It’s Friday! Right? Yes, I checked. If you really want to wake up try Gingerbread with Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Tea. Whoa! I’m awake and the entire kitchen smells like Red Hots!

I am such a sucker for outdoor carts, stands, buses, whatever it is, if it’s in a truck or cart, I want it. These ladies have really stepped up their game with such gorgeous and creative places of business. They wouldn’t work really well here since the wind is constantly blowing. I swear I don’t need to exfoliate because the wind rips your skin right off!

Odd news of the week: The lady that does water yoga with me came over to me in the pool and whispered, ” Have you heard any rumors about me sleeping with someone?” Me: “Uh, no.”. ” Why would I have heard something like that?” ” Well it’s not true.” “Okay.”

Bizarre, right? I don’t know you well enough to know your private business and it was very awkward. I had questions. Who are you ‘sleeping’ with? A guy? A girl? See now you’ve made it my business. And then another one of her friends swam by and she said, “Oh, I’m not sleeping with her either”. I didn’t know what to say so I just said, “Me neither.”

This is Labor Day Weekend. So for most people Monday is a day off. I’m going to be playing with all of this stuff that Ulta sent me. I have no idea what half of it is for but there is a primer for every portion of your face.

Trouble is I can only do one eye. When I close the other one it’s shady at best. So we shall see how this goes. They even sent me a lovely bag to keep it all in. Compared to my own make up bag, which holds one mascara and 20 lip balms.

So what fun things do you have for the weekend? I’m hoping a certain someone goes into labor on Labor Day. That would be awesome Lacey  Y’all go show this Momma some love! She is almost at the finish line with baby #3.

xx Patricia

YOU, ME, AND A CUP OF TEA…and Some Gingerbread!


The calendar may say summer is over, but the weather did not get that memo. High 90’s all week. I’m not complaining. I don’t turn on the a/c until it’s 100. So why in the world was I making Gingerbread yesterday?

Well I had this Bengal Spice Tea from Celestial Seasonings for afternoon tea yesterday and I thought, this blend would be really good in a gingerbread. I had the stone ground whole wheat and some molasses so I substituted a strong version of the tea for the liquid. No added sugar or bad stuff. I made just a small pan and they came out amazing! So much more flavorful.

On to weirder things. Does anyone else get totally creeped out by JC on Big Brother. We watched the Live after dark last night and he was touching Tyler while Tyler was asleep and then he kissed his armpit. Seriously this dude has been sketchy like this the entire show and I don’t know why CBS hasn’t take action by now. I’m not surprised but I am disappointed.

I finished Rising Out Of Hatred by Eli Saslow last night and it was highly disturbing. It is interviews the author had with the heir to the KKK throne, Derek Black, godson of David Duke, who has now turned his back on the groups and even changed his name legally and moved. It was interesting to see him transformed from what he had been brainwashed with his entire life and how he searched for his own truth and what he found that profoundly changed his beliefs.

And in other unrelated news, I found that tossing an orange into the blender with my mixed greens makes one of them less bitter. ( I’m talking about Dandelion greens, but don’t want to hurt their feelings). I made the most amazing Superfood Smoothie yesterday with organic baby spinach, kale, chard, dandelion greens and mizuna, which is also called spider mustard or Japanese mustard greens. A cup of coconut water, a handful of frozen no sugar added peaches,strawberries and pineapple and I felt very healthy for a few hours. At least until the gingerbread came out of the oven.

Off to water Yoga. That’s what I call my attempts to climb on my float everyday!

What’s up with your day??

xx Patricia

My Beautiful Friend


Things are just peachy over here at the Pirate Nation. Sipping on a cup of Tummy Calming Peach and Ginger Tea from Bigelow. It’s really good and my tummy was whining this morning. Not as bad as the orange man, but still icky.

We had elections yesterday. One guy said, Donald Trump endorsed me. Oh, said I….well we won’t be voting for you! The world is topsy-turvy and who isn’t stressed out?

Today I’m remembering the life of a dear friend who this collage was dedicated to. She always had a smile on her face. Always inspiring and a loving mother of a sweet baby boy. Asthma took her from us and her baby suddenly.

She added so much to my life. All she wanted was to be a mom and doctors had told her over and over she couldn’t get pregnant. Just like Alva to prove them wrong. I’m so happy that she had that experience before she left earth. So to you my love, I will always love you, I will always be your “Momma”.

This is one of those weeks where I just disappear for a few days. Don’t be offended if I don’t answer my phone or email. I just need to get back to my own center and make some really hard decisions.

Grab a cup of tea and hug your friends!

xx Patricia


I didn’t get to have my morning tea so I’m just taking a break now to brew a pot!

I had a therapy appointment early and it lasted 2 hours. So today I’m feeling soft and vulnerable and depleted. I had a lot to hand over to the therapist. Gobs of toxic crap. And it didn’t help that I ate part of a Reese’s cup last night and had sugar shock today.

Yesterday we loaded up the Landie and headed to the lake. I use that term very loosely as you’re as likely to find a body part as a bass! But here I am just floating in our own little private spot and OU Boy says, ” There is a dragonfly sitting on your butt.” Okay, I’m all right with that. “Oh no it’s two and they are doing it on your butt!” These are the conversations we have. Then right in front of me a huge bass leaped out of the water and splashed 1 drop of water into my eye and I almost came undone. I’m still on the no water in the eye stage of post-op. Luckily OU Boy waded out and flushed my eye with sterile drops. I looked at him and said, “If you see that fish jump and land on me, you better get your ass in here and grab it.” His answer? ” If I see that thing jump on you I’ll be running to the car because it’s probably a man-eating piranha!” So you would just leave me here? “Uh, yeah.”

We did have a good hike. A steep incline in 40 mph winds at 105 degrees will bring out the ugly in you really quick! My legs are still burning! All in all it was a good day. And I needed that. There is nothing like the peace and quiet at the lake during the week. I had just had my fill of ugliness and needed to withdraw to my lair and think good thoughts.

Now I’m going to drink copious amounts of tea and finish this book, The Teacher. Which is gorier than Don Winslow!

xx Patricia



“There’s only so much space inside a person, so you have to be careful what you let fill you up. Anger, bitterness and despair will crowd in if you let them, but so will mercy, forgiveness, and joy….if you make the room and invite them in. Sometimes you have to work extra hard to make the room.”

Good Monday Morning! Having a big mug of Tazo Organic Earl Grey Noir. Sounds very mysterious. But it tastes lovely!

Yesterday was my thinking day. Taking stock if you will. And one thing kept popping into my brain. Are you living what you believe? And like most of the country I said, no. We have been gradually conditioned to gloss over any bad behavior, any lie, any responsibility for our actions and when I protest I hear a lot of Who Cares?

I do. I care. I am sick of non-reality reality shows. I am sick of people behaving badly and being rewarded for it. I expect respect and common decency. The entire political scene has become a really bad Honey Boo Boo episode. As a friend once said, the world needs an enema. I am all for people having guns. I am not for just passing them out like Halloween candy. Make some guidelines. Stop sending your thoughts and prayers and vote. Make noise. Our children shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to school or to the mall.

I for one am tired of looking the other way while people aren’t held accountable for their actions. The bar is so low now and that is not acceptable. Get yourself registered to vote and use our voice to demand change. Because if you believe it you have to live it, and I for one am starting that today.

xx Patricia



It’s a bright and sunny morning with no rain! And while we are gulping down our Tazo Awake Breakfast Tea, which has a little extra kick of awake, it is also a sad day for our nation.

Senator John McCain has died. I may not have always agreed with him, but I always respected him. The sacrifices he and his family made for this country were significant and I know the pain they are all facing today. So Thank You Sir for all you endured and all you gave.

Today I am going to soak in the pool. That’s it. Just float and not think for a bit. I hear it’s a good thing.

Enjoy your Sunday!

xx Patricia



Happy Friday! It is so windy today, my poor flowers are all leaning to the left! It sounds like my eye and I will be staying inside today. I’m on my second mug of Scottish Breakfast Tea with a splash of almond milk.

I’m watching out the window as the wind is just beating my flowers making them lean to the left and thinking. When the winds and showers stop and the sun comes out those flowers will again stand straight and tall. They are not fighting the wind, they are just going with the flow. They are strong yet flexible. They aren’t just giving up and laying down. They aren’t jealous of the strong trees, they are just working together as a group, trusting in their roots.

Once in a while I’ll let someone else’s worries and insecurities spill over into my own life. I hate it when it happens but I’m getting much better at recognizing it and cutting it off quickly. And these days it is hard not to worry. Our nation is being ugly. We messed up and hired someone we knew was a crook and now we have only ourselves to blame for having a President who is a bully, a name caller and a liar. And somehow that has made it okay for everyone to be that way. Well, if the president is doing it, it must be all right. Well it’s not all right and it needs to stop. I want common decency. Respect. Tolerance. Charity. Empathy. I don’t want negativity, gossip, lies and abuse of powers.

As for me and my house, we are standing strong. If you have something ugly to say, don’t. Be an example, not a horrible warning. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Don’t repeat gossip or lies. Be true to your word and your self.

Today just blast the shit out of everyone with love. That is really all you have to do. Love thy neighbor. And not just the next door ones. Treat everyone with love and see how your own soul sings.

Have a wonderful day and if you feel yourself slipping into negative thoughts or speech, go make a pot of tea and fill your mouth with that.

xx Patricia



Blueberry Green Tea and Strippers

Good Morning! It’s a hot and sunny day already with winds sweeping across the plains. I’m quite sure if I held up an umbrella I would soon be in Texas. I’m making summer last as long as possible by drinking my summery Green Blueberry Tea by Harney & Sons.

Today’s funny story. First let me say that I probably pop in to Burlington about every other day. I’ve met some nice people and know all the sales staff. One lady comes around the same time as I do and this is important to the story.

I wanted Chris to meet me there to look at some drapes. They were not exactly what we wanted, so much to OU Boy’s chagrin, we decided we should just go ahead and get the shower caddies since they had them in the same finish as we are using throughout the house. I decided we needed one  as well and I found a lovely pillow for my sofa.

As we are going out my friend in shopping comes in and sees me and says,” Ah…my people! And I brought cookies!” We’re hugging and then she sees Chris and lo and behold they know each other. More hugging and laughing and we went our separate ways. I looked at Chris and asked how he knew her. Chris: ” Oh she used to work at the strip club.”  Gobsmacked. I knew it was coming and I didn’t even want to get in the car with OU Boy ” So, that’s what you do during the day. Shop with strippers.” I’m never living this one down but I don’t care what she does for a living. We just both love pretty, shiny things and she brings cookies.

We made it home in time for the man to watch Big Brother and I think I’ll stay home today.

xx Patricia


What a busy morning I’ve had already. Thought I would take a break and share some pretty pictures with you all. I’m sipping on some Ahmad Lemon Ginger Tea for my sore throat and fielding phone calls from plumbers and clients.

Nothing will get me out of the depression fairy’s grip than having a room come together. Yesterday C. was ready for the hardware and drapes to go on the living room window, which is about 170 inches across. In this remodel my guys have finished the roof work, fence, new plumbing and electric as well as the HVAC system, most of the interior painting is done and those blinds had to go.

This is our color palette. Pale yellow walls with an even paler blue ceiling in the formal living room, the great room, the dining room. Coral walls in the kitchen and I really love the coral as an accent wall in the great room above the fireplace. The kitchen cabinets are being kept as all the wood is original and in great shape. We are painting them white with glass doors. We are definitely going for a Caribbean feel.

It’s hard to be sad when you are creating something beautiful from just the germ of an idea. Today we are going to handle the drapes in the great room. The crown drawer pulls were C’s idea and I wasn’t sure how that would turn out but if he wants them I’ll make them work.

The plumber was here to look at my condensate leak which has mysteriously dried up on its own. But he agreed from the evidence he’ll need to open the unit and check on it.

Which meant I had to actually put on clothes first thing this morning which wasn’t fun.

So off to pick up some drapery hardware and meet OU Boy at the house later to install those.

Thanks for the well wishes! It means so much to know you aren’t alone in the bad times.

xx Patricia



I did. I totally forgot our anniversary on the 11th. I have never gotten it right. Once in a while I wake up bubbly ( you know that’s a lie) and say Happy Anniversary on the 10th.  And OU Boy reminds me it’s the 11th. I think I have a perfectly good excuse. My niece was born on the 11th, my sister on the 12th. Those dates are chiseled into my brain. If you add another event on those days, I’m not going to remember it.

Yesterday I tried to stay off of Social Media because I was in a bad mood. Tears for no apparent reason, picking a row with anyone I met. Yep, the Depression Fairy had somehow wormed her way into my head. I was just so unbearably sad. So I decided to clean the closets. Things were going well even as I used a lot of foul language about the empty float boxes in OU Boy’s closet. Really?? And then I went for the hall coat closet. Where I store all of my blankets and vintage linens on the top shelf. I reached for them and water poured down my arm and the smell of mildew was overwhelming.

There was a leak in the a/c line. I cried, I cussed, I cleaned it all out and had to get rid of a few things and start soaking others. When I took out the trash my neighbor asked how I was today. “Not today, Bert. Not Today.” Not proud of that. So basically my life was over now. I did a mental inventory of the things that had happened leading up to this and I could see quite plainly what the issue was. Stand next to negative people and see if you don’t start feeling upset, unsettled and just bad. So I made a cup of Earl Grey, grabbed a book and sat in the bath for 2 hours.

Today I’m still not 100 percent on the sadness, but that’s depression, she comes and goes as she pleases. Basically I am a creature of habit. Order. Not a speck out-of-place. And when that doesn’t happen I freak out. Today I am going to just float in the pool and try to drown that particular fairy!

Have a good one!  And thanks for always listening and encouraging!

xx Patricia