Be Useful. Be Honorable. Be Compassionate. And Have Some Tea!


Today is going to be one of those many pots of tea days! I am intentionally not turning on the television or I’ll be a puddle of anxiety on the floor. Hurricanes are my  trigger. The biggest one. Too many  horrible things have happened during hurricanes and now it looks like they are lining up one after the other to pound us.

I’m tired of hearing people tell the good  folks of Florida to just leave. If only it was that simple. It’s gridlock down there right now and gas is in short supply. So let’s do what we can to help out. There is always something you can do. Always!

Today is Thursday which means the 7-year-old starts soccer practice tonight. This should be much better than the 4-year-old. These kids are playing for points and wins. And Lord help  us  all  as she is her father’s daughter and will call you out on any rule infringement you make. They are both “actually” people. As in, “Actually, Ms. Keating, you can’t tell a student they can’t go  to the bathroom, according to Section 5C of the handbook.” Yep, my kid was nicknamed the high school lawyer. Adored by students, tolerated by teachers and a huge source of entertainment for the principal. Mr. Denly found it difficult to punish the boy when he couldn’t stop laughing. I was never so happy when he graduated to high school and got the heck out of the  school I was teaching in.

It’s back to work  today but tonight is Networking After Dark and it’s Scotch and Cigar Tasting night! As for our weather, it’s much like my baseball team, just shut up and don’t say anything about them. We’re just holding our collective breath over here hoping Mother Nature will think we have already been slammed enough  and the Cubbies go back to the World Series.

Be Nice today. A lot of people are anxious right now, be kind to them. Offer them a cup of tea and some love. WE really are all in this together. So let’s act like it.

xx Patricia

18 thoughts on “Be Useful. Be Honorable. Be Compassionate. And Have Some Tea!

  1. Lacey says:

    I agree about the “just leave” part. I am in Oklahoma. When a bad tornado comes the weather guys say to leave if you don’t have a shelter, but then you are just stuck on the road with everyone else trying to leave too.

    Love the green today!

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  2. C. J. Hartwell says:

    I can’t imagine being told to “just leave”. People who say that aren’t thinking it through. Where do you go, what do you take, how many pets, people and possessions will fit in the Corolla?

    So do you participate in the Scotch and cigar tasting? That’s a lovely image I’m getting. 😉

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  3. insearchofitall says:

    There really is a lot to take in these days. We have fires to deal with here in the PNW. I’d like to see all homes in the Midwest have basement shelters or be built to withstand tornadoes. As for Florida, there are ways to build to withstand some of those winds but quite expensive. For many, it’s worth the risk to live there. We are taking a risk every day we exist on this planet so we get to pick and choose which one we want. I’ve been through most kinds of disasters. I like the any you can have a clue are coming. Earthquakes just wake you up and scare the stuffings out of you. Then you fix stuff that broke. Enjoy the kids game. It has to be so much better than watching the news. Your description of your son and granddaughter made me laugh. Thanks. Needed that. I’m glued to the news. 😦

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