Good Morning Everyone. I had put off doing this tasting and the review for a few days, but here we go!

I received a bunch of samples from Numi and this is the one I was most excited about. An aged Earl Grey? The ingredients listed Organic, Fair Trade Assam black tea with Bergamot. On opening the packet, no specific aroma jumped out at me. I sniffed the bag and still no good smell.

I brewed the pot according to the directions and steeped it for 3 to 4 minutes. When the water hit the teabag, there was no real smell. Even close up. I even borrowed OU Boy and had him sniff and sip. His question? What is this?

On tasting it, it tasted like all the other teas I have tried from this brand. Like Dirt. OU Boy spit it out. It was truly awful. The other samples I have are an English Breakfast, and 2 Chai Teas. To be perfectly honest, I’m not looking forward to trying those either. I mean how much dirt to you need to drink before you stop trying them?

Would I recommend this tea? Nope. Life is way too short to drink poorly made cups of tea!

Enjoy your day!  xx Patricia…who is off to make some real tea.



Good Tuesday Morning to you! Starting the day off with Taylor’s English Breakfast this morning. It looks a bit gloomy out the window. Yesterday was lovely with the sun coming out to stay and the temps warming up. Today it’s not cold, just gloomy, pre-rain mess.

In order to avoid making an entire cake which would not get eaten, we are discovering more and more mug cakes. They even sell the tiny mixes in the grocery now. Just add water and poof in the microwave and you’ve got a snack. This is portion control at it’s best! They also make wonderful individual desserts. If you haven’t tried one, they are surprisingly good.

Yesterday I spent the entire day on the phone with a government agency. All day. And tomorrow I’ll be there in person. News I’ll share later so as not to over think this too much. Lots of decisions between now and the first of March.

I received some new tea samples also and can’t wait to try them! Aged Earl Grey? Taking a wait and see approach. I hope your week is starting off well.

xx Patricia     Be kind. Make Tea. Relax.



I try to space out my flamingo obsession but they are so darn cute! It is way past time to post today, but it has been a strange week. Stranger than normal. Grab your cup, this is going to get weird!

All week it’s been raining. Except today, and I’m not trusting it just yet. I’m still a little off course with this inner ear thing and we all know I can’t see crap. Yesterday I was in a hurry to get in the bathtub so I didn’t turn on the light in my closet and just reached in and grabbed some underwear.

I was still in the tub when the phone rang and I had to get out in a hurry and put some pants on. It was then that I realized I was wearing my funeral underwear! And after that things just went wonky the rest of the day. For those of you who may not know what funeral underwear is, since Tommy is sure I made it up, but if something should happen to me, those are the underwear I want to be buried in. Virginal white lace and all. I have a dress too, but I’m not sure on that. The underwear may just be enough depending on the temperature of where I end up.

This morning I had just made my first cup of tea and was ready to take a sip back in the bed when the phone rang. It was Tommy telling me a friend’s wife was going to stop by to pick up some paperwork he left here. Me: What?? When?? Tommy: She’s about to pull up now. Me: For shit’s sake man, I’m in my underwear and I haven’t even had a cup of tea! What the eternal fuck??? Tommy: Dead Silence.

So yes I pulled on pants and ran the stuff out to her. She really is lovely. And drives a purple truck. Bonus points!

So now I have to find new funeral underwear. I am not wearing used panties in church!

Update on the oatmeal! First thanks for all the other flavor combos. This morning I took one of the little muffin/cupcake portions out and tossed it in a bowl, added a tiny bit of almond milk and heated it up. Still good!

Happy Sunday to you all!

xx Patricia

Blueberry Oatmeal Bowl and Tea!

Had this at 26 Beach during brunch as iced tea. Totally addicting both iced and hot. Way to go Celestial Seasonings! Blueberry Green Tea-Harney and Sons  BEST STUFF EVER! Blueberry Pomegranate Herbal Tea by ArtfulTea

It’s the weekend! Sipping on some really nice Blueberry from Harney and Sons this morning. I love blueberries. To me they taste like summer. Fresh picked and juicy, full of possibilities.  This is a very nice blueberry tea and I want to tell you what I did with it this morning.

It feels like it’s been raining forever here and it can put you in a blue funky mood. So this morning I pulled some blueberries out of the freezer. I had a handful. Yes, I am one of those people who don’t measure. I made a pot of tea and put some of that with the blueberries, brought it to a boil and tossed in GF oatmeal and let it simmer. Popped some in a bowl with two good shakes of cinnamon and a teaspoon of pure maple syrup.

The left overs were then smashed into a cupcake tin and in a couple of hours I had them as muffins! Let me tell you that this oatmeal is to die for! Seriously good and good for you!

I’m experimenting with hot porridges. I love any food in a bowl. Yesterday I tried out banana, almond butter and maple syrup and loved that one too. I am so not a breakfast person. But I am trying to be better at eating regularly and not forgetting until dinner when we play the What do you want for dinner? game.

Lunch around here consists of a big mixed greens salad with apple, orange, asparagus, mango and maybe a handful of bulger. Dinner for me is usually soup/salad. I’ve already got my 13 bean soup in the slow cooker and have polenta cooling in the icebox. For my resident Neanderthal I am defrosting steak. I won’t touch it or cook it, but I’ll defrost it.

What’s your favorite oatmeal combo?

These Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Cups are easy to make and perfect to enjoy for breakfast throughout the week! Double Blueberry Steel cut Oats

xx Patricia OMG, I think I may see the sun!


Wrapping Up The Weeks of the Plague

It’s Friday! Oh my I am so happy! Yes, it’s cold as crap but luckily we have lots of warm tea and blankets. This morning I am chugging down some coffee ( gasp ) since I woke up with my asthma acting up and coffee works better for me than my inhaler. Plus it’s warm and I got to use my new French Press.

I can not adequately explain just how thankful I am that the ice stopped and I am the only one home today. I have a routine and I do not like it disturbed. And it has been for the past few weeks with sickness, weather, doctor’s visits and other people in my space.

I am home alone waiting for the Publisher’s Clearing House people to show up at my door today. I actually put on pants and everything. I mean they sent me an email saying it was in my zip code so it must be me.

Back to the subject of tea. I am not a medicine taker. I don’t trust them. I read every insert and if there is anything more than may cause diarrhea, I’m not taking it. So I have had to come up with alternatives for this flu/strep cure. Luckily for me I have an endless supply of herbs, tea and pure essential oils to work with. The new Bigelow Benefits teas are full of wonderful things to help your body heal itself and balance things like your sugar. Mine gets really low and then I feel shaky and bad, so I have been drinking the heck out of those and using a lot of Frankincense and Myrrh. We diffuse it and I use it topically. I mean look how well the mummies held up with these two!

Now I’m off to write reviews on all the books I read while being iced in.

xx Patricia


...Tennessee Millions of trees suffered major damage as ice snapped them in half. It was a constant noise of crackling outside, as one tree after another fell to the ground.

Load up on the tea today y’all! Winter has arrived for a visit in OKC. Yesterday it rained/sleeted/froze. Everyone was ordered to go home. There were so many wrecks that the driving on I-40 was 6 inches an hour. And that was before 4 semi’s decided to play bumper cars on the road.

This morning it’s worse and one fire truck has flipped, numerous cars are in the ditch or wrecked. We are expecting more heavy rain/sleet whatever shitstorm this is later today, with more freezing. Internet service is up and down and we can’t get out of our driveway.

I am not a fan of February. Every year in February we have some major winter event. One day it’s 80 and the next we have an ice storm. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of having some standards for the months. If you have less than 30 days, you are out. The only good thing that ever happened to me this month was having a baby and at the time I wasn’t too keen about that either. The labor, not the baby.

So thank you February. Now I have people in my house who should be somewhere else. You know I don’t like waking up to people. This is just torture. Yes, honey, I’m going to be a whiny baby today, so go sit in the dark corner like I told you to.

Jodi sent me this video last night. We had no idea this little love of mine even knew this!!

Happy Birthday to my Bestest Friend!

Happy Birthday to the guy who has made me laugh for 15 years. 39 years old today! Enjoy this year because the next one is a biggie!

I hope you enjoy your Adult coloring bag of goodies. Honestly I’ve never seen anyone so excited for markers, pens and colored pencils! It is a great stress reliever I hear.

You are my best friend and the best guy I know! I love you and I like you!

Now I’m taking my fevered self back to bed with a book and a London Fog Latte’. For some reason I don’t understand there is no school today and yet there is not a snowflake to be seen! But if Oklahoma isn’t going to give the teachers a raise after 10 years of no raises and low pay, I say call every day a snow day!

xx Updates from the plague ridden.



Grab a cup! Plenty of Irish Breakfast Tea with honey and lemon today. Yesterday I finally had a normal temperature. Yeah! The flu is gone. It started raining in the night sometime and was still going strong when I woke up. It was 50 degrees then and it is 28 now. Sleet, freezing on the roads and a lot of sirens outside today.

Today I woke up and couldn’t even walk a straight line. I felt like the ball in a pinball machine. I was so dizzy it was making me sick. Of course I called my eye doctor, who denied any responsibility for this, but did remind me I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar and maybe I should think about eating regularly and staying hydrated better. I told him my ears hurt and my throat hurts, and he suggested I stop hanging out with sick people. Smart Ass.

I finished the huge book I was reading. What a thrill ride that was! Now we are moving on to Lynn Cahoon’s ‘Who Moved My Goat Cheese’  a cozy mystery. Lynn is one of my favorite Cozy Authors.

OU Boy has called twice this morning to tell me to not get out of bed. But if there is one word to describe me it would definitely be “Does not follow directions well”. 

xx Love from the sick and stubborn


Oh my what a gloomy Monday it is here. It rained overnight and the clouds are still hanging gray overhead.

We had to be at the OU Medical early this morning for OU Boy’s stress test. He couldn’t have his beloved sweet tea for 24 hours before. So I got him some Adult coloring books and markers and stuff to take his mind off of that. For a guy who goes through over a gallon a day it was tough!

I’ve been on the hunt for new teas for a few days now. This was a surprise and a very nice one at that.  Tazo Apricot Vanilla Creme. This would be a lovely tea to have with toast and apricot jam, or an apricot tart. It smells so nice. The apricot hits you in the nose right away and the vanilla is a smooth ribbon running throughout and it all comes together with the white tea beautifully. Perfect for Spring and Summer, I can see using this iced as well. Or you could make this lovely Vanilla infused naked cake….no words…

vanilla naked layer cake... so pretty! x

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to shake things up a bit. I went on an adventure Saturday to the country, poking around for unique locations. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Then on a whim I decided I wanted to be a brunette, so yeah, that happened and the stylist cut a bunch of layers into it so now I’ve got curls all over my face, but we’ll see how I like it. I love playing with hair color. Unfortunately for some reason mine never takes. In a few weeks it will just wash down the drain and we’ll be back to blonde.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and maybe some of you are off today, so have a good one!

xx Patricia

Have Some Tea, It Will Get Better

Well we made it to Friday. Today I’m using my coupons to re-stock the tea stash. Who knows what I’ll find! It’s like a treasure hunt. And it is supposed to be in the 80’s again today. Now if the wind would stop blowing it would be perfect!

I’m just going to tell you that it has not been a perfect week. Not even close, although my flu symptoms are doing better. It’s been one of those weeks where you thought your life was going one way, but then you find out it was all just a lie. So today I am sad. Endings are hard and messy and sad. I have high standards and I refuse to lower them for any person.

Thanks for listening. I’ll be okay. Just not today.

I feel broken inside and I just can't believe I'll ever feel any differently. I don't know how to heal myself. I try but just when I think I'm getting somewhere, it disappears like sand through my fingers. Will I ever feel whole again? Life has worn me down so much, I just don't know anymore. What keeps me going? I truly don't know Xx ❤❤

xx Patricia