New Autumn Teas and Some Old Favorites! It’s Fall Y’all!

According to ‘people’ it’s Fall. Or Autumn, whichever you prefer. It’s still hot as hades here and humid too, but we are not going to complain at all when we know our fellow human beings are having a pretty rough time of it this month.

It can be overwhelming. Which is always where tea comes in. A few precious moments to sit and think healing thoughts for our neighbors and our planet. A time out from the constant barrage of bad news. You will drive yourself crazy if you don’t.

My favorites are the Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon and the Tazo Baked Cinnamon Apples. Although I won’t say no to any of them!

For those of you keeping track, I had a stitch taken out of my eye yesterday. Only 13 left to go. Yesterday was one of those at the eye surgeons office for hours days. We marked time by how many HGTV shows came on. And people watched. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I did notice that there are quite a lot of people who wear their pajamas and house slippers in public. I just can’t figure this phenomenon out. Every time I leave the house I hear my Momma’s voice in my head asking if my undergarments match. But these folks aren’t even getting dressed! I’m pretty sure this is where the break down in our society is coming from. People not even caring if they have on clothes, must less making sure they match! I tried to ask one why, but OU Boy was there reminding me to Be Nice. Which is apparently something he believes he has to do to save Oklahoma from me pointing out the obvious

Anyway, the taking out of the stitch makes OU Boy queasy so he leaves the room. To make up for that he took me to the new Super Grocery Store that just popped up across the street from Wal-mart. They had bulk bins for everything! Organic, GF, Dairy Free and it was all so nice and clean! They even had an in-house Sushi Chef and let me tell you, I may not be into the gas station sushi, but this stuff was amazing! I ate two samples and then bought some for dinner. I also bought a few of every root vegetable they had, as it is that season. Then I got to the check out and the lady had to ask me what each and every item was. Seriously? You have never seen a turnip or a parsnip or a beet for craps sake?

It was about that time that OU Boy pointed out we may need to just hush and go on home and take a Xanax. So we did. Then we snuggled up on the sofa and watched television while I moaned and whined about how bad my eye hurt. He was happy to put me to bed. He was gone when I got up and it is his day off, so I’m not sure if he’s just had enough or I forgot he had somewhere to be.

Have a good Wednesday and Be Nice! Be Thankful!

xx Patricia


24 thoughts on “New Autumn Teas and Some Old Favorites! It’s Fall Y’all!

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    Hope your eye is progressing well. I too am sometimes flabbergasted when I see how people dress or act. When I worked, a middle aged woman wore a man’s undershirt (with sleeves) on her first day of work. She was a large lady but still. It did not look like a nice tee shirt. She didn’t last long. Somewhere there is a correlation between how you look and care for yourself and the kind of work you produce.

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  2. C. J. Hartwell says:

    At Target recently, I saw a woman wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers, but her teenage daughter was dressed in jeans and a cute blouse. Weird!
    I bought a Celestial Seasoning the other day called Fireside Vanilla Spice. Have you tried it? Mmmmmm!

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  3. Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas says:

    Well…I have to admit to going out in my pyjamas occasionally (hence the name of my blog) but only the top, and it’s well and truly covered up by a hoody/sweatshirt/coat etc. Sometimes I’m just rushing about and have to nip out so can’t be bothered. Don’t judge me…well not too much anyway lol! Hope your eye is better soon x

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  4. itsworthediting says:

    Hi dear. I sure hope that everything gets better for you, soon. You’re in my prayers. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to blog. But I never ever forget this delicious blog. What kind do tea do you suggest with a lemon flavor or do I just add lemon to a tea?

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