Our last week of November. The last days of Fall. And oh holy batman is today rough! All night the wind blew at around 40 to 56 mph. It was horrible. Our high temp for the day occurred at midnight last night. 50 degrees. Now it’s 40 and soon it will be in the 20’s.

Now mind you yesterday and the day before I was in shorts and a tank top. This is craziness.

Thanksgiving at my son Mike’s was perfect. Beautiful setting and great food and drink. Bing Crosby was crooning on the record player. It was just what we needed. Calm, peaceful and lots of love. Then Miss Evangeline turned 11 on Friday. We now have matching Fire Tablets. Sharing my love of reading makes me love her even more.

We have our appointments lined up and now that the shock has worn off a bit, I guess I feel better. I’m not bursting into tears every few minutes.

I have a question for you ladies. Do you ever feel invisible? I swear for 15 years I have felt invisible to my husband’s family. Yesterday his aunt called to tell him to come by Monday evening as she was taking him to the furniture store to buy him a recliner. I wasn’t mentioned. Is this normal? Because in my experience it is not. Who buys you a piece of furniture without consulting the person who handles the home? I am not a recliner person. She knows this as she offered us one before and we said no thank you.

I mean who does this? I’ve been married 5 times. I’ve had a good mother in law and some real horrid ones, but they never brought us furniture. I was really good with the one that gave me straight up cash in an envelope. Or a cruise. Or one time a piano that I had mentioned I wanted.

I guess I’m supposed to just be quiet and pretend it doesn’t hurt my feelings but it does. And right now I’m not in the mood for that bullshit. So keep your recliner and your money for all the cat food you need.

I would say sorry for being bitchy but I’m not so I won’t.

xx P

16 thoughts on “GOOD BYE NOVEMBER….You Sucked.

  1. catterygirl says:

    Just want to say I get the in-laws thing. They use subtle ways to undermine. Love your photos. So autumnal and professional. Couldn’t compete as photography is not a hobby of mine, just a record of family events and stuff to put on my blog. Keep up the good work. Accept the recliner and put it on EBay???

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  2. anne leueen says:

    I have felt invisible but not around family. However we have a very small family so invisibility is almost impossible. I have been married 3 times and my first mother in law was the sort of women that would make me wish to be invisible when in her presence.

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  3. LivingOutLoud says:

    You are not being bitchy one bit! I am sorry that happened 😦

    I am ready for November to be over too! It might have been my least favorite month of the year due to the health problems I have been experiencing. Just a few more days!

    Here’s to a better December!!!

    ❤ Alana

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  4. foodinbooks says:

    You’re his wife and it’s as much your home as it is his so you have every right to say no thank you to something you are not consulted about. I agree wholeheartedly that November has sucked. I hope the Christmas holidays are wonderful for you.

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