infuse: Herbal teas to cleanse, nourish and heal by Paula Grainger and Karen Sullivan

Lost your zest for life? Feeling tired and sluggish? Need a health boost?

Reach for a soothing cup of herbal tea and harness the extraordinary power of nature’s most potent healing ingredients. With more than 70 expertly formulated recipes for tasty, soothing, caffeine-free infusions, tea tips to help you get the most from your brew, and a comprehensive directory of herbal ingredients and their active properties and benefits, you can blend, brew and sip your way to wellbeing.

I am always looking for new herbals and this book has everything one would want to make themselves a cup of healing herbal caffeine-free tea.

From Bladder Bliss to Sweet Sleep, there is something for every ailment. It’s a really lovely book and the recipes may look daunting but the ingredients are easily found at bulk herb shops or on-line. I go to the San Francisco Herb Co. My local herbal store also carries their brand.

I’m sipping on a green ginger at the moment because I ate a burrito at 10 p.m. last night and woke up feeling like my stomach had staged a revolt, so I’m trying to calm that sucker down before date night tonight.

Try out the book and see what you think of it. It should be at your local library so you can try before you buy!

Enjoy your Saturday what ever you are celebrating this week-end.

xx Patricia




It is afternoon tea time now. Today’s tea is from Ahmad, and is Lemon Ginger. The Cubbies are back at work winning so the voice is a little hoarse.

I had an email yesterday from UPS telling me they would be delivering a package today that needed a signature. I couldn’t remember ordering anything that needed a signature or UPS so I was wondering all night what it could be. Maybe the guys at Publisher’s Clearinghouse had finally sent me the check they had been promising! I get packages a lot but not usually requiring me to sign for them.

When the doorbell rang I opened it and asked who it was from. He checked. I checked. I signed. He left with a grin. Yep, it was a book. Anyone want to help proof read the new Math portion of the SAT?  I didn’t think so.

The month of March has played with every emotion I have. Up, down, sad, happy, scared,excited. and just when I thought I had everything pinned down…oops Plot Twist! In less than 2 weeks I will be moving. Not to where I had planned and that took some getting used to. But in the end my closest Corneal Surgeon would have been Atlanta. So it was Plan B.  And if I am going to have to stay in Oklahoma there are worse places to be than Nichol’s Hills. With a beautiful park in the back yard with walking trails and all of my favorite shops within walking distance. Yeah, Whole Foods, I see you there over by Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. Yep, it could be worse.

It’s a new adventure. And I already know I’m going to love it!

xx Patricia  Happy Easter to you all!



Good Holy Thursday to everyone. I’m sipping my morning tea and trying to finish my golf wreath. Yes, I said that. Golf Wreath. We are a golfing family here and The Masters is our Holy Grail.

Last week Corbin and I were tackling Tommy’s closet and found a large plastic garbage bag full of golf balls and tees, ball markers, pencils and scorecards. A few years ago my cousin’s hubby made a really good golf wreath and as soon as we saw those balls I knew we were going to make a wreath. A really big wreath. It had to be big since we were going to cross two irons over the middle so I dragged out a huge grapevine wreath and the hot glue gun and we proceeded to sort all the balls into piles of unique balls and regular balls. The unique ones had the club imprints on them, we even found one from St. Andrew’s in Scotland, as well as a tee from there!

We spent a long time gluing dozens of balls and other golf stuff on and then we used dark zip ties to keep the clubs in place. Add a big Green and Yellow bow and voila! a wreath. No pictures will be taken until after the contest. We are highly competitive.

My memories of Easter consist mainly of the food. And those horrid and scratchy crinoline petticoats our mothers made us wear under our pastel dresses, white gloves and hats. Four little girls all in a church row. Our father would leave raisins ( bunny poo) from each of our beds to where our baskets full of candy were hidden.

My favorite thing was my own Momma’s coconut cake. Oh dear lord that stuff is like crack to me to this very day. I love coconut. And oh that glazed ham and yeast rolls. My mouth waters just thinking about it all! Although it has been years since I’ve had any of that.

What is your favorite food on Easter? Do you still carry on the same traditions?

xx Patricia


Ah, the smell of the earth when it rains. It started raining yesterday afternoon and let up sometime early this morning. With a cup of Earl Grey and not one but two cozy mysteries lined up, it’s the perfect day to snuggle in your hoodie and sip and read.

A lot of really good cozies from Kensington and Crooked Lane Books came out today so congratulations to Y’all!’

Have y’all been watching that little genius show with Neil Patrick Harris? I mean these 9 year olds are doing college level math in their heads! After a half hour of watching this I turned to Tommy and said, “Oh my gosh, our kids are slackers!”. Then I turned on Steve Harvey and the show he hosts and there is a 8-year-old girl singing like an opera singer. Yep, slackers, everyone!

Even though two of them have the voices of angels. One knows every Beatles song by heart and has since she was about 3! The other one wants to be Taylor Swift but is easily distracted by shiny objects. And of course Corbin who is a straight up genius and will happily pontificate on any subject you may think you know!

Seriously I love my little slackers. They play every sport imaginable. They have great dance moves. They love the planet and don’t eat dead animals or litter ( that was for Corbin). And I want them to enjoy every minute of childhood. It goes by so quickly. I love that they actually try things before they decide they do or do not like them. I love their imaginations and shared love of knock knock jokes. They have good manners, they are good students and I feel secure leaving my world to them someday. And as for the math geniuses…well I was in Finance for many years and not once since being an adult has anyone ever asked me the square root of anything! How about you?

Hope your Tuesday is going well! Make time for a cup of tea and heck, let’s toss in a biscuit or two!

xx Patricia









It’s Monday! And Spring Break Is Over!!!


Monday, the red-headed stepchild of the week. Misunderstood, dreaded and only loved by retired people!

According to our ‘weatherman’, it is supposed to be a stormy day and night. It definitely looked it earlier this morning, but now the sun has decided to give the weatherman the finger apparently and has shown up right on time.

This was a really productive week-end for me. Researched some teas, discovered that a good cup of tea is priceless. Everyone has different tastes as far as tea goes. And there is always the debate over milk, lemon, sugar and which does and does not go together.I really don’t care. But I do not like bad tea. Life is too short for that. I tried a new decaf Earl Grey and although I’m not even going to mention the brand, I was disappointed. If that tea had any bergamot in it I couldn’t find it. And with lemony desserts I enjoy the citrus of the bergamot in a good Earl Grey.

The other day when Corbin was being a one of those protesters that the cops have to pick up and haul to jail, I thought he went down pretty well and was snoring in minutes. Turns out he was. But that isn’t all he was doing. Tommy had left a Red Sharpie on the dresser. Now that is never supposed to happen as my pens aren’t allowed out of the office. My bedroom is white everything. Imagine our surprise when Tommy turned over one of our decorative white pillows and there in small handwriting was the word NO…in red sharpie. Passive protest I guess. There is no way that is coming out so I decided to use it.

I explained to Tommy that from now on if the pillow is on the side that says No, well, then, No.  If it’s turned the other way then maybe you have a shot.

Today peace reigns in the kingdom. Spring Break is over and children all over the metro are back in school. Thank you baby Jesus! But the break took a toll on the house and since Tommy is off today we need a deep clean. He just finished sweeping and mopping. I timed him and it took 5 minutes, so you know I’m going to have to go in there and re-do it. He’ll claim the vacuum as most men do. Or the trash. So if you are reading this my love you may want to double-check your work!

xx Patricia   What’s going on with y’all this week? Any thing fun or new?




Good Palm Sunday to you all. It’s so quiet this morning. All I can hear is my birds chirping outside of the window. Today’s tea is a really nice Darjeeling. The warmer the weather gets, the lighter teas come to the front of the tea cabinet.

I was so moved by the young adults who marched on America yesterday. The six minutes of silence was a powerful statement. And we started discussing how all of these old men are running our country and they are not in the least representative of this new generation. I said maybe there should be term limits and age limits. You have to be a certain age to be President and at a certain age you should be just too dang old.

I have seen first hand what can happen when people say Enough! Right here in our state the PAC I belong to brought together women from all across the state to fight for the right to vaccinate or not vacinate our own children. One representative was particularly vile in his behavior and language. But it’s amazing what a group of determined women pushing strollers can get done. All bills failed and now our goal is to not put this guy back in office.  We owe it to our children to leave them a better world than the one we had. If you take money from lobbyists than you shouldn’t get to vote on that issue, whatever it is, because well, you’re on the take as my daddy would say.

Let’s do better. Get involved in what ever way you can, but this has to end. Talk to your children, know your representatives. They, as well as the president, work for us. Let them know that you are watching and voting.

That is my rant for the week. Enjoy your Sunday, and don’t be an ass.

xx Patricia

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait Tea and Peace in the Kingdom

Good Morning! The sun is definitely going to be a factor today. It’s already heating up and sunny. And it’s quiet. Well except for those two birds gossiping on the fence. Enjoying a cup of David’s Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait.  Different than my normal but rather nice!

Since one of my tea sellers noted on my IG that I was not giving them enough cupboard time, I am trying to do better.

We here at the Pirate Nation are being extremely tight-lipped about a few things. I am the worst person in the world to have to keep a secret. Just my own though. Lord knows I keep enough of other folks secrets in the vault that has become my brain. But if it’s my own secret I almost have to superglue my lips. However one of them I can now share.

I entered a tea in the World Tea Expo which is in the Fall. I did. That, unfortunately, is all I can say. But I am very excited.

Yesterday was Eye day. It’s a lot different going to the Eye Institute with children than it is going alone. Since I was the patient it was up to Tommy to do child care and bathroom duty. And he cleared those bathrooms for our priceless babies like a Navy Seal Team. The boy thought he could get out without washing his hands. Not going to happen Spidey! Tommy told him to get back and wash his hands and an elderly gentleman looked at him and simply said, “Good Man!”.

The eye is looking good. Still have 11 stitches and they probably won’t come out ever. Now I get to be fitted with the sceleral lens and if that doesn’t allow me to see, we’ll go in and zap the little flap so they can put in the intraocular lens.  I don’t have to go back to my surgeon for 4 months. Now I’ll have a different doctor. It’s like breaking up. Although he said I could call anytime. This is really good news as it was one of the factors in a decision we made. So I won’t have to wear glasses much longer.

This week I’m going to try dying eggs only with tea. I love the natural shades. I’ll let you know how it goes. Last time I messed with food color I had a lock of green hair for a while so I try to avoid those.

For those of you still getting slammed by winter, sending you warm hugs and mugs!

I’m taking my tea and a book to the porch!

xx Patricia

Spam, Scams and Negotiating With Tiny Terrorists

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We made it to Thursday! With a lot of help from some strong Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s. A lot. If I never hear another Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift song, I’ll be very happy.

Spring Break ends this week and they go back to school on Monday! For a week and then the teacher strike begins. I have no idea what all those working parents are going to do. I wish them well. I will be out of state.

This has been an odd week. On my personal FB account I had a friend request from a guy named Tim H.. His profile picture was a nice looking fellow in a Canadian military uniform seated in front of the Canadian flag. Very nice. So I accepted, as I love me some Canadians!  Later I saw he was on my Instagram and then I received a private message saying “Hello, my dear, so good to see you again.”  My special spidey powers were tingling so I did what I do best. Turns out his name is Abdullah something something. So he obviously stole someones FB picture and I’m not sure what his intentions were but I’m quite sure they weren’t good. Then this morning I had an email from a soldier in Kabul. He and his team had discovered over a million dollars and were looking for someone to hold onto it until they were out of country. He signed his name even. Of course we have all gotten the spam from one of the Nigerian princes offering millions in return for claiming some dead persons money, but this was detailed. Where they found it. Which cave, the area around Kabul that his fellow soldiers were in with him.

The thing that got me was he was looking for an honest person. Dude, you are in the military and are stealing assets from Kabul and you are looking for an honest person? I mean these guys have no imagination if this is a scam. You are admitting to a crime that will get you court martialled and you thought I would be okay with that for a 20% cut? No.

I have my own terrorists to deal with today and shots were fired beginning at the breakfast table. One had 2 more pieces of cereal than the other. One got to pour the Almond milk. Major meltdown of the five-year old before 9 a.m. Then the older one announced that her Dad had said she could sleep over tonight or Saturday. What?? Was I asleep because I don’t remember talking about this. At the moment there is a fragile truce while they make art on the chalk table and talk. A. Lot. And I’m in my office pretending to do work. But I’m really just drinking tea and staring at the wall trying to avoid going back out to the front lines.

Brush up on your Morse Code in case I need reserves!

xx Patricia  Be Kind and Smile!



TWINING’S Earl Grey De-Caf Tea

Hope your snow is melting and you see some signs of Spring! I was pleasantly surprised at lunch Sunday when I ordered Earl Grey Tea. It was from Twinings and it was De-Caf! So I had one to enjoy then and another packet to enjoy later.

It was really a nice tea. Fragrant, light, and even my lunch mate enjoyed it!

Thank you all for the support and kind words. I have worked through all the feelings and although I am not happy with what happened, I now have a better understanding of why. The why wasn’t meant to be malicious or salacious. It was just a bit of bragging that I would have rather not have done on my behalf.  After quite a few tears on both sides, for me, it’s over. I have forgiven and I have made myself clear because not everyone is a mind reader.

And the love that I have for this person exceeds any disappointment I felt. And by holding onto any lingering anger, I’m only hurting myself. And I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want any negative energy around me. Or in me.

Everyone is back home today. Although this morning was a bit of a rough start. The kids are thrilled with the coffee table turned chalkboard. It’s great to practice handwriting and drawing. It was good for everyone to get away for a couple of days. You come back with more patience and an appreciation for your own bathroom!

We are making vegan meatballs and spaghetti for lunch today and after that I think we all need a nap. I’m being very kind to myself today so I may toss in some garlic bread!

xx Patricia   Enjoy your day! Be kind to yourself. And don’t assume people are mind readers.  P.S. They aren’t.

Today Anxiety is Winning

Hello Monday…Would you like a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea? It’s heavenly! And it really is although that is one of my favorite lines in a movie I love. Of course she isn’t drinking Irish Breakfast at all, she’s pinched what she thought were tea leaves and they are actually marijuana leaves. It is hilarious!

Today is not heavenly. I’ll admit I am having a heck of time with forgiveness. Should everything and anything under the sun be forgiven? I’m not likely to ever forget it, but when a betrayal of a most personal nature happens, I’m not going to just pop up and forgive you. They say it’s easy. It is not. Because now there are walls up. Trust has been broken. The hurt is emotional and physical.

You gave out information that was not yours to give. To the last person in the world I would have wanted to even know where I live. So today my anxiety and sadness are palpable.

I am a very private person. I also value loyalty to the nth degree. In this world of instant contact and spewing everything about your personal life, I participate to a degree. But never would I gossip about business which is not my own. Now, I think less of you. I don’t trust you. And that’s sad. Because I liked you and gave you another chance already. However I respect myself more.

Sorry guys but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the Pirate Nation. Thanks for letting me rant. I have a lot of thinking to do. And I’m so happy I have y’all to help me through this!

xx Patricia