Some You and Me and Tea Time


Good Morning! I hope everyone is well and not stressing over the latest round of insanity going on in the world of politics.

If you are already dealing with anxiety, this week has been difficult. I know it has for me and I’ve been not on here the past couple of days because someone in my inner circle lost their damn mind and decided they wanted to die. Turns out they didn’t actually want to but the new medication they were on can have that side effect.

And for some reason I thought today was my anniversary and it’s not. I even made a cake. Surely I’m not the only woman who can’t ever remember the exact date of their wedding! And since I got married on that date then got divorced and married again just recently to the same person who I never stopped living with, we are sticking with the original date. Which is tomorrow I learned when I sent my husband a text telling him Happy Anniversary. And he wrote back Happy Day Before Anniversary. I have never once gotten Β it right. I don’t know what that means, but oh well the cake is made.

I also can not be the only person who makes a pot of tea and then gets caught up in a book and the tea goes cold. So I had to make another pot of tea. I’m seriously thinking I should go back to bed and hit Refresh!

While the past two days have been uber stressful, I didn’t have to take my anxiety meds. I just kept reminding myself of all the things I am grateful for in my life. I think a lot of people forget to do that. In a culture where everyone wants more I have to keep reminding myself that more does not mean better. It’s just more to take care of, more to worry about.

I hope you all have a peaceful day and take that time out for tea. It really does put us in a mindful place. As long as you don’t pick up a book while it steeps! I’m sipping on some really nice Oolong this morning and I guess I’ll have some cake!

xx Patricia

17 thoughts on “Some You and Me and Tea Time

  1. C. J. Hartwell says:

    OMG, I’m not the only woman who forgets her anniversary?! This makes me so happy! Thank you! Oh, and happy anniversary too!
    By the way, our anniversary was yesterday. And yeah, I nearly forgot, fortunately my husband remembered!

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  2. insearchofitall says:

    It’s confusing when you think Thursday is Friday already and one day runs into another so I guess you could just call it anniversary week. πŸ™‚ I married the last husband on July 4th so neither of us could forget no matter how much we wanted to. So you married the same man twice? I know several people who have done that. My son is living with his ex-wife again for the last year. Going much better this time. You never know. I’m reading these backward trying to catch up a bit.

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