irresistible macaroons by Jose’ Marechal

1497101640025 This little book came to me by way of the lovely Susi at my library!  Now we all know by now that I am incapable of passing by any french pastry. But especially the Macaron!

This tiny little book has the cleverest flavor combinations yet! From Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and my all time favorite Salted Caramel. What makes this book different is the combinations I had never thought of! Such as Coffee, Lime, Honey, Pear and Ginger, Liquorice and Violet, Lemon and Bergamot, I mean I would never have come up with those! But I’m glad someone did. The book also has them on a stick! I love anything on a stick! (cake pops)  Give it a look if you get the chance, it is really good!

Next week hopefully I will have my interview with the Executive Pastry Chef Toni Jones at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. Chef Toni of the amazing Salted Caramel Macarons as well as my favorite Bittersweet Ganache Chocolate Cake. I hate to say it but she also makes a better Red Velvet Cake than I do!

My poor honey pie is still down with the back injury, but is improving. I’m going to take a pool break at some point…. I hope everyone has a restful and peaceful day today!

1491953595091   Patricia

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