A little bit of tea,a little tale, and a surprise ending!


Good Wednesday Morning to all of you lovely people of the blogging world! First this morning I would like to say a big thank you to James over at thisismytruthnow for kindly mentioning us in his blog yesterday. James is one interesting young man! Like me, he reads from all genres and he does the best reviews! This guy is going places!

This past 10 days have been trying and packed full of deadlines and doctors appointments and finally today we get to catch our breath and grab a book to take to the lake with some cold brewed Harney & Sons Paris Tea in our thermos.

It will come as no surprise to those of you who suffer from anxiety that I love schedules. I have a set in stone routine tailor-made for me and my anxiety. And it has been beat to death lately and I had built up a good head of steam by yesterday.

Luckily I made sense of it all with the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy worksheets, which make it easy for me to see the what, whys and hows of what I was doing. Today is much better and even though I’m not alone, I am back to my normal schedule. And I appreciate OU Boy not dropping me off at the state mental institution. Although we did drive by it. Which gave me a great idea for a story!

I hope you all have a calm and peaceful day and know that alone we may be shaky but together we are fierce!

xx Patricia  (P.S. Also we got married)


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