Sometimes You Just Need A Do-Over~


It’s 4:00 in the afternoon and I’m having my first cup of tea. *Gasp*  And I’m having it in the bed. It’s so cozy I’m just going to stay here.

This was another wake up at the ass crack of dawn days. It’s been 18 months now since I’ve pretty much moved in to the Eye Institute and I’m getting…….. no that’s not right, I am full-blown over it. On the floor crying not because Jimbo Fisher is going to Texas A&M, oh no, I’m just over the entire eye thingy. I’ll have to deal with Jimbo later.

As I was sitting in the waiting area I struck up a conversation (no surprise) with an older lady who asked if this was my first time there. That right there is called an opening. All of the mess from the past months just flooded out of my mouth and when I was done I asked why she was here. Well turns out we share a surgeon. She had a corneal transplant 2 years ago and still has stitches in. And she has Macular Degeneration in the other eye.  And guess what, folks? She is still driving! Can’t see a damn thing she says but that doesn’t stop her.  OU Boy figured out which car in the parking lot was hers.

I was hoping for something today. Maybe take away the eye drops that make you feel like you are in college again and just smoked a joint and are staring at the wall for hours. Just like that. Including dry mouth! But not the munchies. I asked Dr. D if he knew what that stuff does and he’s like…Uh yeah. Bad news, still on 3 different drops but less often. Now that the lens is gone my eyes don’t quite match up yet and he told me to just cover the lens on my glasses for the left eye with tape or gorilla tape and then OU Boy jumped in with black electrical tape!  Like no one in public would take a second look at that. Men.

So here I sit depressed and fed up. With the eye, with Jimbo, with the entire state of Texas (except for the part that is really just South Oklahoma), with Net Neutrality, Budgets, Bitcoins and Winter.  Thank the Gods for y’all out there doing interesting things and sharing them. And of course to all my writers who allow me to escape into worlds without those things!

I’m thinking that if I just go to sleep, I can have a do-over and all will be well.

xx Patricia   It’s Friday! Good Night!

25 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need A Do-Over~

  1. anotetohuguette says:

    I’m sitting here thinking of you and drinking a warm cup of “for Tea’s sake” Cozy Cabin baked apple rooibos tea – you’ve inspired me to take the time to use real tea leaves and it tastes delicious! A do-over sounds so wonderful and I hope when you wake up tomorrow morning that you have a most marvelous day, you deserve it!

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  2. insearchofitall says:

    I’m heading in for a nap. That’s my do over time. I’d have to make something up to tell you anything interesting. I know that feeling but I don’t take anything to get there. Wake up that way. it feels like you have been through a meat grinder and they just keep grinding, doesn’t It? I’m sorry you are still going through this. Lets hope there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Rest well.

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  3. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    A corneal ulcer from contact lens… I shall look it up because I wear contact lenses and my brother who is an ophthalmologist keeps me scaring about retinal detachments and ulcers. I am sorry it is causing you such distress. It cannot be easy. Is there a time frame for it to heal completely? xx

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