freezing hoarder lady. Maybe I’ll leave it as a Saturday morning shameful treat, haha. You problem with tea is my problem with books. So now I’m wondering if I really need all of the kitchen ware that I own…

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