Pretty in Pink Sunday


Sunday came in like a lion! Thunder and lightening and wind and rain. Fierce weather overnight but I slept like a rock.

This morning I had my cup of tea and walked outside to find a chaise lounge in the deep end of the pool. Branches everywhere and I swear every single petal from the lilac bushes. Big mess. The sun is trying to peek out but the weather man is saying storms are firing on the dry line. If you live in Oklahoma you understand that. All plans are tentative.

I have no plans today other than hustling to finish my work before they wheel me into surgery in the morning. I will tell you right now I am terrified. I am one tall vibrating bundle of anxiety today.

OU Boy made his famous stacked enchiladas last night. My last real meal for a bit. Because I can be a bit dramatic…no, no, it’s true. All of my stuff is locked down tighter than an extra small swimsuit. Passwords changed, phone on lock, legal documents on my desk in case something goes horribly wrong.

Now I’m hopping on a float and not worrying. Trying to not worry. Maybe I should take a Xanax. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. And to my good friend Jennifer, who is also going into surgery tomorrow, we got this girl!

love you all


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