Saturday with the Dust Bunnies


Good morning! I hope you are all feeling well this gorgeous Sunny Saturday morning. I am feeling much better today. The sun is shining through the window highlighting all of the dust bunnies multiplying all over the wood floors.

But I don’t care. I’ve worked hard to get to the point of not caring. My entire life I’ve lived by the fear of my mother showing up and my house being a mess and the bed unmade. Seriously I have had nightmares about it. I’m sure it drove more than one husband up the wall.

But since the whole eye thingy happened I can’t see dark on dark or white on white yet. So I couldn’t tell you if the floor was clean or not. Unless…I open every curtain in the house and the sun is shining. Now I wish I had not done that. So today is cleaning day.

The last load of laundry is in the dryer and the rest is done and put away and the bed linens have been changed. So, yeah I’m feeling pretty good about myself. If I could figure out how to work the vacuum cleaner I would do that but that would be more than my anxiety could handle. Vacuums and I do not have a good relationship.

I don’t know why I am suddenly on a cleaning spree. And not only in my house. I slashed about 60 people from Facebook and Twitter. I hate that new thing on FB where everything the people I follow like shows up in my timeline. I do not like it at all. So if you know how to make it stop tell me! I swear every person I went to school with is in a relationship with a dog or cat and I am sick to death of pictures of them. Plus I figure if I didn’t like you in high school, why the hell do I want to be ‘friends’ on FB?

So there is my rant for the day. Now I’m going to treat myself to some good Earl Grey tea and pat myself on the back for what I have done and not worry about what I haven’t done. I think Yoga is beginning to pay off as I’m feeling very Zen right now about life.

Y’all come back now! ย  Patricia

14 thoughts on “Saturday with the Dust Bunnies

  1. insearchofitall says:

    My house is protected by killer dust bunnies. I have a plaque that says so.:) I see very little of the dirt either but I really never could. I just assume it’s there. I feel a lot for it. But as I age, I just don’t give a darn anymore. If my mother were still alive, I’d be a basket case every time she came for a visit. She had great vision and could see everything I missed. And she was fastidious! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ If you are coming to see me, you are welcome anytime, if you are coming to see my house, make an appointment…for next year maybe. Life is just too short to fuss. Hope the glasses help. As for vacuums, mine killed my computer so it may never come out of the closet again.

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