Didn’t We Have Fun?! Tuesday Adventures in Pirate Land!

This is the last week of Fall Break for the seven-year old. Yesterday was such a gorgeous day outside. Still shorts weather. Since Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off, we decided to have one more summery day.

Armed with extra quantities of Green Ginger Tea, we set out. First to the trusty Redbox to grab a few movies, then to the library to drop off some books. The lunch vote was about to go on forever so Freddy’s Frozen Custard it was. I have no idea if these places are all over the country but it was our first time at this new location.

Freddy’s is all about Retro. I can easily picture Rizzo and all the kids from Grease hanging out here. And since they were decorated for Halloween with that lovely spider webbing strung over each booth the five-year old thought surely they wouldn’t mind if he did a few Spidey moves with it. It is a lively enough place that the kids were entertained by everything.

I had no idea what custard was. My mother said it is when you cook the starter for your ice cream and then churn it until it is as smooth as can be. So I ordered the small pumpkin pie concrete. That’s what they called it. Because you aren’t sucking anything out of there unless you have some super-duper sucking skills. I do not. We all shared it and it was amazing. They actually put a slice of pumpkin pie in with frozen custard and topped it with whipped cream and grated nutmeg.

Even OU Boy who never tries anything new took a bite. His eyes glazed over and he said,” What is custard?” And that’s the last we heard from him as he was guarding his own like a lion with a hyena lunch.

After lunch we decided a trip to the park was needed. Things got interesting at the swings. There was a lovely little girl (8) who was playing with us while her Aunt was on the swing checking her phone. I told her,” Wow you have the shiniest hair I’ve ever seen.” Her: “I know, I just dyed it.”  Now all kinds of thoughts are running in my head. Is she a kidnap victim? Sure didn’t act like it as she could have walked off at any time. Is she in witness protection? If so, she talks way too much. And since I’m trying not to be judgy this week, OU Boy is making me snap a band on  my wrist every time I am, so we left.

After a wash up we popped Spiderman Homecoming in because the five-year old declared I would love it. (Meh). Then Hocus Pocus. By this time the five year old was asleep and the seven-year old was pondering out loud why we are all so tall and skinny in our family. How do you explain genetics to someone that age? OH, and she also does not know who Reese  Witherspoon is and has never seen Legally Blonde. But she has seen IT. We have some catch up to do on her film education.

We had soccer practice where the five-year old had to pee. Right Now. Dude, we are on a soccer field. So to avoid having him labelled a sex offender we didn’t let him pee in the bushes. OU Boy gave him a cup and told him to squat on the truck seat and go. Let’s just say he got distracted and I had to put a towel over my seat on the way home.

That was our day. And it was a good day. Sometimes things can seem so overwhelming and I seriously needed a day of play. And snuggling on the sofa with a little boy all tuckered out from fun, all is right with the world.

xx Patricia




16 thoughts on “Didn’t We Have Fun?! Tuesday Adventures in Pirate Land!

  1. AJ says:

    Lol what a day! The custard place sounds wonderful! It made me hungry:) And you certainly do have some movie education to catch up on – everyone needs to know the bend and snap!

    Liked by 1 person

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