May Today Be As Lovely As That First Morning Sip!

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Today is the last day of January. To celebrate I made a nice pot of Numi Gunpowder Green Tea. It’s one of my favorites. Nice and smooth. Since I’m hoping this day goes smoothly and the sun keeps shining.

I tried cleaning up the tea jar yesterday. It’s a big glass lidded cookie jar, but I use it for the individual samples of tea I get in the mail. Yesterday afternoon I was ready for a cup and decided to go to the tea jar. I saw a PU-Erh in there that I hadn’t tried. I am not going to even tell you what brand it was, but on that close up smell after brewing,  it smelled like dirt and dead fish. I spit the first taste right into the sink. It tasted like dirt and dead fish. I spent the rest of the day trying to brush my tongue as I was quite certain moldy shit was about to grow on it.

I also tried some Tazo Passion Tea, which I used half Almond Milk and half Passion Tea and I got the sweetest pink color and taste! So this will be on our Valentine Tea for sure.

And now I must go and do the things that the fairies didn’t get to. Like laundry and, well, that’s probably it. I did watch the SOTUS last night. It was as boring as the Grammy’s were. And I couldn’t stop looking at that Kennedy who gave the rebuttal. Did he have lip gloss on? I swear there was a sheen there!

xx Patricia  Enjoy the day! Enjoy some tea and be a good human!




Whether you’re enjoying a morning break, a quiet afternoon respite, or a soothing moment at day’s end, tea is a delicious indulgence. And Victoria has the ideal accompaniment to this celestial beverage.
Victoria The Essential Tea Companion collects the best of three classic Victoria books in a single beautiful volume. It serves up history and lore, advice on brewing the perfect pot, notes on collectible china, and best of all, menus for eight themed parties, from a children’s tea to a bridal shower. More than 100 recipes cover sandwiches, scones, tarts, cakes, savories, breads, and biscuits, as well as flavored teas both hot and iced, and honeys, spreads, and jams. An authoritative appendix provides the elegant final touch.

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Victoria Magazine and Books are a favorite of mine. Here they have taken their three companion books and compiled them into one book. It is lovely and the pictures and recipes are creative and easy to do.

This is one of those go-to reference books as well as a delightful book of recipes for all the goodies we like to share at tea time!

Enjoy it!

xx Patricia



It’s Monday! Again! Sitting here looking out the window and wondering why the weather is so unpredictable!? From the high 60’s to the 20 somethings this morning. No wonder everyone is sick. Sipping on a nice cup of Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea this morning. Now this stuff will get your blood pumping and make you a delight to kiss!

We’ve come to the end of the month. January, while you are not even close to my favorite month, you have been especially nice to us this year! With February quickly approaching I notice that Mardi Gras, my favorite Tuesday ever, is the day before Valentine’s Day and said Valentine’s Day is on Ash Wednesday! For any heathens out there, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday after the frenzied debauchery of Mardi Gras, you are supposed to give up or sacrifice something for the season of Lent. So what to do about all that seductive chocolate? Well, you could stick in the freezer until after Easter or you could just not buy it. I mean, who decided chocolate was the gift to give? Someone wanting to plump up his girlfriend/boyfriend? “Here, have some diabetes and fat because I love you!” No thanks.

I had a baby on Valentine’s Day so I’m set for life! Best gift ever! Here at the Pirate Nation we buy our own chocolate all year-long and tell ourselves everyday how much we love each other so we don’t need a special day for that. We shall take our Mardi Gras, partied out selves to church and receive our ashes on our foreheads like good Catholics. And then we shall celebrate my son, the atheists birthday!

I am researching for a Mommy and Me Valentine Tea today. I can’t wait to share what I’ve found with y’all!  In the meantime, get out there and slay the day!

xx Patricia 

Good Morning Sunday!Grab Your Cup!

“Compassion is the recognition of sameness, of kinship with others”. 

I’m in a blue mood today. Not as in sad, blue as in staring out my window at the clean, blue sky without a cloud in sight. No wind, just sun and blue skies. And blue as in the blue tin of Earl Grey sitting here from Harney and Sons.

Compassion is the word of the day.  It seems to be MIA at the moment. The entire world is behaving badly and not in a good women gone wild kind of way! Our politicians, who by the way work for us, are shady, the man we elected to head the country is busy making sure the rest of the world hates us more than it has in the past!

Our young people are dying of drug overdoses of prescription drugs. Why are we still letting them sell them? Cigarettes, Alcohol, Pills, Heroin…all deadly and yet more and more people are looking for something to numb their world. We can’t believe our news outlets anymore and our schools are a joke.

It would be lovely if someone could poke a pin in the reset button. A complete do-over. Not just looking out for ourselves and our small circle, but looking out for our fellow human beings. Being compassionate. Putting ourselves in the shoes of those who need a hand.

My husband is one of the best men I know. On any given day you can find him at work or at the elderly father-in-law of a friend, changing toilets out, just visiting or out at his adopted father’s house making repairs, or just keeping him company while he naps from his chemo. This past week has had him running all over to help his best bud re-model a house built in 1956. And none of this has anything to do with money. He is just that man. The one you call when water starts spewing under your sink, or the one the neighbors call when they need a hand.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t cost anything to be compassionate and care for one another. It takes nothing away from you but what you get in return is a gift. Once you feel that feeling of having been useful, helpful, kind with no motives, you will be hooked on it!

Happy Sunday to a you all and do something for someone else today! And have some good tea!

xx Patricia

You Can Start By Being Kind To Yourself!

   It has definitely been a week here at the Pirate Nation! Today I am going to try my hardest to do less. Ordered a bunch of new teas to try yesterday. Can’t wait to see them all. I used one of my new little cups this morning. It’s just so stinking cute!

Yesterday was Spa Day. I cut my hair. Yes, yes I did. It was getting too thick and too heavy so Dawn chopped off a few inches and put a lot of layers in there so I can just scrunch and go. Then it was off to the new house to make a list of things to do before move in and things that could be done after. That took forever.

Around 4 we stopped for lunch at a new place in our neighborhood. It was good. Just as we were settling in for the evening we got a call that one of the bathrooms was leaking under the sink. Back in the truck. OU Boy is over there now getting that repaired.

Last night I realized that I was feeling a bit anxious. I’ve had too much people. I need to have some alone time. I put a roast in the slow cooker early this morning with a cup of Merlot and ye Gods it smells good in here. Hopefully we don’t have any major hiccups today and I can read and we can have a nice evening binge watching Vikings.

I am a firm believer that if you keep giving slices of yourself to other people eventually you are going to need to replenish yourself. So today is that day. Hopefully the Laundry Fairy and the Dusting Fairy will show up and clean up a bit, but honestly we haven’t been home enough to mess anything up.

True! P  XX Patricia  Be Courageous. Be You. Shine On!


Always, Always Look For The Good

It’s Friday! And I am pretty sure that if I step outside I’m going to end up in Kansas! When they say the windy, they mean windy! So instead I’m staying in and trying to get a tea order together. So, please if you have any suggestions, let me know.

OU Boy is at his early morning physical. When he gets back we are doing something.

Yesterday we went by the market with a plan. Bread, Sugar, Tea, Milk. And then….all of the Bob’s Red Mill stuff was on sale for 99 cents! The Quinoa Flour, the Soy Flour, the Rice Flour, The Corn Grits for polenta, they were getting rid of it all! Not going to carry it anymore. So we had to take advantage of that!

I ran in to Marshall’s to check on my boots and found a bunch of these little footed teacups by Ollie & Olivia and had to get those.


There were so many different one, OU Boy would put two on a shelf and pretend to be the eye doctor. Okay, number one or number two. Number one. Okay number one or number three. And on and on we went.

I have a ton of reading to get to so y’all have yourself a good day and be nice!

xx Patricia

Tea, A Cauldron, A Hooker, and a Baby!


Good Morning! Today I’m trying the Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s. It is a nice full-bodied tea. Just what you need to shake the cobwebs out!

This week I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone, opening pretty new doors and talking to people in real life. OU Boy and I have a family here that we have known for a long time. Since the boys were teens. We think of them as sons. For the past few months we have been guiding the youngest through the house buying process. After finally finding a place we deemed suitable, right in the Adventure District, which means the Zoo and the Amphitheater and the Horse Track. The lots are an acre and the neighborhood was established in the late 50’s.

Yesterday was the day OU Boy and CB were going over to make a priority list of what needed to be done before moving in and what could be done while living there. I was going to the library to do some research but at the last-minute I changed my mind and went along.

There was an out building the size of a one room school-house just bursting with treasure! Not one but 2 cauldrons big enough to cook a couple of plump children over a campfire. Old iron bed frames and more but I had on new boots, so next time.

More family and friends showed up with Champagne and Cognac and two women who I did not know, but were very friendly. We sat around the outdoor kitchen and chatted while the guys discussed tree removal and such. One of the ladies I knew, she is CB’s son’s mother and we were chatting about essential oils and the other girl had some good knowledge on a lot of home remedies she learned from a teacher in college.

The one girl is also really in to tea. Herbal teas and strong black teas. I told her she should come by my office sometime and grab some. I gave her my phone number.

On our way home OU Boy is just grinning like the Cheshire Cat and I asked what that was about. Him: You know that guy is a pimp and those girls are hookers, right? Me: Uh, no, but I wondered why you would wear a strapless tube dress in winter. Him: You invited a hooker to tea! Me: Well I’m not going to be all snobby about that. She told me a good way to clean my oven! And she’s been to college.

I should have had a clue when we were looking over the master bedroom and there is a cool indent for your bed and one of the girls says “Oh, I bet that is one of those BDSM things for hanging on the wall like an X”. Okay. Still didn’t click for me. Even when she said she thought my speaking French was “sexy”. No clue.

And to top the evening off with a cherry….the other brother and his wife had their baby while we were with the family. Cutie pie little boy!

I’m sure I will see them again as we are helping on the remodel. Now I know to ask questions!

Today is my Friday, and after OU Boy’s physical tomorrow we are going on an adventure! He doesn’t know that yet, but oh yes we are!

Next time you have some tea, invite someone totally different from you! You never know what you will learn!

xx Patricia



A Week of Surprises and It’s Only Wednesday!

Sticking to the Taylor’s Organic Chamomile today. Should be a great weather day. Up in the 60’s and the sun is shining.

I really didn’t have any hangover symptoms yesterday. No headache or upset tummy. Just a sense that my entire body was disappointed in me for abusing it that way. So I babied it and slept like a log last night and am fine today.

I just spoke to OU Boy on the phone and asked him if he was sure I didn’t do anything embarrassing and he assured me I did not. Although I did burst into fluent French when the GM was giving out awards…he is French.  All I could say was They gave out awards? Debra got a pin? When was this?

Yep I am a light weight at drinking. I’ve had a beer in my fridge for 3 years. A bottle of Vodka for longer than that but I use that to make linen sprays and things with my essential oils.

It has been a week of surprises! Me actually showing up for an event. Corbin penning his first novel, and today OU Boy called to say he had a doctor’s appointment on Friday to have a full physical. Something I have been nagging him about. And it’s only Wednesday! Who knows what today will bring. OH, yeah, I do. I got a State Income Tax Refund! Just poof into the old checking account today.

If you suffer from anxiety as I do by now you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. But sorry little Miss Anxiety, that door is blocked! Go bother someone else. I have an endless supply of tea and books that need to be dealt with and have no time for your nonsense!

xx Patricia


Women Behaving Badly and The Evils of Alcohol

No tea this morning. Went straight to the coffee. It was a most interesting evening for us. It was OU Boy’s Company Party which was held at Rock and Brews in OKC. Great people there and everyone was great!

Just the getting ready part was hilarious. I asked OU Boy to find my slip in my dress closet. Him: What’s a slip? Me: It’s white and looks like something the Kardashians would wear in public. So here we go all prim and proper to an event in a dark place where moving around much wasn’t a good idea with my night vision issue.

Right away the other cool couple there popped down at the table along with Bob. No clue who Bob is but he is a handy fellow! I was not the Designated Driver so I had a Martini and then (followed by duh,duh,duh scary music) Debra said Let’s do shots! And Bob decides to look up the 10 most popular shots. After the first one which I think was Liquid Marijuana or the Buttery Nipple, OU Boy says, Did you eat today? Me: I think I had an apple or something. He knows I am not a drinker but am easily led astray by tiny drinks that taste like dessert! And by other wild women. Thank you Debra for going to the DJ to request some female rock! Thank you DJ for the Paramore, Halestorm and Amy Lee.

There was the Redheaded Slut, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lemon Drops and I don’t remember the others. Anywhooo our table got cut off from shots. Seriously. When Bob came back from the bar he told us we had been cut off. Well crap on a cracker! They kept asking us what we wanted so it wasn’t our fault.

So as you can see I left looking prim and this picture came from OU Boy. Apparently I passed out on the bed. Several things are wrong with this picture. Where is my pashmina? Where is my necklace? Where are my boots and leather jacket?

When I got up at 2:30 I found them all. On the floor. Like breadcrumbs. OU Boy had thoughtfully placed a huge bucket by my bed just in case but I ate a chip and took some aspirin and went back to bed. He took several pictures of me looking like a dead body which better be deleted! Also Sorry to a fellow blogger who asked a question and I messaged him I’m Drunk. Thankfully he is a good sport!

This party is the only time of year that I even have a drink so I’m going to forgive myself when I get out of the bed.

xx Patricia

Grab a cup and let’s share some Oolong!


I am feeling all kinds of pink today! Sipping on a cup of lovely Harney & Sons loose leaf Oolong. It’s so nice and calming. If you haven’t tried Oolong, well, why not? Life is short, try them all!

Exciting News!!! First of all I am just going to assume you know I am sarcastic above all else so take this in the hilarious way it is meant to be!

The 5-year-old wrote a book! Yes, yes he did. Remember when he wanted that printer for Christmas? Little did we know we had a budding author in the office. It is a well documented fact that he is obsessed with snowmen. Well documented as in they are hanging all over our house. So he decided to write a book for those who may not know how to make a snowman. Here you go:

IMG_1206 Our newest writer in the family, Corbin. He is 5. When he isn’t being “extremely” good at Pre-K, he is known far and wide as Spiderman.

His favorite things are movies, his Momma, his pets and chicken nuggets. Although we call them Tender morsels of chicken with a whole wheat breading with pomme frites and a tomato sauce reduction. Yeah, Chicken Nuggets.


He is old school and uses paper and pen. Okay they are markers but he has small hands.

Here is the finished product and we are now busy entertaining offers of representation for book and film rights.