Dark Chocolate Demise: A Cupcake Bakery Mystery by Jenn McKinlay

Dark Chocolate Demise (Cupcake Bakery Mystery, #7)

The New York Times bestselling Cupcake Bakery Mysteries bake up sweet surprises, but as the series continues, Mel and Angie are in for a fresh batch of trouble…

Scottsdale, Arizona, may not be the liveliest place on earth, but it’s never been as dead as this. Hundreds of fans have gathered together for the first annual Old Town Zombie Walk, and Mel, Angie, and the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew are donning their best undead attire to sell some horror-themed desserts to the hungry hordes.

But the fun turns to fright when Mel finds a real dead body in a prop casket outside of the bakery’s truck—and the corpse looks alarmingly like a zombie of their own. Knowing that Joe, Angie’s brother and Mel’s former flame, has been working on a dangerous mob case, Mel worries that the murder is a hit gone wrong and that someone near and dear was the real target. To keep any of her friends from winding up six feet under, Mel will do whatever it takes to find a killer—no matter how scary things get…

First this book contains more scrumptious recipes in the back. That alone makes it a good read for me!

Full of Zombies, Mobsters and even Rock Stars, this one had all the ingredients to make a good read!

I don’t think there is a character in this series that I don’t like. Except Olivia… They are all so relatable and funny. Especially all the DeLaura boys!

With Joe working a Mob case that puts his family in danger, Mel is going solo while Tate and Angie are blissfully in love. Even dressing as bride and groom zombies for the Zombie Walk. But when a dead bride ends up in the coffin, life gets real very fast!

And Of course we know that neither Angie or Mel are going to sit around and wait to find out who shot the bride and who wants Angie dead.

I think I gain 5 pounds just reading this series, but I love it!

20170625_113254  xx Patricia

Me and the Octopus are taking to the bed

I am a huge collector of odd ball teapots and am always on the look out for more. These are already on my list and I found most of them on Pinterest, the Holy Grail of everything you ever wanted to make, buy or just lust after!

Things have been so wild and high energy lately that I made a very southern statement today. I’m taking to the bed. Which can mean you just don’t want to talk to anyone or that you’re just overwhelmed at the moment. Can you use that in a sentence, Ma’am? Why yes sugar I can. Ring, Ring at the doorbell. Child answers said ring. nosey neighbor on the step. “Is your Momma here?” Momma’s taken to the bed. “Oh well, tell her I called on her”

Boom. Situation avoided. I used to think this was a strictly southern thing but my uncle told me that my great-grandmother used to do it a lot. Along with a bottle of laudanum.

I hope you enjoy these little oddballs. I may have taken the octopus thin a bit far as it comes in a great chandelier and paper towel holder. I love a good octopus!

Enjoy your Sunday while I stay safe in my bed trolling Pinterest for things I will never cook or eat!


Drinkin’ From My Saucer

Tea fun

Drinkin’ from My Saucer
I’ve never made a fortune
And it’s prob’ly too late now;
But I don’t worry ’bout that much,
I’m happy anyhow!

And as I go along life’s way
Reapin’ better than I sowed.
I’m drinkin’ from my saucer,
‘Cause my cup has overflowed!

Haven’t got a lot of riches,
And sometimes the going’s tough;
But I’ve got loving ones around me,
And that makes me rich enough!

I thank God for His blessings
And the mercies He’s bestowed.
I’m drinkin’ from my saucer,
‘Cause my cup has overflowed! * Jimmy Dean*

I’m at a Tea Class today so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


The Butterfly Pea Flower and It’s Benefits

The butterfly pea flower makes for quite an interesting cup of tea.  As you drop a few flowers into your mug and add some boiling water, the steep releases a vivid deep blue hue that is beautiful to watch.  The infusion creates an aroma similar to green tea but more woody and earthy to the palate.  Add some fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice and the blue shade turns violet.  It’s impossible not to stare down at your cup as the colors are too pretty to ignore.

The Benefits:

*  Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth
*  Prevents skin bruising
*  Keeps skin glowing & healthy
*  Treats urinary problems
*  Improves eyesight & night vision
*  Treats eye infections
*  Stimulates blood circulation
*  Detoxifies the whole body
*  Provides antioxidants
*  Slows aging process
*  Enhances immune system


For a light flavor, take only 2-3 organic dried butterfly pea flowers to one cup of tea, add boiling water, steep for 10 minutes and enjoy.  However, for a stronger taste (as I often take it) add 6 dried flowers to one cup of tea, steep for 15-20 minutes and then sit back, feet up, gazing at your tea in peace as you sip to good health.  You can always add raw honey, fresh squeezed lemon juice or your sweetener of choice.

Where can you find it? Check Amazon. They have quite a few brands. I choose the Organic and GMO free brands. It’s a really lovely herbal for tea parties!


A little bit of tea,a little tale, and a surprise ending!


Good Wednesday Morning to all of you lovely people of the blogging world! First this morning I would like to say a big thank you to James over at thisismytruthnow for kindly mentioning us in his blog yesterday. James is one interesting young man! Like me, he reads from all genres and he does the best reviews! This guy is going places!

This past 10 days have been trying and packed full of deadlines and doctors appointments and finally today we get to catch our breath and grab a book to take to the lake with some cold brewed Harney & Sons Paris Tea in our thermos.

It will come as no surprise to those of you who suffer from anxiety that I love schedules. I have a set in stone routine tailor-made for me and my anxiety. And it has been beat to death lately and I had built up a good head of steam by yesterday.

Luckily I made sense of it all with the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy worksheets, which make it easy for me to see the what, whys and hows of what I was doing. Today is much better and even though I’m not alone, I am back to my normal schedule. And I appreciate OU Boy not dropping me off at the state mental institution. Although we did drive by it. Which gave me a great idea for a story!

I hope you all have a calm and peaceful day and know that alone we may be shaky but together we are fierce!

xx Patricia  (P.S. Also we got married)


Stop Picking at The Damn Scab!!

It has not been a great day so far. I got caught up in the ending of a book and let the tea steep way too long and it got cool. No worries, I thought,I’ll just pop it in a pan and heat it back up. Got back to the last few pages of the book and heard stuff boiling over in the kitchen. By this time I’m just fed up! So I tossed it all out and started over. Luckily the book was finished so I had no distractions and am having my Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea, which gives me a good jolt in the mornings!

It’s been hotter than hell here. Over 100 everyday. Sunday we were hoping for some rain but got thunder and lightning and dark sky only. And since our little munchkin was still celebrating being born, there was a pool party at Gigi’s house in the country. Family only, but there were tons of cousins there and we had a great time.

When I got home somehow I saw a post from someone I thought I had blocked. And I couldn’t let it go. I picked and picked at that scab and even slept like crap and woke up foggy and upset. After years, you would think it wouldn’t bother me, but when family is involved, it does. I distance myself to save myself. From anxiety, depression and going to jail for slugging her.

After the tea incident I realized that I was letting someone who had a pattern of bad behavior ruin my day. Opening old wounds of betrayal and abuse. Right now I’m trying really hard to just Let it Go!  So I’m going to put a new band-aid on that scab and stop picking at it.

Thanks for letting me rant today. I wish you a Happy and Healthy Monday!

bluebird  Patricia

Royal Teas: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace by Mark Flanagan

Image result for royal teas seasonal recipes from buckingham palace Image result for royal teas seasonal recipes from buckingham palace Image result for royal teas seasonal recipes from buckingham palace

What could be more quintessentially British than a spot of afternoon tea? It’s a hallowed tradition that’s taken particularly seriously at Buckingham Palace, where for more than a decade Royal Chef Mark Flanagan and his team have prepared an afternoon tea that reflects the best of this venerable tradition across the seasons, from springtime picnics to sophisticated summer garden parties and festive Christmas teas.

Royal Teas, the follow-up to A Royal Cookbook, shares Flanagan’s recipes for a variety of tantalizing tea-time treats, including sweet and savory pastries, cookies, and show-stopping cakes. Each recipe is reproduced with clear instructions and a table to convert measurements to the ones you are most familiar with and is accompanied by beautiful photographs of the tableware, floral arrangements, and other decorative items that adorn the royal table throughout the year. Organized by season, the book is also a testament to the Royal Kitchens’ commitment to sourcing fresh, local ingredients, from the mulberry trees in the Palace Gardens, whose berries are harvested and made into deliciously syrupy jam, to the beehives that provide the year-round honey used in honey sponge cake.

The first official tea-time cookbook from the Royal Collection, Royal Tea invites readers to take a break in the day to indulge in a Royal Family–tested sweet treat—well-behaved corgis welcome!
I am a big fan of Mark’s books. First they are absolutely beautiful and second the recipes are original and quite tasty. This is the newest book out and it has a nice new home now.

xxPatricia   Enjoy your Sunday and leave room for Tea!

Making Memories and Having Fun

Last night was the Birthday Girl’s Night Out!

We started off downtown at one our favorite spots. S & B Burgers. Their sweet tea is to die for! Perfect on the sweetness charts and stuffed with orange slices. If you aren’t familiar with them they are the most creative people with their burgers and their famous “shakes”.

The birthday girl ordered this mammoth Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Shake which had 2 brownies stuck in the top and the glass is dipped in melted chocolate and covered with mini-m&m pieces. Along with a Sweet Tea and the original Fatty Burger and Fries.

And she ate every single bit of her food! The shake was an appetizer. Then we explored and took pictures before heading out to the AMC theater to watch Wonder Woman.

This one took a lot for me. It’s dark in theaters and I’m not quite up to seeing well in the dark. An example would be that I did not even know there was a person sitting in front of us until Tommy pointed it out and told us to stop putting our feet on the guys seat.

The movie was awesome and all the little girls there were being Diana. About 15 minutes before it was over the entire building went black. WTF? Turns out it was so hot yesterday, over 100, that we were having these rolling blackouts of power. Lucky for us all they had back up power so the movie came back on but with no  sound. So the little girls all filled in the dialogue! It was hilarious! Plus we all got tickets refunded, so we can go again. At the movie she chugged down a giant blue slushy and asked me to hold her gum!

As we are standing outside of the theater waiting for our driver Charli says, ‘Look, even the old people are upset”.

So we had a super time and made a lot of memories only to get home and find the 4-year-old naked. With a moustache. And not a bit of that was weird for our tribe!

Conquering Anxiety one day at a time. And this was a big win for me!

Stay cool, we have another party Sunday but at least it has a pool!

xx Patricia and Charli Ava

As The Song Goes, You Get What You Give!

Blessings for good things

It is way too hot to think about hot tea today! We’re approaching 100 degrees quickly so we are keeping cool with cold tea today. I made a pitcher of Tazo’s Sweet Orange and cut up an orange and tossed it in too. Very refreshing. Since I am not turning on the air conditioning all day our of respect for those poor souls who have to work out side.

Personally, I don’t mind 100 plus degree days. I’m always cold so I’m like a lizard on a rock soaking it all up for those months that it doesn’t get above 70 degrees!

I am a big believer in the idea that what you put out  into the universe is what you will get back. Does that mean if you are a good person that only good things will come your way? No. Sometimes shit just happens. It doesn’t do any good to cry Why Me? It is how you deal with the hand you were dealt.  And when you have anxiety issues it can be very hard to be all calm and zen about life.

Life isn’t always fair and people aren’t always kind. But you don’t have to answer for those people or things. You are only responsible for what YOU put out there. It has taken me a bit of time to learn that when life throws crap at you, just move. When you’re in hell, keep going, don’t set up camp there!

We’ve had some really difficult things thrown our way lately but we just kept going, kept believing, kept walking. And everything worked out even better than we would have asked for. Because I believed in us. I believed in my doctors. I believed in myself and knew I was stronger than the situation. And yesterday I ordered a pair of glasses! Yes, I did! After having 2 stitches out suddenly I’m seeing! I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be when the other 14 go and I can really see things!

Tonight we are taking Miss Charli Ava out to dinner to celebrate her birthday and this is big because last year I was still blind on her birthday and couldn’t leave the house. So we have a lot of celebrating to do tonight! So look out Rockin Brews! We’re coming for you tonight!

xx Patricia

And Just Like That…Plot Twist!!


First off this morning I must say Happy Birthday to my girl Charli Ava! 7 years old! My fellow lover of all things Pink! As well as tiaras and tutus. And cupcakes.

I did a birthday collage for her over on my other blog Book,Books and More Books

Yesterday was my appointment with my corneal surgeon. Since we are down to every two months now, I was a bit nervous. My appointment was at 3 p.m. and I left around 6 or so. First, they got some new camera equipment which meant better pictures of the inside of my eyeball, so we did a lot of those. A closer look at Dru ( yes, I named the graft) showed that he was hanging onto that eyeball for dear life. So well that Dr. Davis decided we should remove a stitch or two they were so tight. 

Me: Are you sure we should do that? I mean what if it slides off onto the floor?

Him: Well, that has never happened to me before. Ever.

Me: Okay. Just don’t tell me what you are doing, okay?

Him: Okay, but I have to talk out loud so my Fellow can learn and see the procedure.

Me: Dr. Hack? ( Who is not a hack, and has a wicked sense of humor!)

Him: Numbs me up and attached the speculum. Explains everything while I go la la la la la in my head. And he talks about Gideon from Criminal Minds and that he had 2 of these surgeries, did I know that?

Me: No I did not. Did you know that Dr. Hack? ( No, he doesn’t even know what Criminal Minds is because he is just a baby!)

And just like that I had 14 stitches instead of 16. Then we went and took more pictures with the machine that looks like something Dr. Who would use. And Voila! I could see much better. Since my surgery on February 23rd, I am 1/3 of the way through the healing process which is apparently pretty amazing.

So in another two months we may be taking out another one or two. I don’t care for being back on the antibiotic drops and the steroid drops, but I’ll do what ever I need to do to avoid rejection! I am grateful today. And happy. I had one anxious moment when they numbed me up but I got through it. Another win for me and a loss for anxiety!

xx  Patricia