I’m Walking On Sunshine…Oh Yeah!

Good Sunday morning to you all! After a long and stormy night, the sun is shining through the windows and I am enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Today I feel like Wonder Woman! Invincible and ready to take on the world.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Warby Parker that my glasses were in. So OU Boy and I headed downtown. I was very anxious all the way there. The possibility of seeing more than blurs for the first time in over a year was very emotional. I mean I know that the eye with the transplant has a long way to go but the bad good eye hasn’t had a lens over it either in all that time.

Thankfully my daughter-in-love is the Optometrist there so I had my support team in place. I put them on and at first everything was wobbly and I felt dizzy. And then….Oh my goodness gracious, I could see! I cried, we all cried and hugged and then I just walked around and looked. At everything. Wow have things changed downtown since I could last see.

We came home and cried some more and then I looked at everything in my house. And turned on the television and I could see everything! No more asking who was doing what on Game of Thrones or wondering what channel I was on.

And ye Gods my oven was a mess! OU Boy said he was afraid I’d see he wasn’t as good-looking with the glasses. Which was silly as I’ve known him 14 years so I know what he looks like. He just kept following me around saying ” Man, those are hot! You look like the hot Library lady.” And I must admit they are quite cute. I also scared myself a few times passing mirrors and thinking Who the heck is that??

So yes, today I am walking on sunshine! Dancing in the street! Being more grateful than I knew I could be. And of course I had to share it with all of you!

Enjoy your Sunday and I will see you tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “I’m Walking On Sunshine…Oh Yeah!

  1. Roos Ruse says:

    Hooray! Another milestone day. With modern health care, many people can’t imagine what you’ve gone through. I sure can. You perfectly, adeptly described what wearing tri-focals was like for me. Ugh! I hope it passes and you adjust soon. I never did, so two or three pair of glasses atop my head is common =>

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