Have Tea. Send Cookies. And Books, yeah, Books.

Trying out one of the Holiday Teas from Celestial Seasonings, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. 

I wasn’t really impressed with the smell right out of the box. But after brewing there was a lovely and delicate aroma of sugar cookies. Not that overwhelming artificial ingredients smell, just a light sugar cookie smell and a lovely naturally sweet taste. Absolutely perfect for dunking a holiday sugar cookie in.

Yesterday was the last day I had OU Boy to boss around and do things for me so I needed to grab a few things from the market that I could mange to make myself. The first one did not have a very good selection of tea, although I did meet a lovely older gentleman who had spent a lot of time in the UK and we compared notes and I gave him advice on Rooibos for his wife.

So it was on to Wal-Mart to brave the crowd. I didn’t buy anything here but wanted to show you these pictures of the tea/coffee aisle.

Yes that is a bunch of tea. But the best part to me was how much was gone! People are buying tea now and the stores are responding to the demand. That is very encouraging. Then we went to Target where they had a lovely sale on Tazo Tea. So I stocked up on some of those and some holiday teas. In line the two people in front of me were also only buying tea! So all in all, I bought 2 cans of soup and lots of tea. That’s it.

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

xx Patricia

Busy Staring At The Wall….With Tea

Everyone have their cup? Some nice Gingerbread or Spiced Cider tea and maybe a snack and the cold melts away. At least in your tummy. Outside, well, you need to take that up with Mother Nature!

Yesterday was pretty miserable. I won’t lie. I hurt, I was scared and just emotional. And the good Dr. Davis added antibiotic drops to the steroid drops and then tossed in pressure drops as my pressure yesterday morning was very high. Normal pressure is between 12 and 22.  Mine was 38. These lovely drops come in a teeny tiny bottle and cost almost $200! So this is how our day went yesterday.

OU Boy calls me from the pharmacy to let me know how much this thing cost. I tell him to hold on and called the doctor. His nurse said she would leave a coupon at the front for him to pick up. He drove back downtown and picked up the coupon. Drives back to the pharmacy and this particular drop is valuable as oxygen and they don’t accept the coupon. I tell him to hang tight and call the doctor back. In the meantime OU Boy messages me he is coming home. The doctor calls back in the next minute and says he has a new bottle and it will be waiting at the front desk. So back downtown he went.

Needless to say it was a circus. Then we get the drops and look at the insert. Don’t. Just don’t do that. It said NO Marijuana, NO Alcohol, NO…..What? When did they start putting weed on the Don’t take and drive warning?!  I just couldn’t figure that out. Then I figured out these may be eye drops but after about an hour all of a sudden your mouth is dry, you are sitting still staring at the wall, and feel like you just had a shot of Tequila. Now I get it.

This morning the pain was much better and the eye isn’t red. It just looks like I have a black eye.  In order to read I have to cover the eye cup, but that’s a small thing.

Hope you are all having a productive and kind Wednesday. Be Nice and have some tea!

xx Patricia

Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned!

You Can't Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Tea  by LeeLeeandLivvy, $15.00

Good Morning!  Grab a cup of tea….things are going to get gross!

I was much more anxious about this surgery yesterday than I was the Corneal Transplant. I couldn’t explain why, I just was.  Although the nurse said my blood pressure was really low, I was still scared.

This time I had a lovely OR nurse who stayed with me through the entire thing. I had already forgotten they have wrist restraints and for this surgery I had them on my head, chest and thighs as well. Nothing says Anxiety like being tied down and then put to sleep!

It was supposed to be a shorter operation where they took out the cataract caused by the steroid drops that help the transplant heal. But they had to do it the old school way since I have 11 stitches left on my eye. Normally they take out the cataract and insert a intraocular lens. But it seems that somewhere in my past I had head trauma. Now I don’t have enough “ropey” things attached to my retina, so no lens. They took mine out and now I don’t have any. I asked my Momma if she knew anything about me and head trauma. She reminded me of that time I ‘flew’ out of a live oak tree and landed on the roots and broke some bones. Yep, that would do it.

So, new plan. It’s become obvious that I don’t do well under anesthesia. Even sound asleep I fight the restraints. So now we hope the pressure goes down and get the Retina Surgeon involved and this time knock me way out! This morning has been all about getting the pressure down with pressure drops. So far we’ve gone from the high 30’s to around 23.  And I’m back on 3 different drops 4 times a day. Friday will be decision day unless something happens in the mean time.

How bad does this crap hurt? I have an Amazon package sitting on my bed and haven’t even opened it. Shocking, right???

About nap time for me. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them.

xx Patricia

If Teacups Could Talk by Emilie Barnes

This isn’t a new tea book. It’s been out since 1994. But it is a great little book full of tea lore, knowledge and friendship. All of Ms. Barnes books are wonderful treats full of lovely things to sip and nibble on.

If you find a copy, snap it up! In the meantime have a wonderful Monday, I will be in surgery and will have to do without my morning cuppa, so have one for me and keep your fingers crossed!

xx Patricia








Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

Good Sunday Morning to you all! It is chilly out this morning. I know this because I stuck my hand outside. I’m warming up with the Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea today. Along with the smell coming from our diffuser ( a combo of Clove,Cassia,Orange Essential Oils) and the smell of the tea,it’s rather cozy in here.

At the unholy hour of 5 a.m. I woke up thinking I heard a baby. So I got up to investigate and decided instead of walking back to my side of the bed, I would just hop on and roll over. I rolled right off the bed, smacking my ear and shoulder on the night stand, which weighs a lot! A two person job to move that sucker. So I was awake. Which is not a good thing today.

With tomorrow being surgery day the Anxiety Fairy has moved in. Not just hanging about, but I mean brought a U-Haul and moved right on in. The other fairies don’t like her, but right now she’s calling the shots. I figure the only way to silence her is to bring out the Cleaning Fairy and some Halestorm.

I just heard the church bells ringing for early services and realized I’ve never been up this time of day on a Sunday. They are really quite calming.

Have a really great Sunday!

xx Patricia

Christmas Cozies and Southern Living

Merry Masquerade in Savannah: A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery (Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series Book 8) by [Callaghan, Hope]  Product Details Gingerbread Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen series) by [Fluke, Joanne, Meier, Leslie, Levine, Laura]              Not a Creature Was Purring (A Paws & Claws Mystery) by [Davis, Krista]                     Product Details           How the Finch Stole Christmas (A Bird Lover's Mystery) by [Ripley, J.R.]   Christmas with Southern Living 2017: Inspired Ideas for Holiday Cooking and Decorating by [The Editors of Southern Living]

Looking for some Christmas Cozies? Here are some I enjoyed and it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t have my Christmas With Southern Living. I have way more of these than a person probably should but they are part of my childhood and things passed down from my own mother.

Take a break from the shopping craziness and grab a nice cuppa and a cozy book!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Happy Thanksgiving America!

Lavender Tea Cup (Mary Lake Thompson)

If you haven’t tried the Lavender and Chamomile from Harney & Sons, you should. So calming and soothing to both the mind and the body.

Most people are losing their ever-loving minds at the grocery store. As I was sitting in my office this morning I overheard a lady on the phone to her mother telling her she had been to 3 stores and no one has any ham. Was there some type of run on ham? Or did she just not want to drive anywhere else?

For us tomorrow isn’t a big deal. There will be no cooking in my kitchen. There will just be me and a salad. And lots of books I need to get through. We will be out at the farm on Saturday for feast day. With families spread all over the globe now, it’s getting harder and harder to carve out time when everyone can be in the same place.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day or whatever it is you celebrate!

Finally, It’s Going Down!

Good Tuesday Morning to Y’all! A whole lot of Chamomile drinking went on last night. I used up all of my lovely Taylor’s Chamomile. It is my favorite brand of chamomile tea. Very clean and soothing.

And yes, my little heart needed soothing. Yesterday, as I said I had to have some wonky tests and measurements on my eye. They would strap you in and count to five and Boom brightest white light I have ever seen. At first I thought it was The Light, but no, just an ordinary torture device. Just when I thought it was over Dr. D. says, ” Hey let’s dilate your eyes too, just to see behind a little better. So then I couldn’t see crap and I looked like an Emo character or a crackhead, my pupils were huge! And everything hurt. Then we had a conversation.

Dr. D: How about we do this on Monday, the 27th so you have a week to get off the steroid drops?

Me: I’m free tonight, how about you?

Dr. D: (hilarious laughter)

Me: Seriously, I can come on Sunday even.

Dr. D: No. Monday when my operating team is here. Oh, yeah, did I tell you my cousin and I were wrestling and he choked me out until I broke a vessel in my eye. I even tapped out 3 times.

Me: Maybe he thought you were applauding.

Dr. D: So slow down on the steroid drops and after surgery we will discontinue them. If we do it before it might be angry and I  don’t want to operate if it’s angry.

Me: Seriously? Now I’m thinking there is a sentient being in there.

So next Monday I go in for surgery to remove the cataract that is like the size of the Sta-puffed marshmallow man. It formed due to the steroids I have been taking for 17 months. Not unusual with steroids. And no we will not be using lasers. I still have 11 stitches and a mans cornea on my eyeball and lasers tend to suck the cataract out so we’ll be doing this the old-fashioned way. I was promised the good anesthesia.

I’m sure a lot of you have had your eyes dilated and know what a pain it is. When I came home I walked into a lot of walls and a t.v. and I cried. A lot. And took a Xanax. So until Monday, I will be babying that eye and trying not to worry.

Have a great day today! OU Boy is gone to do manly turkey day things with his bestie. They are frying multiple turkeys and doing the prep today. We do Cajun style and make our own sauce to inject and then he covers it with something. I don’t know, I don’t eat meat.

xx Patricia Another great find on #zulily! 'Hive Rules' Wall Sign by P. Graham Dunn #zulilyfinds

I Will Survive. Right?

80 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (93)  Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume

I’ve had so much tea this morning I may float out the door! Unfortunately little Miss Anxiety Fairy has a firm grip on me today.

In an hour I go in for some pre-op procedure that I can’t even pronounce but did look up on the internet and stopped reading after a few sentences. No, thank you Wikipedia, I can get myself all worked up all by myself. Ignorance is Bliss.

To say I’m terrified is putting it mildly. And throw in the neighbor’s dog barking for 2 hours and I’m about to have a full-blown panic attack. I’ve tried distracting myself but it’s just not happening. And it’s cold outside and windy AF!

Off to the Eye Institute or Kansas depending on the wind.

xx Patricia    Think happy thoughts! (repeat,repeat,repeat)