Time to put the kettle on and grab a cup! Needing an extra boost of caffeine today, I opted for a good English Breakfast tea from Taylor’s. Just the thing.

I am quite sure I have been the most ungrateful person in the world this week. Well maybe not as much as the Orange Cheeto Man, but for me pretty awful. Everything has irritated me and I really just want everyone out of my house and have some peace and quiet.

This morning I had a long talk with myself in the mirror and I was totally ashamed. I can blame part of it on the anesthesia but the rest was just pure frustration. So I would like to say I am grateful. For the talented doctors at Dean Mcgee. For the great nurses in recovery and in pre-op. For OU Boy for putting up with me whining and crying and generally being a baby. For Harney and Sons having a package waiting for me as soon as I got home.

I’m grateful that I can come here and read your blogs and not have to think about recovery and the eyeball. That I can laugh at your tales, learn from your baking and get some great book recommendations. I wonder how Cynthia is getting along with the septic system, how is Cecilia getting on with the new farm babies? How is Garfield’s Mom? Who has the best TBR list this week? See, each and every one of you helps me and I am grateful.

I had forgotten for a minute to be grateful every day and let myself down by doing that. So I’m going to be really present today and make sure all of the people I love know how grateful I am for having them in my life.

Thanks Y’all! And to OU Boy, I am not bossy, those are Leadership Skills Dude!

xx Patricia

I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

Good Morning Y’all! Still sipping on the Tazo Green Ginger Tea. It is my perfect anti-nausea beverage.

I’m already over this whole rest and recover thing. OU Boy doesn’t know where anything in the house is so I was overwhelmed with joy when Corbin and Charli showed up yesterday. Showing him how to make the tea and regaling us with tales from Vacation Bible School and confusing Star Wars with Jesus somehow. You want to feel really old? Listen to Charli explain which characters were on stage. ” Well, there was a girl in a white robe with a belt and she had two buns on her head.” Me: “That is Princess Leia” “No Granma that’s not right.” Now right here in our house is a picture of my son and his wife. Every year.   Turns out these little ones have no idea who any of these characters are! But they did have good snacks and learned a song about Jesus, who they also have no idea about. Because they think he is her father. I don’t think themed VBS is working anymore.

I am ready to get back on schedule but since I have a list of restrictions a mile long, I must be patient. Patience and I are not close. So now I’m just at the bitchy stage of people hovering around me. I seriously should not be around people right now as these meds are making me rather snarkier than usual.

I think I’ll take my tea and go back to bed.

xx Patricia   Enjoy your day and be Brave!

Blood Orange Iced Tea From Harney & Sons….

Good Morning! I am happy to be back home and recovering from what I hope will be the final eye surgery. Basically they made two incisions in the sclera and stuffed a gore Tex basket up there with a lens in it. Then sutured it to my eye. You can look it up and watch the video but I’m not going to do that again.

It’s not a pretty sight at the moment but we did get some comedic moments out of it.

Apparently I am not that great with general anesthesia. I remember taking deep breaths and then nothing. OU Boy says I looked at him in recovery and asked who he was, the nurses were giving him looks. I don’t remember much but I do remember hearing him say oh look you got new tea! Only I thought he said I got new tits and I was in awe how great they looked. I was really emotional and crying because I didn’t know which way I parted my hair. And after they unwrapped the bandages yesterday and poked around and took pictures to show the other surgeon how well it looked. To me it looks like a really bad case of pink eye with some blood thrown in. I can see the incisions and it creeps me out. But this morning was much better and I’m glad to be home. After 24 hours of throwing up and the sore throat from the tube down my throat I am exhausted.

Home, where this morning police cars and ambulances converged on my neighbor’s home and I was just informed he is dead. 72 years old and always dressed to the nines. They were here to do a welfare check on him when he didn’t check in this morning and now I’m sitting here watching the chaos. So when put in perspective I’m not complaining at all today!

The first thing I did was try out this new Harney & Sons Blood Orange Iced Tea. The smell is insane! They come with 6 two-quart bags and the taste was pure blood orange. Wow is it good! I also received a pitcher with an insert for ice and another for infusing. So yes this is a winner and even the boys like it.

Now I’m going to catch up on some blog reading and rest. Which is all I’m allowed to do for 4 weeks. Yeah me!

xx Patricia

Pretty in Pink Sunday


Sunday came in like a lion! Thunder and lightening and wind and rain. Fierce weather overnight but I slept like a rock.

This morning I had my cup of tea and walked outside to find a chaise lounge in the deep end of the pool. Branches everywhere and I swear every single petal from the lilac bushes. Big mess. The sun is trying to peek out but the weather man is saying storms are firing on the dry line. If you live in Oklahoma you understand that. All plans are tentative.

I have no plans today other than hustling to finish my work before they wheel me into surgery in the morning. I will tell you right now I am terrified. I am one tall vibrating bundle of anxiety today.

OU Boy made his famous stacked enchiladas last night. My last real meal for a bit. Because I can be a bit dramatic…no, no, it’s true. All of my stuff is locked down tighter than an extra small swimsuit. Passwords changed, phone on lock, legal documents on my desk in case something goes horribly wrong.

Now I’m hopping on a float and not worrying. Trying to not worry. Maybe I should take a Xanax. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. And to my good friend Jennifer, who is also going into surgery tomorrow, we got this girl!

love you all


The Friday Blues


Well we made it to Friday again. Believe me there were parts of the week where I had my doubts. Sometimes I forget to trust in a higher power. I have never been accused of being meek and mild. I don’t come from that type of stock. Like my Viking ancestors I tend to club first and talk later.

Monday is coming at me pretty fast and when the surgical nurse called to make sure I had all my shit together for the surgery it became real. Now I’m just trying to keep my anxiety at a manageable level. It’s hard.

OU Boy is helping by distracting me with curtain choices and shopping. I moved in April and still only had chosen curtains for my bedroom. I wanted to live in my space for a bit and see what I wanted. So now we have curtains in the living room. I also popped into my local Goodwill and although I didn’t need it, I found a vintage Lane coffee table that was selling on EBay for 1,900.00. As we are hauling it out the door ladies are grabbing my hands and oohing and ahing over my find. “Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you! A Lane!” Seriously one lady hugged me she was so excited. $20 people. I wanted to go next door but the lady in the red Mercedes was eyeing the back of the truck and I wasn’t quite sure if she would make a grab for the table. I go to the Goodwill in the wealthy neighborhood and those gals love a bargain!

So today I’m not sure what we have going on so I’m going to hole up in my office and read!

xx Enjoy your Friday! Patricia


Good Morning! Just having our regular Irish Breakfast today. Not fancy but it gets the job done.

I have to admit I have not been the calmest person this week. A friend of mine who is a wonderful man was suspended from his job indefinitely and without pay for something to do with racism. Since this guy doesn’t even have any white friends I seriously doubt this charge. Apparently it stems from the new guy getting in trouble for messing up a pump and not liking the talking to he got. All of this comes back to October when the guys were told to make Halloween decorations for the party. Nooses included. My guy wasn’t involved in that portion and the guys that were just left them hanging in the shop basement later. He has proof of this. His co-workers are appalled. His boss knows this. Everyone who knows him is in shock. But he made the HR lady look dumb once and she isn’t nice.

The HR person fired the guy who is making the claims when he worked for her at the sister property and now he’s working at this club. Weird, right? She hired him here. Same lady. So I have been on my soapbox so much that my friend received a text asking if he knew someone named Patricia R, Since he was told he couldn’t discuss this with anyone he didn’t answer.

Seriously guys you shouldn’t pick on people for your own malicious reasons when they have a best friend with ICE connections and 75% of your workforce has no papers and don’t speak English. When your manager is keeping women in his condo. When I know where all the bodies are buried. Because you can mess with me, but not my friends. I will unleash the gates of hell on you.

My friend is heartbroken about this. That anyone would think this of him. Especially when he just received a job offer from Langston University. Look it up if you are unfamiliar with it. So although he had planned to take his vacation time anyway to look for other opportunities to use his newly minted Class 1 Supervisor licence, it kind of worked well. But I’m still not letting this woman get away with breaking Federal and State Labor laws. Nope. Not happening.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. Trying to keep my mind off of my own surgery by championing my friends. And much like messing with my babies, all bets are off. Yes, I am that person and I am not afraid to say it. I will drag every one of your dirty little secrets into the light and not lose one nights sleep over it.

So thanks for listening to me rant! Seriously you don’t even have to read this, I just feel better sharing it.  So have Courage dear hearts, I will not let you down!

xx Patricia

Waiting Out The Anxiety Fairy

It is a Chamomile kind of day here. It was raining when I woke up and now the sun is out.

The Anxiety Fairy has been here for two days now and this morning I even took an anxiety med. Normally I only take one at night, but some pretty ugly things have been going on in the world and I am already on high alert with the surgery countdown so I’m a bit stressed.

Yesterday the kids and I went to Barnes and Noble for a bit. Corbin wanted a LEGO magazine and Charli wanted a bathing suit for her American Girl doll which costs more than what I spent on my own bathing suit. So no swimming for Claire! Instead we got a book. And fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies.

None of us have been in the pool this week. Since their PaPa is on vacation this week and next week, he can take them to tennis and pool today. Leaving me to dwell on stuff and make the anxiety worse or immerse myself in another world all together via books.

I can tell this vacation thing is going to be a trial. He has turned the television on. Before night-time. There is noise in the house and I should probably hit re-set and start my mental day over. OMMMMM.

Enjoy your day and I will try to get through mine!

xx Patricia



Good Tuesday Morning! I don’t know about you but my normal schedule has taken a vacation somewhere. This morning I’m sticking with the Rooibos tea. To me it’s very calming and I need that.

I’m counting down the days to eye surgery. 6 days until Monday. Yesterday I had a bit of a scare when my eye pressure went way up. I was putting pressure drops in every 2 hours and by last night it was better. But I was a wreck. I think I had too much sun over the weekend and maybe got splashed in the eye.

We had such a great weekend. While the boys golfed we girls floated blissfully in the pool. Taking hundreds of pictures of the kids in various poses jumping into the water. Miss Charli Ava is an artist at this. Her shots look like some type of ninja moves. Corbin on the other hand has just the one signature move. Jump. No flash, no Esther Williams moves. But he can jump in and bob up and down in the water.

There was a lot of grapes and popsicles  while we rested and watched Stranger Things, one Momma fell asleep and then the guys came home and we were back in the pool hearing those familiar words….WATCH ME! Finally everyone went home and we went to bed!

As I went to straighten up their room yesterday and gather any hidden laundry I noticed that bit by bit they are moving stuff into my house! Like Kate Hudson in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. When asked about said stuff the little one said, “Well I wasn’t going to say anything until I was done.”

Today we are calming down and I am hoping to get at least 10 reviews in the draft box and clear my email.  I hope you have a productive day. And even if it’s iced, take a moment to slow your roll and sip some tea!

xx Patricia

Gypsy’s Tearoom In Maryland

It has been more than 20 years since Gypsy Fleck opened her shop, which initially started as a retail only store selling loose-leaf teas and various teaware. It wasn’t until her second year of business that she decided to host a special afternoon tea for Mother’s Day. One tea was all it took for customers to come forward and ask for it to become a regular afternoon event.

Occupying a historic white house built circa 1760, Gypsy’s Tearoom has four official rooms where tea is served, and a gift shop that sells sundry teas and accoutrements. Along with the different dining options for tea, one of the tearoom’s standout features is the scones, which are rotated daily.

Tea services range from $10.50 to $29.95 plus tax per person and can be enjoyed from 10 to 4 Tuesday through Saturday. Reservations are a must.

111 Stoner Ave, Westminster, MD 21157       (410) 857-0058   Try it out and let us know what you think.

Happy Father’s Day Y’all!

Good Morning! Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there! It doesn’t have to be Father’s Day for me to appreciate all of the things that made my Daddy so special.

My first date. We were not allowed to date until we were 16 and believe you me we already had a guy picked out! But my mother was in the hospital so my Daddy took me to Altman’s and bought me a new outfit. My Daddy answered the door and asked the Campbell boy if he had forgotten his socks. He instructed said boy to have his daughter home by 10 p.m. and no funny business.

I was back before 10 because there was funny business. Daddy had 4 girls, and a gun. And though I only heard him curse once, any boys coming to our house knew better than be on his bad side. When we got caught smoking and our Momma lost her ever-loving mind, she told Daddy to take us and the cigarettes for a drive and a chat. We went to his work and he let us have one last puff before they went into the trash. He remembered what it was like to be a teenager.

He had a wicked sense of humor and could tell and sing all of the Scottish tunes to us and make us laugh until we cried. When I got married at 18 and was not prepared for sex I went to the hotel lobby and called my Daddy who told me to come on home. I did.

We sang in the church choir together and in a production of Oklahoma! once. He left way too soon for any of us and we were 4 lost little girls with no anchor. It’s been 8 years and no it never gets any better. With him you knew you were loved. And that made us feel safe and secure. He taught us the value of hard work, honesty and truly loving thy neighbor.

I gave my husband and son the gift of golf. They are out of here, although we face timed with them before they teed off so the babies could say hello. Now we are off to continue watching Stranger Things which is awesome!!

Happy Father’s Day Guys!!!

xx Patricia and the Tiny Terrorists