Let’s Sing in the Sunshine!


Good Morning! It’s another hot and sunny day here in OKC. In a blue mood today so I’m starting off with some lovely blueberry green tea, which I made myself. I have a feeling I will be drinking a lot of tea today.

Yesterday I didn’t dare write anything personal because I was on a tear! There is a lady who lives just across from the pool at our condo. She is that girl who talks about everyone and complains that her neighbor upstairs urinates too loud. Yes, that’s what I said. He pees too loud for her. Her next door neighbor creeps around like a mime she’s so scared of her. Me, not so much. I know her type. She wants to be a big fish in this little pond.

This weekend I pretty much set up shop at the pool. Everyday all day. Met some really lovely people, got a good tan going and was just happy to be outside in the sun and pool for the first summer since the eye thing. And I only have a few weeks to enjoy it, so I did. Then my neighbor lady told me this Kelly woman said I had a bottle of Smirnoff’s out there and was drunk and I never wear clothes. Of course my first thought was to rip her a new one. Then I called my attorney who said, sure I can send her a cease and desist letter, everyone knows you don’t drink and if you did it sure as hell wouldn’t be cheap ass liquor. But he did question whether or not I had real clothes on.

Why do women do this to each other? I don’t know her at all. I know her aunt and she hates her, but what could I have done to make her upset with me? It really bothered me. Our maintenance man said she’s just jealous of anyone who is happy. That is really sad.

I thought that when I saw her next I would just confront her and ask her what her problem is, and I still may. But right now I’m still in “hiring a hit man” mode. So this morning when she came strolling past my door she said hello. I said nothing and then I looked at her and said, ” Oh, I’m sorry I wasn’t sure which of your faces was talking.” Have a nice day and bless your heart.

My sister told me to calm the heck down and refused to fly down here and help me with this. She is so adult these days. It offends me when someone doesn’t like me for petty reasons. This isn’t high school. I didn’t kiss your boyfriend or steal your spot on the cheer squad. I’ve said hello to you twice. I’m going to choose to believe she is just a bitter old lady who doesn’t have anything better to do. That is my official statement. Don’t need “premeditated” getting tossed around.

Enjoy your day. Don’t be a Kelly. Be a Cynthia, who could come help me maybe…..js

xx Patricia

The English Rose Tea Room in Carefree, Arizona

The English Rose Tea Room is a welcome sight in the desert setting of Carefree, Arizona. Opening in 2002, guests have ventured to this venue to enjoy scones, savory goodies, and other delicious sweeties.

Owner, Jo Gemmill’s passion for tea stems from her childhood. Originally from England, she moved to Arizona seeking a decent cup of tea, which inspired her to open her own tea room in her new hometown. Customers can choose from a variety of different tea services, ranging in price from $10 to $28 per person.

In addition to  afternoon tea, Jo hosts etiquette classes and different events throughout the year. The English Rose Tea Room is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Contact information:

201 Easy Street, Suite 103   Carefree, Arizona 85377  480-488-4812  carefreetea.com



Memorial Day…The Fallen but not The Forgotten

In the States today is Memorial Day. A day to remember and memorialize our soldiers who unselfishly gave their time, their bodies and their lives on behalf of our country.

My family has a long history of serving. From wars across the pond, to the Revolutionary War and everything after. I am proud of them. The ones that came home and the ones who did not. The ones who continue to carry scars inside and out from the horrors of war.

Today we remember you all and say thank you. You are my rock stars, my heroes and my idols. Thank you all.

xx Patricia

The Stove and I Have Broken Up.

Upset tummies have us sipping some really good organic peppermint tea this morning. Too much sun yesterday and then watching a gross food eating competition had OU Boy in the bathroom losing more than his religion last night. Who even knew lamb juice existed? I still don’t know what it is and I am not looking it up.

I have officially moved the office outside to the pool area. And in the bright sunlight yesterday I accidentally sent a picture of me laying out at the pool to a fellow blogger instead of my own boyfriend. It wasn’t sexy stuff, just Hey Babe, wanna come over and swim? But still I was mortified when the guy answered and said, ” You on vacation too?” Uh, no I’m just half blind and humiliated. He laughed and said he would delete it. But still I wanted to disappear. I can’t be the only one who has done this.

Anyway we had a great afternoon of lazing around the pool listening to Jimmy Buffett and planning our vacation. It was a gorgeous day here with hardly any wind which is unusual. I’ve informed everyone that it’s summer now and I won’t be cooking anything ever. Everyone is just the stove and me. In the summer a tomato sandwich and watermelon are my go to meals. Do you find yourself eating lighter when it’s hot out?

It’s time for me to head to the pool. I would say I’m going to swim laps, but I don’t like to lie so close to Sunday.

Y’all have fun in the sun and enjoy this long weekend here in the States.

xx Patricia


I woke up to rain this morning. I think it has stopped now. It was a long night. If you’ve watched the news you know we had a shooting last night. Long story short the shooter was shot by two customers as he ran for the parking lot. He’s the only one dead.

His name is Alexander Tilghman and that’s about all I know until the press conference in a couple of hours.

About 6:36 last night I heard the scanner and then my Russian neighbor lady came running out to a waiting car and said she was called in to OU. She is a doctor. Then we watched as at least 24 cop cars and 2 ambulances tore down the street to our favorite park and lake Lake Hefner. It’s where a ton of people walk the trails, ride bikes and where you can eat at several restaurants on the lake. This took place at Louie’s.

There were about 100 witnesses so it took a long time to get statements but the basics gleaned from the scanners and the police spokesman were that a man entered the restaurant wearing eye protectors and ear protectors and started shooting. A women, her daughter and a juvenile. Others were injured in the flight to safety. As the shooter was running in the parking lot, two armed customers shot his ass. Dead. And he laid right there for hours. Blonde, Blue eyed, white guy in a white t-shirt.

Everyone carries here. Well not everyone but most people either have one on their person or in their car. Or in their purse. I quickly called my son to make sure they were safe at home. It’s a popular place and we all go there. It’s just north of my house. The only weapon we know he had was a handgun. I’m sure we will know more by noon.

Good news is that everyone injured is out of surgery and in good condition. There were a lot of kids there celebrating a birthday in this family that was shot so I’m sure there are some troubled kids today.

No matter how we all feel about guns, crazy folks don’t need them and shouldn’t have access to them. But if you do get one and bring it here, we will shoot back.

xx Patricia

What The Heck is Orange Pekoe?

It’s already afternoon. Where did the time go? We’re inspired by the color orange today!

I have a funny tea related story to tell. My mother-in-law (May she rest in peace) saw me making tea one day. Now normally it’s already done. I’m talking about the iced and sweet variety we keep in the fridge. We’re southern. We go through a gallon a day and by we I mean OU Boy. Anyhow, she sees the teabags steeping and says, ” What the hell is orange pekoe?” Um, it’s the normal black tea everyone uses to make iced tea in America. Her:” I’ve never heard of it and I’m not drinking that shit.” Me: (inside head) Like I give a shit.

She passed away in September of 2014 after a short battle with Stage 4 lung cancer and OU Boy and I both lived with her and took care of her to the last day and she still wasn’t drinking that shit. Every morning she’d head to Sonic for a huge glass of the same stuff I made. Now we laugh about it all the time, with love, since she is currently residing in the closet of my office.

Yesterday we finally nailed down a date we could all live with for my eye surgery. June 25th. Armed with a small file folder full of prescriptions and alternate prescriptions we headed to the pharmacy. One tiny bottle of Combigan was $365.00. However, the two ingredients it is made from are only $28 total! My doctor is a genius at finding bargains. Now they have to order the others that will have to be done after surgery. I am so seriously cheap! I hate spending money on meds or food. I like my money where I can see it. In my closet.

I still haven’t watched the video but I did send my daughter in law my entire file along with the video so she can pick out which parts she thinks I should know. She’s in the business so I trust her.

And since the surgery is at the end of the month OU Boy says we can still go on vacation the second week! It all works out as it should somehow.

Have a great Thursday!

xx Patricia

Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

On the Inspiration Board this morning is a picture from St. Thomas. Waiting for my English Breakfast Tea to steep and reading this really great book from Simone St. James.

We are at the end of May and I had such high hopes for June. June 28th is the 2 year anniversary of the dreaded corneal ulcer and the 2 years of treatments and surgeries. So this year I thought I was in the clear and could make plans to hit the beach for a week, go visit my sister, play a lot of golf and tennis and just be happy I don’t have the guard on anymore. But then Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. D at the eye institute. We had a heart to heart talk about my progress, why we are moving so slow and where is this all leading? Long story short this June will be no different from the last two. I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. My inbox was full of paperwork this morning as well as a video to watch which I will not do again. No,no. Normally I would have had a lens put back in during my second surgery but it turns out I was missing some rods and stuff to put the lens on. Good news is that I have a lot of good fluid back there, which usually lessens with age. Not mine. Nope. I like to keep as many original parts as possible. So they are going to put me to sleep and go in and surgically sew this new goretex stuff with the lens sewn onto my eyeball. This goretex is what OU Boy’s stints are made of and I will have to carry a card around telling people to back the f*** off my eye!

The reason we hadn’t talked much about this one is because it is risky and he needed to know I understood the risks, such as infection and losing the entire eyeball. Plus I’ll need general anesthesia because even with the twilight sleep stuff I fight the restraints on my arms. I have a strong sense of survival. So that’s that. I’ll be in post-op care for 90 days so there goes another summer down the tubes. But the good news again is that after this surgery they can start taking out stitches from the surgery a year ago when I received the transplant. I still have 11.

I have 5 new drops to fill and each one is around $300. So my lovely doctor broke them down to the 2 components in the one and those two are way cheaper than the one bottle, so it’ll mean more drops but I can still buy shoes.

I am not going to stress about this. I trust my surgeon 100%. He is one of the best in the world. I keep telling myself what a great healer I am. What a great nap I’m going to have. That now I’m a risk taker. Well that one maybe isn’t new. I mean I have no rod thingys because of previous head trauma so obviously I do risky stuff, but this is the right thing, I know.

Today I’m going to just drink tea and sit in the sunshine while I still can!

xx Patricia

Cecily’s Tea Leaves Told Her She’d Just Had Tea.

Tuesday morning has dawned sunny and hot! I’m starting off the day with this Earl Grey from Ahmad Teas. I used the cucumber tea from yesterday to make a pitcher iced. Tossed in a few mint leaves, a bit of english cucumber and a lime. It is so refreshing in this heat.

Monday is a day off for us so after finishing our individual projects we went to the movies in the middle of the afternoon. There were 6 people in there. We had agreed we wanted to see Deadpool 2 because, well, Ryan Reynolds. There was so much blood and body parts flying around that at one point I almost threw up in the popcorn bucket. Seriously I was gagging. The man in front of us went to sleep, woke up, went to the bathroom, came back and went to sleep. I want those skills!

I was disappointed in this one. Too much Ryan and not enough plot or time for the other characters I love. By the time we got home that roast beast in the crock pot smelled like heaven! This time I had used an organic French Onion Soup stock and tossed in some potatoes and carrots. Smelled amazing!

I have to go to the eye institute today. Who knows what’s going on? Dr. D is trying to get me off the heavy steroid drops twice a day and on to a lighter steroid 3 times a week. The least expensive ones are over $200 for a tiny bottle. So we shall see.

I got called out on the entire birthday party debacle. By my own child no less, who reminded me that I once had an entire western town built for one of his birthdays and for another one everyone dressed as a pirate and had to search the entire club for treasure. But I did point out at no time did he believe he was a horse or an actual pirate. There was that one time he brought like 6 little kids to the house and when I asked him what was going on he looked at me and motioned to his group and said, “These are my people. I’m their Leader now.” I will never forget that. For all of a week my 5-year-old was a cult leader. That year we all had to wear white to his party. The moral being I shouldn’t be talking shit about another mother. And he is right. But I’m still going to do it cause it’s batshit crazy!!

I hope everyone is having a productive and peaceful day and now I’m going to go tan until my eye appointment.

xxPatricia   Have tea. Be Nice. Make someone smile!


Hello Monday! No matter what you always show up, don’t you? This morning I wanted to tell you about a tea I found yesterday. It’s Tazo Cucumber White. The box states the ingredients as : White Tea, Lime Peel, Dandelion Leaves, Black Darjeeling Tea, Cucumber,Peppermint, Lemon Verbena and natural Lime Essence.

On opening the packet you get a lovely and light aroma of the lime and lemon verbena. After steeping it for 3 minutes it smelled lovely. The taste was refreshing and bright. It reminded me of the water I keep in the refrigerator. A carafe full of White Tea mixed with slices of lime, cucumber and mint. Only it’s hot. I loved it and will definitely be adding it to the iced rotation as well.

I especially liked the box which stated: Where do cucumbers go to unwind? A spa carved in the crevice of an iceberg, with blue cooling pools, white tea saunas and a swim-up bar lined with lime peel mugs filled with piping hot tea.

Cucumbers are apparently living the life! So that’s our tea for today. Now, grab that cup and listen to this!

Without mentioning names, Tommy came home Saturday and said, You are never going to believe it but there is a lady up at the club having a dog birthday party. Dog bowls full of water and treats, All kinds of doggy decorations and excess but I’m still thinking this is one of those little old ladies who thinks her dog is a child. WRONG!! Couldn’t be further from the truth. Going back to see, it was a birthday party for a kid who thinks he is a dog. He dresses like a dog, he eats out of bowls and barks. You know every mother there was talking trash about her parenting skills! I mean Corbin thinks he’s Spiderman but he knows he isn’t. Can you imagine these poor Junior League Mommas watching their offspring eating out of a dog bowl on the ground? This should have been on Lifetime for some reason. My Strange Addiction or My son, the dog.

What’s the craziest party you have ever been to? And if you’ve been to one of my out of this world kid’s birthday parties you better just hush.

Love and Kindness….Bless her heart!

xx Patricia

Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe


Welcome to the lovely world of Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe. Located in beautiful Pinehurst, North Carolina.

In naming her tea room, Marian Caso was inspired by the story of Anna Maria Stanhope Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, who is credited with inventing the British custom of afternoon tea. since 2008, it has become a favorite with locals and tourist of the area.

You can look forward to a Victorian atmosphere with crystal and fine china. Diners have more than 60 loose-leaf tea options, which are individually brewed once ordered. They also offer breakfast and lunch and a number of afternoon tea selections, making it perfect for those looking for a light tea as well as something more substantial.


Address: 21 Chinquapin Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Image result for lady bedford's tea parlour
If you are in Pinehurst, check them out!
Have a great Sunday and take time for tea and conversation!