It’s That Time of Year Again Y’all!

I’ve been asked to post this again this year so here it is. You need to go ahead and get on this as flu bug season and other nasty things will soon be here!

Vinegar of the Four Thieves 

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A Grandma Quote:  “It may stink, but you’ll smell worse if you die from some god awful disease”.

It’s that time of year. Colds, Flu and other nasty germs that find their way into our homes and offices. It’s still not too late to make up a batch of this wonderfully effective vinegar.

I don’t remember when I found this recipe in an old journal, but here is what it said…

According to the story, during the time of the Bubonic Plague, four thieves were breaking into homes of the dead and robbing them but they never got sick~ This recipe is what supposedly saved many of them from getting sick. The specific blend of herbs have antiviral, antibacterial,antiseptic and antifungal properties. It’s really good at repelling nasty little insects and bugs.


2 Tablespoons each of:

Dried Rosemary, Dried Rue, Dried Sage, Dried Lavender, Dried Wormwood, Dried Peppermint, and 2 tablespoons of fresh, chopped garlic

Mix together and place in a large jar with a plastic lid. Pour 32 ounces of Dr. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix well and put the lid on. Metal lids can get yucky so use a plastic one. Put in a dark, cool place and everyday turn it over and give a shake. After the 8 weeks, strain the vinegar and toss the herbs and bottle the vinegar.


You should know that this stuff stinks to high heaven! I mean it stinks. But it is also very effective. We use it to wipe down surfaces and even put a tablespoon in water and drink it.Make sure you try a small amount at first and no more than a tablespoon, diluted in water. It is also a good way to keep bugs away. Just put it in a spray bottle and you are

good to go.Image result for vinegar of the four thieves


Let me know how it goes!

We are in a salve, lotion, soap, tincture and herbal tea making frenzy here. But the house smells amazing!  Growing your own herbs is easy and fun, plus you know they are good quality!


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Family Favorite Casserole Recipes by Addie Gundry

Family Favorite Casserole Recipes: 103 Comforting Breakfast Casseroles, Dinner Ideas, and Desserts Everyone Will Love by [Gundry, Addie]

The first in the RecipeLion series, presenting 103 easy recipes for accessible casseroles that are ideal for entertaining, everyday dinners, and even breakfast and desserts.

From Cinnamon Roll Casserole to John Wayne Cowboy Casserole, the 103 casserole dishes in this cookbook are simple and stress-free, but each is packed with flavor, making them your go-to family favorites to whip up any day of the week. In 103 Family Favorite Casserole Recipes, Addie Gundry shows that a dish doesn’t have to be complicated to be creative. You don’t need multiple pots and pans to find flavor. And with the proper tools, tips and techniques, anyone can cook memorable meals. She teaches you how to whip up everything from Potato Chip and Chicken Casserole to Strawberry Icebox Casserole to Skinny Cheeseburger Casserole. A casserole is something to be shared—something warm, rich, and worthy of a gathering on its own. Every recipe is paired with a beautiful finished dish photograph that will make readers jump at the idea of casserole night.

Nothing says home to me like a casserole. In the South we call them casseroles and in the North my Grandma called them hotdishes. What ever you call them in your house they are delicious!

When you need to bring a dish, casseroles are the go to staple. Someone sick? Or passed away? Get out the casserole dish. These are comfort foods. Meant to hug your tummy with warmth and memories.

There are so many in this book and they all look yummy!

The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Hester

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Garbanzo. Cannellini. Fava. Calypso. Edamame. Adzuki. It’s true: beans have the coolest names ever. But besides that, they’re also one of nature’s most perfect foods. Packed with protein, nutrients, and flavor, you might even call them a vegan’s #1 best friend (don’t worry, we won’t tell the trail mix, veggies, or French fries!).

But with so much versatility and variety, where does one begin? Right inside these very pages, that’s where. In The Great Vegan Bean Book, author Kathy Hester primes you on everything you need to know about the best way to cook—and eat!—every bean you’ve ever seen (and a few you probably haven’t). From soaking times, to cooking times, to what to purée, to what to sauté, you’ll be dancing delicious circles around those legumes in no time.

Not only that, but you’ll also get to try your hand—or is it your mouth?—at some of the tastiest, most innovative bean recipes in this lentil-filled land. From beanalicious burritos, to pretty-pea curry, to legume-laced blondies, you’ll be partying protein-style, every meal of the day!

One of the many things I love about this book is it includes non-soy and gluten-free recipes. Both of those things are a no-no for me. If you thought beans were boring, you haven’t seen this book yet. If you ask my grandson what my favorite food is he will say quickly Beans! Since we don’t eat meat, we get our protein from other sources, such as plants. And with over 100 great recipes, this book will quickly become a go to source!

Well Done Ms. Hester!

Southern Breads:Recipes,Stories and Traditions by Marilyn Markel and Chris Holaday

Southern Breads: Recipes, Stories and Traditions (American Palate) by [Markel, Marilyn, Holaday, Chris]

The warmth of the oven and the smell of fresh-baked bread conjure comforting memories of tradition and place. Aside from being a staple on every table in the South, these breads and their recipes detail the storied history of the region. Biscuits emerged from Native American and European traditions. Cornbread, with its vast variety, is a point of debate among Southerners over which recipe yields the most delicious results. The hushpuppy, developed possibly to quiet whining dogs, is a requirement for any true catfish or barbecue meal. Author Chris Holaday and top culinary instructor Marilyn Markel offer the mouthwatering history, famous recipes and heartwarming stories of Southerners in their kitchens.

More than just breads, this book is chock full of all of the foods from my childhood and the food we learned to cook growing up in the South. Even though it’s full of things I can’t eat, the memories that flood my heart when I see them are priceless. Plus I can make them for family who go all ga-ga for them.

Biscuits and gravy, Pimento Cheese, Chicken and Dumplings, Cobblers, Corn Bread and Bread Pudding! Oh My!  Along with the recipes are stories. Traditions and memories of all of those Junior League and Church cookbooks our mothers passed on to us.

What a lovely gift!

Image result for southern breads recipes,stories and traditions  Image result for southern breads recipes,stories and traditions Image result for southern breads recipes,stories and traditions Image result for southern breads recipes,stories and traditions

xx Patricia



Dessert Delights from Tazo!

As a lover of all things macaron, when I saw this Tazo dessert delights collection of teas, I had to grab a box and try it out.

I chose the Vanilla Bean Macaron made with black tea with notes of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Ingredients are listed as: Black Tea, Natural Flavors, Chicory Root, Cocoa Peel, licorice Root, Roasted Yerba Mate, Cinnamon and Cardamom.

It actually reminded me a little of Harney & Sons Paris Tea in aroma and taste. I can see where this would be a lovely after dinner dessert tea. I enjoyed it very much. Since I didn’t have a sweet on hand to try it with, I added a splash of Almond Milk, which added sweetness as well as a smooth taste.

Give it a try!  I found an entire row of Tazo Tea at Target for $2.98 a box! Great deal.

xx Patricia   Share a cup of tea with someone today!

The Birthday Boy Turns 5! There’s Cake!

The birthday boy had a great time at his party. If you are going to have a ton of children, then Gigi’s house in the country is the place to go! Wide open spaces for a bunch of wild and high on sugar boys to run around and yell. Which they do for no reason.

Mike manned the grill and everyone brought something to contribute. There were even gluten free cupcakes with chocolate ganache made by Aunt Jamie and oh they were so good! Aunt Jessie did the Spiderman cake and there was webbing and spiders everywhere! Inside and Outside.

The pinata was highly competitive. Tears were shed. Candy was hoarded like it was a novelty they would never encounter again. Of course when it’s a party of boys and cousins at that, opening gifts which were all Spiderman or Batman related led to some tears and sharing issues. Corbin is really good at sharing, so as soon as his little cousin burst into tears the Batmobile was turned over.

OU Boy got kicked in the crotch by one of the boys while pushing the swings. He fell to the ground with tears in his eyes and the rest of the boys took that to mean it was time to pile on and wrestle. Poor man. Even though I had promised Corbin I wouldn’t hold the baby cousin, I did. Seriously holding new babies is like Xanax. One smell and I’m gushing. And baby Cole gushed his breast milk into my crotch. But he was so cute I didn’t care.

Everyone had to eat real food before they could have cake. Corbin negotiated me down to one bite of a hotdog. Which he chewed once and spit in my hand. It was gross. His words. He knew it was a technicality but it was his birthday so he won.

So all in all it was a great evening with family and friends and Thanks to GiGi for hosting!  Oh and I asked Corbin how it felt being 5 and he said, well I’m almost 6 now! Yeah, just wait until you’re 29 and holding on to that year for all you’re worth!

I love you my boy!

xx Patricia

Happy Birthday Baby!

I gave everyone advance notice that today is Corbin’s birthday and I will be that obnoxious person who posts tons of pictures today!

Our baby is turning 5 today. Not a baby anymore. This little guy has been the best gift I ever received from Mike and Jodi.

He is smart as a whip, extremely funny and honestly believes that Spiderman is a career choice for him.

Last Sunday we were having a chat about him turning 5 and he was adamant that he was too old for parties and presents and such. And anyway he was thinking of skipping 5 and going to 7. He has no intention of going to school he says.

He is well aware he has us wrapped around his little fingers. He and OU Boy alone are a mutual admiration society. Neither of us can say no to him. But he’s seriously so well-behaved that you rarely have to say anything to him unless it’s about his sister who he would gladly leave at the Fire Department!

He is fearless and has an imagination that I wish all children had. I love that even when he ‘falls out’, as we say in the South, he is actually just lying on the floor in Child Pose. No screaming or thrashing about. Just a limp noodle on the floor.

I love this little boy with all my heart and soul. If he is the future, we are all in good hands and will be golfing and drinking chocolate milk with powdered donuts and wearing Spiderman outfits. And he would make sure there was always some tiny treat left at the Fairies door.

Today we will celebrate his birth and a big Thank You to Mom and Dad for this amazing little boy!

We love you Lovey! Happy Birthday!

xx Patricia

Mug It! Easy & Delicious Meals For One by Pam McElroy

Mug It!: Easy & Delicious Meals for One

Dinner for one can be a lonely, tasteless prospect. But when dinner (or lunch, breakfast, or a snack, for that matter) is made in a mug, it suddenly becomes a whole lot more fun. From blueberry muffins and quiches to mac ‘n cheese and chocolate peanut butter cake, Mug It contains simple, delicious, recipes for every taste and craving. Easy-to-follow recipes and four-color photographs make Mug It the perfect cookbook for nearly anyone who has a mug, a microwave, and an appetite.

Image result for mug it by pam mcelroy  Image result for mug it by pam mcelroy Image result for mug it by pam mcelroy

Now that I have given in to years of begging and purchased a microwave I thought I should learn to make something in it and not just heat up coffee. So when I saw this book I was very excited. Most of my meals are eaten out of a bowl or a mason jar, so why not a mug. Heaven knows I have enough of them. And I am just odd enough to embrace this so I don’t burn up any more pots or pans.

There really is something for everyone in here! From Mason Jar Salads, which are my favorite thing this year to overnight oats, dips, breads and muffins in a mug, eggs in a mug, even meatloaf and mac and cheese! Cookies, cupcakes, yummy desserts and even pickling!

So we tried the cake thing and besides the dip and pickling everything else turned out just great! The one thing I especially like is portion control. I mean, it’s a mug. Normally when you make a cake you are probably going to eat more than you should. Same with other foods, but with this when you get to the bottom of the mug, you are done! No mess to clean up, no leftovers to put in the fridge and pretend you will eat later but never do and the entire thing ends up in the trash bin. At least here it does.

So all in all I’d have to say this book is brilliant! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go have some Earl Grey Tea and a Quiche in a Mug!

Tea: A Gateway Drug…

It’s Friday! You made it through another week! Raise a cup for that! I have to say this Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea is a real winner for me! The smell alone had me smiling. It will definitely be a Fall/Winter staple at my house!

The other day when I was searching through all the tea sites I found this recipe for using Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea with Fireball for a hot toddy. Heck yeah! That idea is getting  used this football season.

Yesterday to keep my mind occupied I started Fall cleaning. I took the refrigerator apart and cleaned it and labelled all of the bins. Same with the stove only I didn’t label it since we aren’t really that close. Scrubbed every cupboard in the house. Got the slip covers on the sofas, got all clean pillows and bedding, and cleaned all the vents. And you won’t believe this but I already have dinner done for tonight! Yep, I put it in the crock pot last night and this morning Voila! dinner!

Tonight we are going to see the Kingsmen sequel. I loved the first one so much I’ve seen it like 5 times. And I never watch anything more than once. If you have Netflix, you should really watch The Five by Harlan Coben. It was on Sky TV in the UK last year and I think on Canal in France. I watched it more than once. It is just as wonderful as his books. So if you get a chance watch it!

Have a great Friday! Make someone elses day great too. Smile! Be Kind! Do what you can to help just one person today.

xx Patricia  bluebird


New Autumn Teas and Some Old Favorites! It’s Fall Y’all!

According to ‘people’ it’s Fall. Or Autumn, whichever you prefer. It’s still hot as hades here and humid too, but we are not going to complain at all when we know our fellow human beings are having a pretty rough time of it this month.

It can be overwhelming. Which is always where tea comes in. A few precious moments to sit and think healing thoughts for our neighbors and our planet. A time out from the constant barrage of bad news. You will drive yourself crazy if you don’t.

My favorites are the Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon and the Tazo Baked Cinnamon Apples. Although I won’t say no to any of them!

For those of you keeping track, I had a stitch taken out of my eye yesterday. Only 13 left to go. Yesterday was one of those at the eye surgeons office for hours days. We marked time by how many HGTV shows came on. And people watched. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I did notice that there are quite a lot of people who wear their pajamas and house slippers in public. I just can’t figure this phenomenon out. Every time I leave the house I hear my Momma’s voice in my head asking if my undergarments match. But these folks aren’t even getting dressed! I’m pretty sure this is where the break down in our society is coming from. People not even caring if they have on clothes, must less making sure they match! I tried to ask one why, but OU Boy was there reminding me to Be Nice. Which is apparently something he believes he has to do to save Oklahoma from me pointing out the obvious

Anyway, the taking out of the stitch makes OU Boy queasy so he leaves the room. To make up for that he took me to the new Super Grocery Store that just popped up across the street from Wal-mart. They had bulk bins for everything! Organic, GF, Dairy Free and it was all so nice and clean! They even had an in-house Sushi Chef and let me tell you, I may not be into the gas station sushi, but this stuff was amazing! I ate two samples and then bought some for dinner. I also bought a few of every root vegetable they had, as it is that season. Then I got to the check out and the lady had to ask me what each and every item was. Seriously? You have never seen a turnip or a parsnip or a beet for craps sake?

It was about that time that OU Boy pointed out we may need to just hush and go on home and take a Xanax. So we did. Then we snuggled up on the sofa and watched television while I moaned and whined about how bad my eye hurt. He was happy to put me to bed. He was gone when I got up and it is his day off, so I’m not sure if he’s just had enough or I forgot he had somewhere to be.

Have a good Wednesday and Be Nice! Be Thankful!

xx Patricia