Ah, the smell of the earth when it rains. It started raining yesterday afternoon and let up sometime early this morning. With a cup of Earl Grey and not one but two cozy mysteries lined up, it’s the perfect day to snuggle in your hoodie and sip and read.

A lot of really good cozies from Kensington and Crooked Lane Books came out today so congratulations to Y’all!’

Have y’all been watching that little genius show with Neil Patrick Harris? I mean these 9 year olds are doing college level math in their heads! After a half hour of watching this I turned to Tommy and said, “Oh my gosh, our kids are slackers!”. Then I turned on Steve Harvey and the show he hosts and there is a 8-year-old girl singing like an opera singer. Yep, slackers, everyone!

Even though two of them have the voices of angels. One knows every Beatles song by heart and has since she was about 3! The other one wants to be Taylor Swift but is easily distracted by shiny objects. And of course Corbin who is a straight up genius and will happily pontificate on any subject you may think you know!

Seriously I love my little slackers. They play every sport imaginable. They have great dance moves. They love the planet and don’t eat dead animals or litter ( that was for Corbin). And I want them to enjoy every minute of childhood. It goes by so quickly. I love that they actually try things before they decide they do or do not like them. I love their imaginations and shared love of knock knock jokes. They have good manners, they are good students and I feel secure leaving my world to them someday. And as for the math geniuses…well I was in Finance for many years and not once since being an adult has anyone ever asked me the square root of anything! How about you?

Hope your Tuesday is going well! Make time for a cup of tea and heck, let’s toss in a biscuit or two!

xx Patricia









20 thoughts on “A CUP OF TEA, A BOOK, AND RAIN…Bliss!

  1. CJ Hartwell says:

    I’m with you, I was always more concerned with my kids being good human beings than geniuses, and enjoying childhood while they had a chance.
    I love the smell of rain, especially a desert rain. Everything smells so fresh and clean. ☔️

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