Good Sunday to you all! I am sadly sipping a nice Chai this morning. It’s been a week.

Trying to figure out what our new normal is now that OU Boy is 9 to 5. Which means he is still here when I get up and he’s even making messes before 8 a.m. such as showering and fogging up my mirror, forcing me to actually speak in the mornings. Such horror!

Friday we had rain all day, Saturday we had a couple of thunder boomers come through and this morning darned if it wasn’t at it again. Which means putting on your wellies and running out in the downpour to rescue lawn furniture. I’m over it. Make up your mind Mother Nature. Thankfully all of it started after I had my 2 hour float in the pool! So I had a lot of time to read.

I have been replacing one meal with a Super Foods Smoothie which is just Spinach, Kale, Various Frozen Fruits and some Maca Powder. Yesterday I added Bee Pollen. I started with 2 granules because I am allergic to bee and wasp stings, and I was told to try just two for a bit. I didn’t have to wait for a ‘bit’. All night my feet and hands tingled and my mouth was tingly and dry and I could barely swallow. So we won’t be putting that in again. All in all though I have a ton more energy and haven’t been tempted to eat any processed foods.

It’s still sprinkling outside so I am headed to my comfy reading chair to read The Hour of Death….ooooohhh.

Have a good one, Y’all!

xx Patricia

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