Sunday! It’s here. Sunday is a day that we both love and dread. Mainly because work and school take over tomorrow. I’m trying hard to wake up this morning with a hearty English Breakfast from Harney and Sons. It was a whirlwind Saturday and Sunday is starting loudly with Spiderman and Black Panther and all of their sound effects are pinging off the walls.

Of course after days without the grands we had to grab them up on Saturday. First though we went to the Farmer’s Market. We go to the OSU-OKC one because everything must be made or raised in Oklahoma and is organic. OU Boy found a cantaloupe that smelled just right and he guarded that thing like a newborn. There was a really good bluegrass band playing and we got a ton of good veggies and fruit. Plus some new tea blends from my tea lady from Norman.

Then on the way home we stopped at Will Rogers Park and Tennis Center and walked the gardens. This is such a beautiful nature park, with an aquatics center, plenty of hiking trails and flower and herb gardens plus a professional tennis set up.

Then it was home to the pool. We knew we wanted to go see Jurassic World and I thought it started at 4:30 so we headed to the mall only to find it was tax-free weekend and everyone on the planet was at the mall. We decided to go get our tickets first and found out the movie was starting in 10 minutes. So in we went. We left Charli Ava and Papa to get the popcorn while Corbin decided where to sit. Back row. The movie was basically the same premise as always. Dinosaurs go rogue and kill people.

The kids wanted to spend some money so they took hours to pick something out and by that time I did what most parents do when they are ready for a strong drink. Went through McDonald’s. Then we popped in Mrs. Doubtfire and the kids thought that was hilarious. They fell asleep before the credits rolled and we all went straight to bed.

Today OU Boy is working and I am taking a minute to sip and write. After breakfast we are headed to the pool. Both of the kids love their new teachers and each of them have friends from last year in their new class. Personally I am going to need a nap today.

What fun did y’all have this weekend?

xx Patricia

18 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEKEND!

  1. Liz says:

    It was a day in Oxford yesterday. A friend of mine lives there, so had the day with her till time to get back on coach.

    Today was another day with another friend. Hot chocolate at a cafe, picked up a meal to take back to his, where we watched a couple of films.

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