Gratitude never goes out of style! Every morning I am grateful there is tea in the kitchen and a kettle to boil the water! Yesterday I was grateful to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Last night I was grateful I didn’t freak out when the fireworks began shooting into the sky with a loud boom!

This morning we are slurping some Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea. But yesterday was a quiet and instrospective day for me.

    So I treated myself to some soothing Paris tea from Harney and Sons. This stuff could be perfume it smells so amazing and the Lavender-Lemon Macarons were perfect with the tea.

Since we have no filter what so ever here, I’ll tell you that I discovered a small lump on my back. Anxiety was right there with Oh My God, It’s a Tumor! Yep I can always depend on her to go to the worst case scenario. But it isn’t. It’s just a nasty bite from a bug and I’m taking care of it. But I can still feel her on the edge of my mind. Goading…doing the What if thing she loves to do.

Normally this would bring my week to a complete standstill, but I keep reminding myself that it is what it is. No more, No less. And really, what is it compared to a new cornea?

So today I win. Anxiety loses.   Good for me!

xx Patricia

53 thoughts on “NOT TODAY, ANXIETY, NOT TODAY!

  1. walkercynthia says:

    Yes, good for you! You’re doing far better than I am right now. I had a complete meltdown yesterday and it hasn’t ended yet. I’ll be ok eventually, just not right now. It does my spirit some serious good to read this, so thank you for sharing your experience, strength, and hope so that I have something to hold on to while I’m getting through this meltdown

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  2. iwannabealady says:

    I’ve been having mini heart attacks for about 5 days now. People in my neighborhood started shooting off fireworks days ago, and even now as I type this, there are the sounds near and distant. I’m going to go make some tea right now. I’d like to have some of those Harney and Sons pretty tins, though.

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  3. Roos Ruse says:

    Great post, Patricia. But now I’m craving a cup of Tazo green chai. Since my day began before 4 this morning (and I intend to sleep in tomorrow 😉 ) I shall abstain for now and comfort myself with some carrot sticks and a cup of some loose lavender chamomile I found in town this week. = >

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  4. anxietyandpanicsos says:


    Fab post… therapeutic listening to people stories with the same fears.

    From somebody who knows what you are going through you genuinely might find my blogs useful also.

    Even if you could have a quick read and let me know what you think, as I am very new to this, but want to be able to help others if at all possible.

    Take Care

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      • recreatedmind says:

        I took Zoloft and Prozac before and I didn’t think it was working because I would often slip up and catch myself balling my little eyes out. And you can see it on my face whenever it’s here and it’s hard trying to explain to someone how I feel or why I even feel this way. I knew I wasn’t the only one but this blog is starting to make it easier to understand it because I get to read stories like yours and tell myself if she could win today so can I. So thank you my love ❤️

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