A Tale of Two Tents…and a Duck

It is the weekend. Sunday to be exact and I am getting prepared for our camping trip. This is our spot on the lake. I can sit and watch the kids from the sailing school try their hand at their own little boat. I miss those times.

As for campers, we are not the primitive type of camper. That would be my son, Mike, who can exist with just a hammock and fishing pole for days. We take our own air conditioner. And a really long extension cord. I’m quite sure I’m the only camper with all white bedding and 800 thread count sheets.

This time we’re taking the kids. 4 and 6. They are born campers and hikers. Only like me the 4-year-old is not going in any lake water. So we have a solution. You just bring your own small pool, and fill it with fresh water at the campsite. Ta Da, as Corbin would say!

Everything is packed and ready. And today I’m going to be making cupcakes. A Lemon Lust one and a ChocoCherry one. They are our favorites and make a great breakfast with some tea or coffee or Almond Milk.  The only cooking we do on site is hotdogs and marshmallows.  If you go on Pinterest you can find a million camping hacks, but seriously I’m not pre-cooking crap. A loaf of sourdough bread, some PB&J, chips, cupcakes and what more could you need? We’re a non-eating group except for OU Boy and he’ll drive to the marina and get a meat pie or something equally gross.

Wish us luck and I’ll see you when I return! Update 20170625_113254

xx Patricia

25 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Tents…and a Duck

  1. anne leueen says:

    Have a great time. Camping is fun for sure and I appreciate several of your choices for ad ons! BTW I am reading “Darjeeling” and I love the book; entertaining, informative and an easy read. Thanks for recommending it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. micketalbot says:

    Just stopped by for a cuppa
    A cupcake or two
    For breakfast oh yes
    I wish, diabetic me
    Did you offer,
    No worries
    A nice cuppa shared
    Will do.
    My names Michael, in full
    Camping rough and a pole
    Hey, my style too.
    Hope you and family had a great time,

    Liked by 1 person

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