Hello! It’s Tea! And other gross things!


Good Monday to you all!  Yes, I’m a bit late today but I have been playing Cinderella and her wicked step sisters. I was Anastasia. And now I am drinking copious amounts of tea and wishing I had made my therapy appointment for a different day!

It’s right at that awkward period where if I didn’t go I could have a nice long soak with a book. If I do go, I have to lay around and moan about it for 2 hours and hope the driver gets finished with whatever he was doing today that I didn’t pay attention to, well, because I was a wicked step sister.

I woke up to an alarm clock this morning, which is not something I ever do, and still don’t understand why it kept going off. I had no idea how to turn it off so I just ripped it out of the wall by the cord. Then the 4-year-old comes in with a bowl of cereal and no milk asking for sweet tea. Miss Charli Ava is walking around repeating Je suis une fille!

There was no getting around crazy today so I just went with it. No one wanted to do their numbers or letters. French lessons got interrupted. The bathroom is no longer sacred ground. And the 4-year-old informed me that he was selfish, which means he doesn’t like to share what he has. At lunchtime, he couldn’t eat his sandwich because his tummy hurt, to which I replied, ” Do you need to poop?”. Which was apparently hilarious so he ate the bread.

So now that their Daddy has taken them to run errands I can go to the bathroom in peace and try to see what other adults are doing besides discussing bowel movements and how milk comes from the place cows pee.

Much love to our Houston cousins, who are paddling around their neighborhood in a kayak being good neighbors!!

xx Patricia

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