Other than the fact that it is bitterly cold outside, I’m good with Mother Nature. All of my sisters got snow and graciously kept that mess to themselves instead of sending it south. I’m not big on sharing anything so thanks girls!

There were a lot of curse words flying around here last night. And not just from Nick Saban! I mean that first touchdown was a big slap in the face to the Sooner Nation!

Alabama: Welcome to the South Boys! Boom!

OU: WTF?????  Which continued to be their mantra.

Since the Dawgs didn’t make it my son and granddaughter cheered for OU as my daughter in law has ties to the Med school there. But my girl still wore her Dawgs jersey!

We are still waiting on surgeons and doctors and I wish this week would just be over already so we can get to surgery. I only have so much patience with ill people. Like a weeks worth. After that I’m not generally sympathetic. I come from good Scandinavian stock. Broken leg with a bone protruding? Put an Ace bandage on it and go to work. I also have a hefty dose of Irish so I can just drink until I don’t hear you moaning.

I took all the ornaments off my tree and decided to just leave the flocked thing up. It is in a gorgeous pot and is 7 foot tall. I told my sister I’m just going to decorate it for Mardi Gras now. Seriously my sister and I have already received e-mails from Paul’s Pastry in Picayune, Mississippi and Randazzo’s Bakery in Slidell, LA reminding us it’s time to order our King Cakes.

Basically I’m bored, I’m over Winter and having to wear pants. I’m at the stage of licking the rest of the caviar out of the tiny jar because I am not going to the store until after the shoppers are done. So it’s coffee, tea and figs.

Have a good Sunday and be Kind.

xx P


Rainy Day Supplies

I woke up to thunder, lightening and rain. It’s still going on. I thought I could get so much done, but no.

First let’s talk about the last of the holiday teas. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. It smells and tastes like a sugar cookie. And it’s herbal and has no caffeine! I don’t have any sugar cookies to dunk because Tommy and the tiny terrorists ate them all. Every single one.

This has been a wild few days for us. To make it easier on Tommy and his leg I decided we would not go to midnight mass but to the 4:30 Mass. We arrived at 4 p.m. and had to park 3/4 of a mile away and walk. Now the church is only a mile from the house. I had not realized this was also the Children’s Choir service. There were over 300 people in the Atrium! And the inside of the church was packed as well. But very pretty and the priest said we had so many flowers he felt like Clark Griswold.

Christmas at Christ the King

A few interesting things happened at service. The couple in front of us had their 4 teen-aged children who were better behaved than their parents who had obviously hit the egg nog early as they giggled and kissed and transferred gum from their mouths. Even the kids were giving them the side eye. Then their was the lovely fellow right in front of me who had on a Jimmy Buffett shirt and I had to look at Santa and his reindeer with a surf board in the sled and a naked hula girl by his side. So many questions I wanted to ask…. The children sang beautifully and all of the elected officials behaved and were sober.

Christmas Eve continued with Tommy constantly telling me to go to another room. He was doing Santa stuff. We had to run all over OKC just to find out my favorite patisserie was closed so we went to our second favorite because I’d rather pay someone to cook for me than mess up my kitchen.

We did brunch. Not a ham or a turkey or a pot to wash even. We had a lovely Florentine Quiche, a Cranberry Brie En Croute, Toast and Caviar, Hanky Pankies, which are like crack, Cinnabons and a lot of Prosecco, and Mimosas. The kids had their special cookies with cocoa and Tommy and Corbin played with his new drone which almost ended up in the pool. The rest of us quietly watched White Christmas and got sleepy.

The kids know us so well, they gave us a great restaurant gift card to all of our favorite places on Lake Hefner where we run. Tommy gave me a new teapot and a huge mirror. The mirror was a huge hit. Between me and the kids we are some pretty vain creatures. At least know I won’t have to stand on the bed to see my bottom half in a mirror! I gave Tommy the drone and when everyone left we stayed in our jammies and watched Netflix. If you haven’t seen The Derry Girls, it is hilarious.

Just now my neighbor, who had been to Ganache  Patisserie  this morning, brought over this! From the chef when he heard I was heartbroken he was closed. Good people.

And now it’s 3 in the afternoon and it’s still raining and I’m still in my pajamas.

I hope everyone had the exact type of day you wished for. Ours was very low-key and laid back. We had limited everyone to 3 gifts each and with Tommy hobbling around and worried still about our test results it was just what we needed. Time to just snuggle on the sofa and laugh and eat more cheese.

Now let’s get ready for Mardi Gras!

xx P

Gingerbread Tea? Yes! Gingerbread House? Meh….

I can just imagine the insanity that is the mall today! What a day we had yesterday. Mike dropped off the munchkins in the morning. After doing some wrapping and snooping, I thought this would be the perfect time to break out the spare gingerbread house kit and make some gingerbread tea. The tea was a hit. The house, well by the time we got it together we had eaten all the candy decorations so the birds have it now.

Since they were still amped up we made chocolate no-bake cookies and put them in tins. You can tell they are getting excited by how they smack each other if one of them even looks like they may be looking at the other one. So we turned on Netflix and watched The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sooooo not like Sabrina, the teen-age witch from our childhood. Which went very well.
We tried to make a nativity scene but didn’t have a baby. I made the comment that I needed to get a baby and Corbin totally lost his mind. “We are not getting a baby! If you get a baby I am throwing it in the trash!” Well Sweetie that seems extreme. Why would you not want a baby? “Because you would love it more and I’m not taking that chance.”

Charli on the other hand was trying to convince me to let her move in. “Don’t you want me here all the time?” Of course I do, but I mean if something happened to your Daddy I guess you would come live with me. ” Maybe we should take a picture of him so when he’s dead and I’m living here we’ll remember him.” Well aren’t you a little morbid thing today!

They had their ballet and hip=hop recitals and that went about as well as it could being this is Oklahoma and there is a teen girl teaching 80’s hip hop and she wasn’t even born yet. But on a good note Charli finally told me I had the flossing dance down! All summer I have been trying to do that dance.

So today is quiet so far and I’m watching The Derry Girls which I love and reading a thriller.

Have a safe and peaceful weekend!

xx P

Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice Tea and The Kindness of Strangers

Holiday Teas are back

Can we just talk about this holiday tea a second? I am in love with the little tag along tins that come in each of the boxes. They are all caffeine free too. This one smelled so good and tasted just like gingerbread. So what is in this yummy tea? Cinnamon, Roasted Chicory, Ginger, Roasted Carob, Luo Han Guo. That’s it! And as William Shakespeare said” And I had but one penny in the world, thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread.” 

Yesterday was Tommy’s MRI. At the hospital. Things were going well, we pulled up to the valet stand and were right on time for his appointment. They even made us a CD to take with us so we could see what they saw. By this time we are scared, tired and in pain. Back to the valet. They lost our keys. It was a huge cluster you know what! I was sure Tommy was going to have another heart attack right there. We could see our car from the stand. We saw the guy take our keys and head to the car. Then nothing for an hour.

A lovely nurse gave me the phone number for security and I called them and the valet supervisor. The head of security comes in and says he has called a locksmith and they will pay for it and do we want to have lunch or anything while we wait? I am staring at this guy like he is loony. “You do know that locksmiths can’t make keys for my Land Rover, right?” I swear he turned the color of paste.

Out of nowhere a very tall, stately gentleman appeared and we didn’t know him but he just sat with us. Offered to take us home or to lunch. They all just stayed with us. The nurse ran upstairs and came back with gift baskets of goodies and water even. As anxious as we were, I couldn’t help but notice the kindness of all of these strangers.

Finally the only person who actually took our advice and went to every car and checked it , Donna, the supervisor, came running in with our keys. They had been left in another car. Tears and hugs came next and then we got in our car and came home and stared at the wall for hours, then cried.

As for the CD. We saw what they saw. Suddenly it was all a little too real and by the end of the night all we could do was sit and hold on to each other. Our surgeon is out-of-town until Monday but our other doctor is calling as soon as they release the reports.

So to everyone yesterday who showed us so much love and care, thank you. I already contacted Integris and asked them to please do something special for these women who took the bull by the horns and made shit happen. They said they would.

And so we wait. And we will. Because it’s all we can do.

xx P


Holiday Teas are back with a free travel tin inside 😊

Happy Monday Morning!  I hope you all had a relaxing week-end. I spent it cleaning and re-arranging furniture. Something I do when I feel I don’t have control of a situation. Clean and re-arrange until my mind is clearer.

The MRI is tomorrow. We had misunderstood how anxious the surgeon was to get this taken care of until his office called and wanted to know why it wasn’t done yet. So we may be having a hospital Christmas.

Last night we had to run to the market and as usual I was lolly gagging down the tea aisle. Just as I told Tommy that I doubted they would have my new favorite Candy Cane Lane lo and behold there right in front of me in a special display were all of the above. I hit the holiday tea jackpot! And y’all each one contains a traveling tin for multiple bags of tea! I was so happy I threw in a bottle of Prosecco!

I already had the Sugar Cookie, but you never know, so I got another. I am a dunker. Give me tea or coffee and cookies and I will dunk the heck out of those suckers! The cute tiny gingerbread house is one of a few I bought for the kids. I actually made one from a kit and in the process got so frustrated I got out the hot glue gun and glued that sucker together. I’m not eating it so why not? It looks like something a half blind person (Moi) would make so I stuck it on top of the fridge. I was going to do two of them but after all that mess the other one went in the kids gifts! Let their mom handle that.

I posted this on FB yesterday hoping to get some help with a tree topper. I did not get any help so I’m thinking of using Corbin’s beanie baby angel bear.  If you have any edgier ideas please share!

Thank you all so much for the good wishes and prayers. They are much appreciated!

xx P


We made it to Friday! It has been a tough week. Very emotional. Lots of pots of tea have been inhaled and lots of tears have been shed.

We are making progress however. The Ortho guy looked at everything and we have a date for the MRI on Tuesday next. Tommy is still in pain and it’s making him a little snippy with people. Which is my job. He’s the nice one.

I’ve already shipped my gifts to out-of-state family and today I must do the dreaded wrapping of the gifts. I used to love doing this. It was my thing. Now, I’m just not up to doing a professional job. Priorities shift and suddenly those trivial things don’t matter to me. I’m not rushing around going into debt to buy shit for people I feel obligated to give a gift. So I’m giving the gift of me. My opinions. Scary isn’t it? But as I told my mother, just the fact that you gave birth to me makes me your best gift ever! Right? No, she says!

Today I will get those things wrapped and tonight we are building a gingerbread village to take our mind off of our own troubles.

Now that they sell booze at the grocery, gift shopping is much easier! lol

xx P

Don’t You Want To Build A Snowman?

Still no snow! I’m beginning to think the weather man is in cahoots with the bread company. They keep promising, but it’s still going to be 60 degrees today. I don’t love snow. At. All. But we love us some snow people. Or maybe just marshmallows.

Yesterday I finally tried the Golden Milk Latte, made with Almond Milk and Turmeric. It was really good actually. I think I’ll keep it in the rotation.

I’m going to be taking a break from the blog for a bit. I’ll still have the book blog however and will still keep up with y’all’s shenanigans. We had the surgeons visit yesterday. And we spent the rest of the day clinging to each other and crying. Tommy took a pain pill and slept and I seriously sat and stared at the wall with my mind blank. We knew there was a mass on his thigh. We did not however know that there was a huge one on his pelvis. So the next few weeks will be tests for the Ortho doctor and praying for good news with the surgery. With everything up in the air I can’t commit to much for now.

Now that we have had a day to absorb this, we really aren’t saying much to our families. I’m sure none of them read this blog. We are not going to speak something bad in to existence, we are not going to be negative. We are each others greatest strength and the scars we have prove we showed up for life. We fought and we won. We will win again. In the meantime….I weave strong shining threads into a patchwork of magic…it comforts us as we wait for the world to right itself.

Happiest of Holidays to you all. Keep being awesome!

Much Love




Hello Weekend! It’s time for our annual Letters To Santa. In case you were not aware, the big guy has an actual address.

Santa's address to send your child's letters to.

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   I’m betting you are from Texas Chris. Unfortunately Santa is no longer allowed to put the fear of God into other fathers. Maybe you could just take him to church.


  Well that is a very eclectic list. I will assume a X-Mas necklace is a Christmas one and the X-Men are shepherds? Leopard high tops and a leopard sewing machine? While I can not bring you the portal to Narnia you may want to ‘take a look, it’s in a book’.

  I think instead of the assault rifle Santa needs to bring you new parents  and a teacher who understands the concept of 1. being the first number.

  Well Corbin, since your beautiful and smart Gran just gave you a new computer for your birthday I think I can safely say the fries and the nuggets are a go.

   Dear Jackson, Don’t worry, you will get your new President. However Santa is a bit concerned as to why you need so many weapons and animals. Your mother may want to show this to your therapist before she discovers a strange smell in the attic.

I hope you got a smile or a giggle out of some of these. I’ve asked for a new fireplace and a new piano. My mother is laughing.

xx P