How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Leave??


Is it wrong to jump up and down and do my happy dance because I’m finally alone again?

I’m trying some coffee this morning. Or as my Grandmother Anna would call it, coffee milk. Half of each. Anyway I’m trying it because it’s the Macaron coffee from someplace overseas. And it smells heavenly and tastes like a silky macaron.

I started to say everything is back to normal here, but it isn’t. We have a new normal now. At least I’m alone and able to sit around in my underwear reading and swigging coffee and eat okra. Yes, you read that right. Much like caviar, I love to pop those things against the roof of my mouth.

Since I am unable to spend hours reading in the bathtub until I get this bandage off my back later today, I thought about washing bed linens and stuff but then I decided I would wait and see if the laundry fairy would show up. For some reason she thinks she deserves a vacation. But at least the food fairy showed up with squash, fresh green beans, cherries and other good stuff. I am all rested up and ready for next week.

ppjan123ย  Hoping you all have a good Saturday!

24 thoughts on “How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Leave??

  1. C. J. Hartwell says:

    If you want to send your laundry this way, I’ll do it for you! We got a new washer as of this morning and I’m washing everything in sight. Next up are my throw rugs, so please, I need more clothes. Stat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. insearchofitall says:

    A happy dance that you are alone is normal. I do it too and I live alone. Love sitting in my nightie, untethered and having the snack of my choice. Okra wouldn’t be that snack. I like it fried if it must be eaten. Coffee with a splash of Baileys Irish Creme would do it for me. But if you are taking meds, that would be out of the question. Good to hear you are on the mend and all is heading in the right direction. I’ll let you know if those laundry fairies show up around here and send them your way. Ha.

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  3. walkercynthia says:

    You just reminded me that I have okra and rainier cherries in my fridge. Now I’m hungry for okra tonight ๐Ÿ˜Š. Glad you got some alone time! Take care of yourself, and send that laundry fairy my way when she’s done at your house

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