I Will Always Stand Up For What Is Right, NO Matter The Cost

Pink Tea Latte’s with Rose Hips and Some with Pistachios along with Lavender Tarts make for a really pretty Tea Party! You can really use Tea a lot of different ways.

Yesterday was so insane that I had to think up something that would put me in a better frame of mind. Since I am a visual person, this was what I made.

I also took a trip to my Therapist…the all knowing wise man that he is. It’s been raining for days and I’m tired of chasing down the lawn furniture after the wind carries it to the neighbors. The mold is up so allergies are going nuts making my eye pressure go up and that is causing the transplant eye to ache.

I have been more than a little bit stressed and needed to vent to someone so the poor therapist got dumped on. I could write a book on politics right now but I won’t. I’m just very disappointed in people right now. And I should know better. I was raised in the deep south of Georgia and then lived in the deepest south of Mississippi. I have seen and heard some really horrible things happen to really good people.

Today I am going to try to keep my mouth shut about it but I will probably fail at that. I didn’t have to read about racism. I was there the day the bus pulled up in front of my school on the first day of desegregation. When just dating someone not from your race could get you expelled from school. When my own mother told me to tell that black boy to never call our house. Which  if you know me only made me jump feet first into the fray. All you young white boys with your tiki torches, you make me sick. And I will always, always speak up for justice and the rights of every human being on this planet to be treated equally.

I am proud my children don’t give a rat’s ass about your color or culture or  beliefs. Unless you are a meat eater. They may judge you on that. But not a lot. I know from time to time my boys sneak off to Burger King.

Today I just want to say to everyone feeling afraid, I will stand with you all the way. Things can never go back to the way they used to be. And in some parts of Mississippi still are! If you need me, I will be there.

Thanks for listening. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll say other stuff my momma won’t like.

xx P

15 thoughts on “I Will Always Stand Up For What Is Right, NO Matter The Cost

  1. Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas says:

    Very well said. The world is an extremely scary place at the moment, and we do indeed seem to be travelling backwards rather than forwards. I hope to god there are enough ordinary people prepared to stand up for what is right, and defend those less able to do so – because clearly the people in power aren’t going to…

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  2. walkercynthia says:

    I kept having to tell my mother that we were changing the subject because I wasn’t having that discussion with her. It made some moments of my visit very strained, because she thinks we should all just get along and stop protesting, and I think we need to protest our asses off until this administration is burnt to the ground, burnt so badly that nothing will rise from its ashes. There may very well come a day when I have to out my body & freedom on the line to stand up for what is good and proper and right, and I don’t need her telling me it’s stupid because we all “just need to get along”. I don’t have to get along with people who think some humans are lesser. Lemme hop off my soapbox. 😚

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