Really Game of Thrones? Really?


Yes, today is one of those face down in the breakfast kind of days. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the damn solar eclipse. One of the dragons died last night and sorry if that’s a spoiler for you. But I slept like crap and woke up feeling unbelievably sad.

What’s going to happen now? The ending was a little Whaaaat???? How can I even process this? How can you guys do this to us so close to the end of the season?

So we are in mourning in our house. And since I am incredibly grateful that my corneal graft is hanging in there still, I’m not sticking a box on my head and going outside to watch the eclipse. I think we did that when we were little, but I am not sure why.

If you have a dimmer switch in your house everyday can be an eclipse! And I don’t appreciate the fact that I can’t go outside until this is over. I really need to run off this horrible grief I’m feeling over the dragon.

Instead I am stuck in the house waiting for someone to hack the next GoT! Come on guys, I need to know!   My grief has eclipsed the eclipse.

I may be a bit buzzy from all of the Breakfast Tea I’ve had this morning so I’m probably going to just go read a book and try to put this all in perspective.

Hope your Monday is going well. For me this is Friday so that means I’ll have the husband here for two straight days. Although I’m sure he’s working on a plan to be somewhere else so he won’t have to listen to me rant and rave about said dragon.

xx Patricia

44 thoughts on “Really Game of Thrones? Really?

  1. BryOak says:

    Dragons!! I just love GoT and as much as I hate, loathe and detest what the Night King did, it makes for great tension, dread, anticipation etc for next Season and what will actually happen.

    I only read the first book in the series. Found that pretty accurately portrayed in Season 1. How do the following books compare to the tv show?

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  2. Dany Slone says:

    Its sad they have a deagon but thank the seven they got one of the smaller dragons! If they had Drogo if could be far worse. What a series! If anyone needs me ill be in my glass wall of emotion for the next 12 months.


  3. jazzyjenness says:

    My husband and I were both shocked about the dragon being killed. Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers and social media spoiled it for me though in a way. We were not able to watch the show that Sunday night so we watched it the next night on Comcast On demand. I hate spoilers, but even more, I hate the bad guys having an edge and harming an innocent dragon. lol.
    As stated before I will not say anything about something that I found out about GOT regarding next year. That has caused me to go into deep deep denial and who knows where that will lead.

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  4. iwannabealady says:

    I can never look at the leaked stuff. Maybe I’m a masochist but I like to have something to look forward to. When it’s all over I’ll have nothing to rant and rave about the way I do with this show. Some of my friendships hinge on GoT, haha. Plus, I like to let the anticipation build and keep thinking about it.

    I knew they were going to go back for that dragon. A friend of mine said there’s talk of where they got the chains to pull it out. I can’t wait for an explanation. I will be so sad to see that beautiful creature flying around full of evil. I am still sad about the whole thing.

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  5. CrazyandSane says:

    I feel the same. WTF with the dragon dying? But now he’s alive to serve the fucken white Walkers! WTF? Stupid in my opinion. Just stupid. How can a dead fire breathing dragon, bloody now be an alive whitewalker dragon? Fire and ice? Stuff that. Stupid stupid idea! I hate game of thrones now. It’s pointless. Can’t watch the ice dragon fight it’s brother, the fire dragon. Screw them. Asshole writer.

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