Love, Soccer and Catfish…Just Go With It!


Well it’s Friday again Y’all. And storms are just stacking up like planes on a tarmac to take a swipe at our loved ones and homes. So let me say I am holding you all in my heart and feel free to share your anxiety with me!

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who know exactly how nutso I am and remind me everyday that my only saving grace is that I am cute and keep  a clean house. Seriously though I know I’m not nutso. I just live with anxiety. And hurricanes are the first trigger of mine. Is it a realistic anxiety? Yes, because I’ve lived through many of them and been displaced by a few. Is there anything I can do to stop the event? No. I’m not Mother Nature ( I know this is a shock to my  children). So how can I manage my anxiety? I spend time with people who make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. I drink lots of calming herbal tea. I read books with intricate plots that keep me focused. And if I need to I’ll pop a Xanax.

Plus it helps to share with all of you! Last night was the 7 year olds soccer practice. Now these kids have a flow going. No one was watching ants or triggering the littlest boy over his relationship with his shin guards. They did what they were supposed to do.

But little bit, who thinks I live to make his life easier, was there too. He still hates soccer he says. But he loves kicking the ball. We’ve decided he just doesn’t like to play with others. He’s a solitary sportsman. Like a Tiger Woods, only with morals. I’m the one who brings chairs, blankets, snacks, drinks and a loaded personal DVD player for the 4-year-old. And he expects it. So last night we stopped off and grabbed Po Boys for dinner to bring to the field.  I left mine in the truck. For over an hour. I will never get that smell out of my hair and I’ll probably never eat catfish again.

The funniest portion of the evening was towards the end of practice when I’m standing right on the sideline cheering my little ginger on and the 4-year-old starts yelling,” We’re missing Big Brother and its double eviction night!” Now there is no way I would let this boy watch that show so I turned around to see his Papa laughing hysterically. Nice one.

Be safe today and please let us know you are safe if you are in the path of these storms. We kind of care about y’all now!

xx Patricia

14 thoughts on “Love, Soccer and Catfish…Just Go With It!

  1. Garfield Hug says:

    I feel for those facing Storm Harvey and Storm Irma! I would be anxious too as it is scary! Garfield hugs and stay calm🤗🤗🤗💕💕🐺and I love all your pictures. I am sure you have a sweet and cutely decorated home too😃

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  2. anotetohuguette says:

    Your post made me smile despite the worries brought on by the storms and I love your line, “stacking up like planes on a tarmac”, it’s downright scary and my thoughts are flowing from the west to the east, sending prayers for the safety of all!

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  3. insearchofitall says:

    You tell the story of the kids games and the Po Boys so well that I had to laugh. That aside, I have been glued to the news this week which is something I never do. We have fires here and the rest of the world is swimming in too much water. It’s been a week of praying for all those affected. I don’t even know if I can continue to watch. I have family and friends in Florida and up the coast. This is going to be a tough one.

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  4. walkercynthia says:

    I had to deal with rotten potatoes at work yesterday. I will never be able to rid myself of the smell. I think it is permanently embedded in my nose hairs. If you find a way to rid yourself of the catfish smell, please share it!

    Final note: I apologize that my takeaway from this post was rotted potatoes, because I genuinely want to hug you because anxiety is bullshit😚

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  5. poetrybyliviniarendall says:

    I think you are right about surrounding yourself with positive people, they give positive energy. I think its also hood to do different things. Make life a bit more exciting, and also tea!

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