It’s Tuesday!!  I enjoyed another bowl of peanut butter porridge with some Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s. Then it was hurry up and get dressed I need to go to the library.

But I wanted to share this find with you all. Sunday we went to the market. Next door sort of is the Goodwill Shop. I’m just dawdling around in there and OU Boy comes running up with not one but two pieces of Frankoma Pottery!! For 50 cents each!

Frankoma Pottery is an American pottery company located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The company is widely known for its sculptures and dinnerware although the company made many other products including figurines, trivets, and vases. All Frankoma pottery is made in the U.S. from locally dug clay.

We occasionally see it on the Antiques Roadshow and I don’t think someone realized what they had before donating it. But we grabbed them and headed for the door! The two in the back of the picture are my little Toby Jug and a piece of Quimper. So yeah OU Boy who has just been surprising the heck out of me this week.

All the kids go back to school tomorrow. I’m really sad about that, but not having them this week has allowed me to start running again and play tennis with adults. Yesterday I did 3 miles and played a set with OU Boy of tennis. The water exercises I’ve been doing for my knee have really paid off but I’m still taking it slow.

For now we are off on some type of adventure….more treasure hunting maybe.

xx Patricia

Would you like some Porridge? It’s Heavenly!


Good Monday Morning! I’m enjoying a nice Tazo Earl Grey Noir Organic this morning with my porridge.

A lovely person sent me these boxes of porridge that are Protein and Fiber strong. They each have 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 27 to 29 grams of whole grains, such as steel-cut oats, whole rolled oats, red quinoa with the peanut butter one having peanuts and honey and the Vanilla one has almonds, pecans and Madagascar vanilla. Sugar? 9 grams.

This morning I tried the Madagascar Vanilla, Almonds and Pecans. It was yummy and smooth. Yesterday I tried the Honey Peanut Butter and holy moly was that good. I have no idea how the little porridge elves made this taste exactly like creamy peanut butter, but it was exceptional. I had a little bowl of blueberries with it. When I say it is good I mean I would eat it every day!

Yesterday OU Boy and I hung out at the pool and then went grocery shopping. Very low-key as we had gone to my friend Debra’s birthday party Saturday night and slept until almost 10 a.m. Around 6 last night I was reading in the bath when OU Boy comes to the door and tells me he has a quick errand to run but he has chicken parm in the oven and the timer is set. Me: Blank Stare. Who are you and where is my husband? He just laughed and said he googled a recipe. People that was the best stuff I have ever tasted! That man can cook. He crushed Ritz crackers and mixed olive oil and herbs and parmesan and I would have eaten my arm to get to that stuff! Just when you think you know a person….Boom…they have new skills!

Y’all have a great one. I am going to try!

xx Patricia


It’s the weekend! And it isn’t hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk! What is this??

I don’t know but I’ll take it. This has been a week of highs and lows. I’ve had way too much stimulation and drama. While everything is peachy in my own tiny corner of the globe, our daughter in law has lost her grandfather and our hearts ache for her and her mother. Now we are trying to figure out who is going where and who stays home and school starts next week, so we are running out of time with the grands.

My mother is home from the hospital and doing much better, thank God. I spent an entire day looking for another pair of drapes that I should have bought when I bought the first set. I stress ate an entire package of licorice whips. So now, like my flamingo friend I’m trying to find balance. Between what I need and what other people want.

Today is me day. Hair, nails, the whole shebang! Because tonight is my good friend Debra’s birthday and we will be getting wild and dancing away at a bar. Yes, a bar. I am going to a bar. I don’t like it. But for her I will do it. I hit up H&M yesterday and they had a great 70% off sale. I found a lot of stuff I needed and forgot about the drapes for a bit.

So I am off to the spa! Have a great weekend or just hole up in your house and read or soak in a bubble bath. No one will die if you don’t vacuum or dust today! Sit down with a cuppa and a nice cozy book!

xx Patricia


WE made it to Friday and the heavens have rewarded us with rain. Glorious, much-needed rain.

The kids are still snuggled in their beds watching Goosebumps on their pads so it’s quiet except for the rain falling.

Yesterday at tea time, we made a pot of the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea. The smell was wonderful with the almonds coming through nicely. It is a light green tea and very smooth with notes of pink peppercorn coming through followed by the wonderful aroma and taste of almond.  Charli tried hers with a Clover Blossom Honey Spoon. We did not think that adding sweetness to the tea added anything to it so we drank ours without sweetener and she licked the honey spoon like a lollipop.

I have to say it was really good and I plan to go back this weekend and get the Blue and Pink ones. We got in a game of tennis yesterday before it started to sprinkle, so we went to Wal-Mart. I have to take a xanax just to go in there, but they are the only ones that carry the brand of body gel I like. It gives you a nice glow but it is also waterproof and keeps my skin from coming into contact with chlorine in the pool. We’re a sensitive lot.

While there we saw what I am assuming were teachers buying out every supply in the store. I asked them what were they doing. Apparently some schools are just telling parents to send in $20 and they will provide the supplies. I was outraged! Buying school supplies is a personal thing. If my kid wants all purple supplies, she’s getting all purple supplies. If it makes her excited to pick out her own stuff, then she’s doing that. We look forward to new supplies day, even after all these years of teaching I still love it. So no, good sir, we will not go with the flow. We are making our own choices. This isn’t a facist state just yet!

Have a good one! WE are snuggling up with Mrs. Doubtfire because they have never seen it! Lord I feel old!

xx Patricia



It is Thursday! I hear thunder in the distance so we are playing this day by ear. Today I have to tell you about this lovely place I found at the mall. It’s the Savoy Tea Company and you can find more about them Here

They have a really good selection of teas. Sugar Plum Fairy, Mermaids and more. They just started up their business here and I think they are going to do very well. I had an iced Peach and Ginger Green Tea and it was delicious! The one I bought was the Sugar Plum Fairy. It has Green Tea, Almonds, Pink Peppercorns, cornflower and natural flavors. We are trying it at tea time today so I’ll let you know.

They also had lovely little tea sets and baskets with tea and little cups. And the folks behind it are knowledgable about tea and where they get it from. Best thing of all is you can buy a franchise! The reviews are all great and we will be going back for the Mermaid Tea.

In the ongoing saga of the club, OU Boy was called into HR and she asked him to have a seat and he said, ” That’s okay, I’m not here to argue with you, let’s just allow our attorneys to do that”.  They blinked first and admitted wrongdoing and handed him a check. Nice. But I am hearing more and more every day about others working and just taking the abuse because they are older and need the money. I’m hooking up with a newspaper to do a story on this and the Employment Security Commission is along for the ride. So yes, good things happen to you when you do the right thing.

Then my sister called. My mother was in the emergency room with a very high white count and cough. They wanted to fly her to a bigger hospital but she wasn’t having it. They put her on massive antibiotics and thank the lord she is much better this morning. She even ate the breakfast, bless her heart!

My daughter in law lost her Grandpa yesterday as well. In his 90’s he was ready. But the sadness is still there so we are focusing on her today.

I think we shall now go play some tennis before the weather remembers it’s summer again!

xx Patricia    OU Boy says thank you all for your kind words and support. WE are truly grateful for all of you.


I am childless this sunny and not too hot Wednesday! Starting my day with Stash Meyer Lemon. It is so good and uplifting. I also noticed at the market that they have a new packaging style that is nice.

This  week has been a week of feels. My Daddy’s birthday this week has hit me hard because after his last birthday he passed away a week later. It’s been 8 years and I still choke up and feel like an orphan whenever I see his picture or read his last email to me, which was about getting that wheat in on Farmville!

By example he taught us to stand up for everyone’s rights and if we were afraid, well just fake it until you aren’t anymore! It is because of him that we are like fearless little pirates charging in to defend those unable to defend themselves.

He had four unruly daughters that he sent to Woodman Camp every year to learn to shoot guns, bow and arrows, it was basically boot camp. But he knew there would come a day when we would need to defend ourselves so he gave us the lessons we needed to be strong and never back down.

At all of our weddings he asked us if we were sure and if not head out the back door now. He was a good man and I want to make him proud.

So Happy Birthday up there Daddy!

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Darjeeling Tea and New Beginnings

This Darjeeling came in my last tea order as a sample. I love the triangular silk sachets. They let you see what you are getting and leave enough room for the tea to expand nicely. Darjeeling is one of those teas I brew when I’m feeling a bit down or overwhelmed. It’s just smooth and pleasant.

Then this teapot caught my eye. I don’t even like cats but this was so unique I thought I would share.

We have been in the third circle of Hell for weeks now and this morning’s 92 degrees feels like a cold front moved through! OU Boy and Thunder Boy are putting together a shed  and are spending more time at Home Depot than in the yard! But Thunder Boy is just like me and hardware stores have some sort of hold on us. We want it all! Kind of like a book store.

We had a really nice time at Miss Charli’s birthday out in the country with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. My son cooked his “famous” hamburgers. They are only famous because Corbin calls them that. There was a lot of swimming and diving for coins just to avoid being shot with the Super Soakers!

Mike said Charli let him read her first diary entry but he had to promise to never touch it again. It said, ” I registered for school today. My life is over. I don’t see why I need to go.”

Yep, we’ve all been there chicklet and now it’s your turn! There are no shortcuts to graduation! So unless you become a princess or something you are doomed!

WE also took a leap of faith and OU Boy resigned from his job. We don’t do racism or bigotry in our house. And as he watched a well known member of the club strike a black woman with his cane and then found out the club tried to pressure her into dropping a lawsuit since they weren’t going to cover the medical cost of her broken wrist, his conscience wouldn’t let that stand. We don’t want to work for people who think they are so above the law that this 76 year old lady has to sue them to get her bills paid.

If you don’t stand up for what is right, then don’t expect someone to stand up when it’s you on the receiving end of bad behavior. So as for our house, we don’t need money that bad. If you don’t stand up you are just as complicit as the rest. He already has a better job with more pay and just handling his specialty, high steam boilers. And it’s at a heart hospital so if he falls out he doesn’t have far to go! lol

I hope y’all are having a good Monday! I know I am. Off to tennis and then to buy school supplies!

xx Patricia


Happy Birthday Miss Charli Ava! You Rock!

Saturday. Another day in the triple digits. Too hot for tea or coffee so we are drinking cold tea, Blueberry Green this morning.

Miss Charli Ava turned 8 yesterday. One thing she wanted was to come spend the week with us.  After frying our selves in the pool, we went to Barnes and Noble to take advantage of Kensington’s Cozy Mysteries which were buy 2 get 1 free. Charli picked out a chapter book Little Miss Cuppycake and the Dumb Diary. I wanted her to get the diary one because we got her a diary for her birthday. Lock, key the fluffy pen. Only she had no idea what a diary was.Well at 11 p.m. I peeked in her room and her little head was nodding over the book! It is a hilarious book.

So of course Corbin showed up Thursday morning with a suitcase. I swear, he is 5 and came in with an avocado green Samsonite suitcase with about a months worth of clothes in it. I asked him how long he was planning on staying. ” Oh til I’m about 10″. Okay.

So it was a busy day of morning tennis, all day in the pool and then straight to the hockey rink for Charli’s game. She scored two goals! Corbin wanted to go out back and eat the ice the Zamboni dumped in the side yard. Cause he’s a boy and as he said, you can’t expect little boys to sit still in here!

On the way to hockey he fell fast asleep and the car said it was like 113 degrees so that rink felt wonderful. We went for a night swim and a walk and then it was off to bed.

We all slept in yesterday and then woke up and opened presents. She got lots of American Girl Legos and Monster High Legos and of course the diary which she has already started. Tommy swears someday it will used as evidence when she offs her brother.

Today we will be celebrating out in the country at her other Grandma’s house. Always a good time out there with babies to cuddle! So we have been busy as little bees. Trying to pack all the fun we can into one more week before school starts. I’m still not ready for Corbin to go to Kindergarten. I see a lot of tears coming August 1st.

We have a new place down the street hoppydoddy burger bar. Oh dear lord this place is heaven and it’s right next door to Starbucks! That’s some good planning right there!

Stay cool and hydrated today!

xx Patricia


As I am sitting here looking out the window and sipping my morning English Breakfast, something is missing. The sun. It’s rather gloomy out there today and I’m just not having it. Although I could use it after yesterday.

We went to the lake. And so did about 150 geese and one young female duck. At one point I raised my head and I was surrounded by them. OU Boy had some hot dog buns so he led them like the pied piper away from me so I could take off and head for the water. It was hilarious. OU Boy just standing there talking to them and they are just looking at him like he was God. I think they are a cultish group. But no sooner than OU Boy grabbed his float than they all flew into the lake. Now I’m tethered to the Buoy line way out yonder and there is nothing I can do.

It sounded like a bunch of old men down at the deli. All the umph, meh, and various grunts along with my sweet little duck quacking on her own. We hiked around and finally decided to head to the house and the cleanliness of our pool. We did have fun though. This was the first time in years I’ve actually gotten in the lake. I had on goggles and a huge hat to protect my eye. But should have worn more pants to protect my bottom from being goosed! My tummy is pretty red today so bathing was a bit painful.

I am not happy that the stores now have Christmas and Halloween crap out. Seriously people it’s still summer! Let us enjoy while we can.

I am staying out of the political fray, or I’m trying to not blast the orange man every minute of the day. I did sign the petition for recreational marijuana and it looks like that’s going to pass. If I’m going to have to deal with President Putin and his little puppet I’m going to need drugs of some sort.

I hope you are having a good week so far. I’m off to read The Other Woman which is rather twisty!

xx Patricia




















Tuesday morning and we are headed to the lake. There’s a heat wave going on and OU Boy has a new float to try out. Or break. Mostly he breaks them. I don’t know how.

Yesterday the cleaning fairy came through and did a nice job so I don’t have a thing to do today except lounge in some water. We went yesterday and found some appropriate Legos for Charli’s birthday. Along with a real old-fashioned diary with a lock and key and a lovely poofy pen. Along with the books she should be happy.

Here is what the dreamy teal looks like. Along with some new Converse shoes I love and some lovely flowers OU brought me. It was a good day.


NO shopping today, just floating on the lake. I hope you have a great Tuesday and stay cool!

xx Patricia