Spam, Scams and Negotiating With Tiny Terrorists

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We made it to Thursday! With a lot of help from some strong Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s. A lot. If I never hear another Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift song, I’ll be very happy.

Spring Break ends this week and they go back to school on Monday! For a week and then the teacher strike begins. I have no idea what all those working parents are going to do. I wish them well. I will be out of state.

This has been an odd week. On my personal FB account I had a friend request from a guy named Tim H.. His profile picture was a nice looking fellow in a Canadian military uniform seated in front of the Canadian flag. Very nice. So I accepted, as I love me some Canadians!  Later I saw he was on my Instagram and then I received a private message saying “Hello, my dear, so good to see you again.”  My special spidey powers were tingling so I did what I do best. Turns out his name is Abdullah something something. So he obviously stole someones FB picture and I’m not sure what his intentions were but I’m quite sure they weren’t good. Then this morning I had an email from a soldier in Kabul. He and his team had discovered over a million dollars and were looking for someone to hold onto it until they were out of country. He signed his name even. Of course we have all gotten the spam from one of the Nigerian princes offering millions in return for claiming some dead persons money, but this was detailed. Where they found it. Which cave, the area around Kabul that his fellow soldiers were in with him.

The thing that got me was he was looking for an honest person. Dude, you are in the military and are stealing assets from Kabul and you are looking for an honest person? I mean these guys have no imagination if this is a scam. You are admitting to a crime that will get you court martialled and you thought I would be okay with that for a 20% cut? No.

I have my own terrorists to deal with today and shots were fired beginning at the breakfast table. One had 2 more pieces of cereal than the other. One got to pour the Almond milk. Major meltdown of the five-year old before 9 a.m. Then the older one announced that her Dad had said she could sleep over tonight or Saturday. What?? Was I asleep because I don’t remember talking about this. At the moment there is a fragile truce while they make art on the chalk table and talk. A. Lot. And I’m in my office pretending to do work. But I’m really just drinking tea and staring at the wall trying to avoid going back out to the front lines.

Brush up on your Morse Code in case I need reserves!

xx Patricia  Be Kind and Smile!



16 thoughts on “Spam, Scams and Negotiating With Tiny Terrorists

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    You’ve had quite a day, both local and overseas terrorists. I don’t friend anyone on FB unless I know them. Early on (when I was dumb) I accepted everyone. Then I started seeing weird stuff on my page. Political rants, family pictures of no one I know. I deleted all but one. She’s an older woman from the Midwest. I have no idea why she sent me a friend request. We have no friends in common. However she posts lovely recipes that I enjoy so she stayed.

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