Good Holy Thursday to everyone. I’m sipping my morning tea and trying to finish my golf wreath. Yes, I said that. Golf Wreath. We are a golfing family here and The Masters is our Holy Grail.

Last week Corbin and I were tackling Tommy’s closet and found a large plastic garbage bag full of golf balls and tees, ball markers, pencils and scorecards. A few years ago my cousin’s hubby made a really good golf wreath and as soon as we saw those balls I knew we were going to make a wreath. A really big wreath. It had to be big since we were going to cross two irons over the middle so I dragged out a huge grapevine wreath and the hot glue gun and we proceeded to sort all the balls into piles of unique balls and regular balls. The unique ones had the club imprints on them, we even found one from St. Andrew’s in Scotland, as well as a tee from there!

We spent a long time gluing dozens of balls and other golf stuff on and then we used dark zip ties to keep the clubs in place. Add a big Green and Yellow bow and voila! a wreath. No pictures will be taken until after the contest. We are highly competitive.

My memories of Easter consist mainly of the food. And those horrid and scratchy crinoline petticoats our mothers made us wear under our pastel dresses, white gloves and hats. Four little girls all in a church row. Our father would leave raisins ( bunny poo) from each of our beds to where our baskets full of candy were hidden.

My favorite thing was my own Momma’s coconut cake. Oh dear lord that stuff is like crack to me to this very day. I love coconut. And oh that glazed ham and yeast rolls. My mouth waters just thinking about it all! Although it has been years since I’ve had any of that.

What is your favorite food on Easter? Do you still carry on the same traditions?

xx Patricia

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